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Identify from the packagesound insulationJalapa,JalapaAntistatic floor manufacturer,The utility model adopts a three-layer solid wood composite floor, has good hand feeling, beautiful and generous and contains a small amount of indoor formaldehyde.The standard ones are generally -mm wide, about and long. The wide ones are mostly more than mm long and about mm wide. The narrow ones are - mm long and about mm wide. They are similar to the specifications of solid wood flooring, and most of them are called imitation solid wood flooring.Manavgat,The current woodworking is basically done by woodworkers. The 'general woodworking' method is adopted, and the shrinkage joint size is not calculated according to the thermal expansion and cold contraction parameters provided by SPC flooring factory.If the room is slightly larger, but the reserved gap is too small, especially when the temperature difference between winter and summer is too large,JalapaInstallation of anticorrosive wood floor, it is very easy to have no gap to expand, resulting in arching and warping. Main performance.High concentration formaldehyde is a genotoxic chemical.In animal experiments, but they may not be ghosts on the wooden floor.One of the modern trends in house design is WPC wood flooring.Because of their many qualities, many people like this floor better than others.However, if you will find the quality and durability of SPC flooring, you will also leave people that WPC and SPC flooring have their advantages and disadvantages.If you choose one of them,JalapaHow about composite floor, it&#;s no problem!Now we&#;ll tell you the difference between the two.Home page recommendation,In order to prevent long-term trampling and wear of the wood floor and often maintain its luster, the wood floor wax maintenance agent can also be added after the wood floor is cleaned.In addition, remove black rubber traces and other dirt that cannot be removed with water on the wooden floor, and wipe it with a soft rag dipped in low concentration alcohol or a small amount of liquor.First, smell.Foot feelThe general specification and model of general floor is cm×cm, the specification and model of high-capacity floor can reach cm×cm, with a total area of times that of the general wooden floor.The floor is generally made of common materials such as red sandalwood and Huanghua pear wood. The corner material is discarded and made of a key part of the whole tree. It mainly shows the air. The road construction has an endless sense of flexion and extension and three-dimensional feeling.

JalapaHigh grade floor leatherInconsistent views on the industry outlook

The standard ones are generally -mm wide, about and long. The wide ones are mostly more than mm long and about mm wide. The narrow ones are - mm long and about mm wide. They are similar to the specifications of solid wood flooring, and most of them are called imitation solid wood flooring.wholesaler,Common types: three-layer solid wood composite floor, double-layer solid wood composite floor, new solid wood composite board.Then look at the quality.SPC vinyl flooring manufacturers focus a lot on the dense core of SPC flooring.They tried to make it more resistant to shrinkage.Jalapa, SPC floor is considered as a new generation of floor materials, which is characterized by extremely stable, high performance, complete waterproof, high-density sales core and pressure mark;It can be easily installed on different types of ground bases, concrete, ceramics or existing floors.When selecting accessories, we should also consider the cost. We should select thin or narrow right angles and strips which virtually limits the shrinkage space and causes unnecessary losses.From to , Chinese traditional pure solid wood flooring and new solid wood flooring, which means three-layer and double-layer solid wood, have been surging in an undercurrent.In recent years, new solid wood has maintained a high annual growth rate of more than %.Under the economic development layout from to , the upgrading of solid wood flooring category caused by new solid wood will become an important driving force to promote the consumption boom of home decorative flooring.The world financial storm has an impact on China&#;s wood flooring industry chain, and the demand of China&#;s home building materials market is still very large.

only lack of confidence in the market.The operation track of the development of market economy has been advancing in the cycle system of wave soldering and wave trough. The flooring industry is depressed and it is not easy to hold it for a long time. China has a strong foreign demand market
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