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Needless to say, for a long time, the lacquered cloth market was occupied by low-grade unlined lacquered cloth produced in Taiwan and other overseas countries, giving consumers the wrong message that China&#;s quality is not up to standard. In fact, after the inspection of these, the surface wear-resistant layer is only .mm, which is made of poorly processed and Recycled PVC. It does not meet the national standards for plastic coiled materials at all, so its service life is short, not comfortable to use. The key raw materials of SPC floor are PVC and lime powder. PVC is a non-toxic renewable energy for environmental protection at room temperature. Lime powder is natural stone indoor formaldehyde, which is more environmentally friendly.Jalapa,Perhaps there is another reason. The insects on the wooden floor do climb out from under the wooden floor, but they may not be ghosts on the wooden floor.Advantages of solid wood composite floor;Backa Topola, Dirt elimination method: special decontamination oil can be used to wipe oil stains, paint and printing ink;If there are blood stains, red wine, wine and other dirt, you can wipe it with a wet towel or a towel dipped in an appropriate floor cleaning solution, and you can&#;t eliminate the wood floor with strong alkali caustic soda solution.Identify from the packaging. SPC floor has special anti-skid property. The more it meets water the more astringent it is. Even if you wear running shoes with nails, you won&#;t leave scratches on the floor.The wear resistance of laminate floor mainly depends on the content of aluminum oxide in the surface layer, and a certain number of wear-resistant revolutions corresponds to a certain content of aluminum oxide.For household floors the number of wear-resistant revolutions is usually more than revolutions, while in public places, it is usually more than revolutions. You can buy it on demand.

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We can also scrape the board with a blade.The real solid wood floor is painted with wood, it is a refurbished plate.How to choose the floor?What is the difference between solid wood white putty and paint.Scrape the surface with a blade. If it is white, composite and reinforced?Multilayered Wood FlooringIn order to better prevent excessive water from penetrating into the inner layer of wood floor, when selecting floor cleaner, reduce excessive water as much as possible and dry the mop.In addition, when applying wax after cleaning the wood floor, spray wax agent shall be selected to make the wax easy to apply evenly.Wipe off too much oil with a soft cloth to avoid bright spots.Don&#;t rush to choose the wood floor coated with light wax, and dry it naturally at night.Quality risk,Advantages: high wear resistance, good reliability,JalapaColor collection of laminate flooring, moisture-proof, good management methods, rich and colorful color and pattern design types, and large price range.The key injury of formaldehyde is mainly manifested in the stimulation of skin and mucous membrane. Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical substance, which can fuse with protein. When inhaled at high concentration, it has serious irritation and edema of respiratory system, eye irritation and headache.The flame retardant grade is B, and the indoor formaldehyde is higher than the national standard.

JalapaHigh grade floor leatherProfessional road

The fire safety performance of SPC floor and homogeneous transparent waterproof coiled material floor shall meet the national industry standard gb-b,JalapaHow to install laminate flooring, only second to marble.Let's see,The second: I can&#;t tell the taste. The domestic price of this floor is more than yuan;It is the best way to polish and wax the solid wood floor once a month, but wipe the water and dirt clean before polishing and waxing.How to choose solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring?SPC and WPC (waterproof core) vinyl wood flooring can be installed in any room or space.There is no need to worry about temperature fluctuations or moisture exposure.Both floors maintain maximum stability.They can resist all kinds of weather conditions.The performance levels of both floors are excellent.Jalapa, SPC floor has strong impact resistance, impact damage to suspended objects and strong ductility repair.Of course, solid wood flooring with pure natural wood is the best commodity for environmental protection. How many additives are needed for composite flooring, and various index values such as indoor formaldehyde exceed solid wood flooring.The patent of the utility model is formed by cross lamination of boards of different greening plants, which gets rid of the defects of wet expansion and contraction of solid wood floor to a certain extent,JalapaWhat kind of wooden floor, has small dry shrinkage and wet expansion rate, good specification reliability, preserves the pure natural wood texture of solid wood floor, and has comfortable feet and feet.Solid wood composite floor not only has the reliability of laminate floor and the beauty of solid wood floor, which is often made of pine, fir and other softwood.

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