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It is strictly prohibited to place articles with pollution and peculiar smell around the cold storage. The surrounding environment of the cold storage must be cleaned and disinfected regularly every day, and the door of the cold storage must be locked.In order to maintain a constant low temperature in the cold storage, attention should be paid to the installation of cold storage panels in Guizhou: the floor, wall and flat roof of the cold storage are laid with a certain thickness of thermal insulation materials to reduce the incoming heat from the outside. In order to reduce the absorption of solar radiation, the surface of the external wall of the cold storage is painted white or light color. Therefore, cold storage building is different from general industrial and civil buildings, and has its unique structure. Cold storage buildings should prevent the entry of air and the diffusion of water vapor.nagual ,Precautions for fruit delivery: it is the same as warehousing. It should be gradually adapted during delivery to avoid condensation on the fruit surface, dark color, affecting the taste and causing decay. The temperature should be ~ ℃ higher than the fruit temperature each time, and the relative humidity should be % ~ %, When the temperature rises to ~ ℃ different from the external temperature, it can be delivered from the warehouse.Requirements for the cold storage time of the device: the cold storage of the refrigeration system using ammonia as refrigerant shall be supported in the place with low population density around.MukonoThe assembled cold storage body often adopts double-sided color steel plate of polyurethane thermal insulation material, which has excellent thermal insulation performance, storage and circulation effect and reduces operation energy consumption. Of course, more important is the choice of refrigeration system. For example, at present the refrigeration system of fluorine refrigerant is still the mainstream, it is necessary to calculate the data for the installation of cold storage but when selecting the type and power of cooling equipment, and then make a high-quality choice.The cold storage belongs to a kind of refrigeration equipment. Compared with the refrigerator, its refrigeration area is large, which has the & ldquo; Refrigeration & rdquo; Function, long-term cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit fresh-keeping cold storage medical cold storage, complete products, excellent quality and favorable price. There are also & ldquo; Air conditioning & rdquo; Function; However, the quick freezing storehouse is not a simple superposition of ordinary high temperature storehouse and air conditioning equipment. In order to adjust the gas composition in the storehouse quickly, it is necessary to ensure that the quick freezing storehouse has good air tightness. This has been confirmed by the theoretical research and a large number of practical experience of quick freezing warehouse.

nagual Professional cold storage installationMarket demand is expected to improve

Step of cold storage design: selection and laying of cold storage thermal insulation materials. The use of cold storage thermal insulation materials must be adjusted to the time, which not only has excellent fire resistance, but also has high cost performance. There are several types of cold storage insulation materials. One is the plate produced and processed into a fixed shape and specification, with fixed length, total width and thickness. The cold storage plate with relative specification and model can be selected according to the installation of the warehouse body. The high and medium temperature cold storage generally adopts cm thick cold storage plate, cm or cm thick cold storage board is generally used for ultra-low temperature cold storage and freeze-cleaning cold storage; Another kind of cold storage can be sprayed with polyurethane spray paint and polyurethane foam, and the raw materials can be sprayed into the brick or concrete warehouse of the cold storage to be built immediately. After shaping, it is both waterproof and thermal insulation. Thermal insulation materials include polyurethane, polystyrene grease, etc. Polyurethane is non hygroscopic and has good fire resistance, but the cost is low.Precautions for fruit delivery: it is the same as warehousing. It should be gradually adapted during delivery to avoid condensation on the fruit surface, dark color, affecting the taste and causing decay. The temperature should be ~ ℃ higher than the fruit temperature each time, and the relative humidity should be % ~ %, When the temperature rises to ~ ℃ different from the external temperature, it can be delivered from the warehouse.Fault phenomenon: fan motor overload, fan deformation; Fan motor fault; Fan motor thermal relay fault (aging); Loose wiring; Cooler blocked; Large exhaust resistance. Cold storage fault phenomenon: dryer does not operate, compressor line is disconnected, fuse is blown, thermal relay acts, high voltage switch acts, compressor is locked, line is falsely connected or loose fault phenomenon: it stops in a short time after drying, ambient temperature is too high, condenser is blockedProduct surveyThe construction of cold storage in site selection bears the circulation of low-temperature goods. Therefore, the transportation convenience of cold storage construction site should be given priority in site selection, such as proximity to roads, railways, etc. At the same time, the location of the cold storage should avoid large pollution sources and direct sunlight, and the construction of the cold storage should have good drainage and ventilation conditions.The refrigeration equipment in the fresh-keeping environment of the quick-frozen warehouse mostly adopts the single-stage compression refrigeration system, with freon as the refrigerant. The evaporation mode in the warehouse is the cooling fan, which can be ceiling type. If the number of warehouses is small and the volume does not exceed cubic meters, the refrigeration mode of the warehouse machine can be considered. If there are a large number of warehouses, the mode of multiple heads in parallel can be considered.Installation of cold storage, construction of cold storage, fruit preservation cold storage and medical cold storage have stable, safe,nagual Small installation of freezer, it must be cleaned in time, and it must not be knocked during cleaning, so as not to damage the ground and affect the service life of the cold storage.

nagual Professional cold storage installationMarket demand is expected to improve

The construction structure of structural cold storage can be brick concrete structure or steel structure, which can be determined according to their own budget and actual needs. At present, most cold storages are constructed with single-layer steel structure, and are equipped with combined thermal insulation storage body, unloading platform, refrigeration system, system, pipeline system, etc. according to the actual needs of cold storage circulation.Interpretation and observationDisadvantages of multi-layer cold storage: the vertical transportation volume of the warehouse is large, and the goods in and out and operation management are not as convenient as single-layer cold storage; With the development of the floor load capacity, the floor area ratio of each cold room is low; When the multi-storey cold storage is built on the foundation with poor ground resistance, the foundation construction is complex. High cost; When prefabricated components are used, large construction equipment is required and the construction period is long.The electrical contacts shall compress the wire connector and the main wire connector of the motor, which shall be clamped with a wire clamp, the unit weight of Pu warehouse board shall not be less than the unit weight required by the project,nagual How much does it cost to install a small cold storage,Generally speaking, the construction of cold storage is to ensure the quality of buildings with its strict heat insulation, sealing, firmness and frost resistance.The refrigerator compressor unit generally adopts high-end units with guaranteed quality and strong operation stability. The evaporator adopts the imported joint venture refrigeration air-cooled evaporator, which can effectively meet the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerator and ensure the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator. The refrigerator lamp adopts the special LED energy-saving lamp for the refrigerator, which has the advantages of low temperature resistance, low energy consumption and long service time,nagual Professional installation of cold storage, It can effectively save the operation cost of cold storage.The efficiency of the compressor is low, and the refrigerating capacity can not meet the load requirements of the warehouse: due to the long-term operation of the compressor, the cylinder sleeve, ring and other parts are seriously worn, the long-term cold storage installation, installation, construction, fruit preservation, medical cold storage and other brand products, the quality is guaranteed, and the sealing performance will be reduced accordingly with the increase of the matching clearance, The gas transmission coefficient of the compressor will also be reduced, and the refrigeration capacity will be reduced. When the refrigerating capacity is less than the heat load of the warehouse, the temperature of the warehouse will drop slowly.

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