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Low cost: The cost is much lower than that of the scissor-type mobile lifting platform,Xing'an LeagueOutdoor lifting cargo elevator, so when purchasing a lifting platform, you must consider the scope of use of the lifting platform, the frequency of work, the load and other factors to choose a lifting platform that suits the work requirements .What is the new price of fixed lifts? Fixed lifts are currently very popular in the market. Due to different manufacturers, different materials, the prices are also different. The current price of fixed lifts produced in the domestic market: rated load - tons, height of meters, the price is about - yuan; the rated load is - tons, the height is meters, the table size is mm*mm, the price is about yuan. Rated load, lift height, table size of each fixed liftDifferent. (Specific bearing capacity and rising height can be customized according to user requirements)Xing'an League,Adjust the helmet lining of the helmet before using the helmet, and keep a certain space between the helmet lining and the helmet shell.Walking: assisted self-propelled, two-wheel traction, self-driving, and car modified.San Miguel,The use of elevators is not to maintain and overhaul after the equipment fails. It is necessary to maintain the equipment according to the correct maintenance and overhaul, and start with the preparation work to prevent all possible failures and accidents. I hope that the editor can summarize the knowledge points today. Help everyone.Fixed lift is a kind of transportation equipment that directly lifts and unloads goods from the ground. It is mostly used in places such as goods transportation between height differences in production lines, materials on and off the assembly line, parts lifting during large-scale equipment assembly, and fixed three-dimensional parking. So what is the new price of the fixed lift?Naturally connect the motor to the lift. When connecting, it must be ensured that the concentricity of the output shaft of the elevator is consistent with that of the input shaft of the motor,Xing'an LeagueGuide rail lifting cargo elevator cargo elevator, and that the outer flanges of the two are parallel. If the concentricity is inconsistent, it will cause the motor shaft to break or the elevator gear to wear.


Today, the editor will talk about a series of safety devices and their uses on the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform.How to maintain the elevator in winter? One reason is also the primary reason. Many workers in other industries do not know that the hydraulic oil of hydraulic elevators is also used in summer and winter. freeze. After entering the low temperature in winter you must remember to replace the hydraulic oil containing antifreeze in winter, which is suitable for operation at low temperature.The safety device of the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform The mechanical part of the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform mainly includes the hydraulic system and the mechanical device.Bidding,Anti-corrosion measures for the body of aerial work vehicles Pay attention to small scratches. The paint surface of aerial work vehicles is often corroded. In addition to common collisions scratches, small rocks on the driving tires, there may also be a peeling paint spot, and a small rust will appear after a long time. Because most of these scars are small, they are easy to ignore. Therefore, check regularly, the engine compartment cover and its surroundings, and once found, go to a professional beauty shop for processing.The load of this series of products is divided into . to . tons, and can also be customized according to user requirements, with a load of up to tons.Hydraulic pump station: special pump station for domestic lifting platform, protection device outside the pump station imported from Italy: organ m type, mesh type, iron plate seal type.


It is strictly forbidden to switch the electric control switch with wet hands. Many people tend to ignore this detail. Although the safety voltage of the hydraulic lifting platform is below V, if you touch the power supply with your hands, it may cause lifting failure in light cases, or electric shock accidents in severe cases.Product range,Knowledge popularization of scissor-type fixed lifting platform Superior performance: equipped with safety devices to prevent overloading of the lifting platform; equipped with protection valves to prevent hydraulic oil pipes from breaking; equipped with emergency descending devices for sudden power failures; Lock safety device.Replace with new oil, otherwise the moving parts in the system will accelerate wear.This kind of fixed lifting equipment can also be used in the warehouse. For example,Xing'an LeagueDouble guide rail cargo elevator, a certain floor in the warehouse needs to be lifted to send goods or personnel into the designated warehouse.Xing'an League,Guide rail lift (also known as freight elevator) is a non-scissor hydraulic lifting platform, which is mainly used in industrial plants, restaurants, restaurants, warehouses docks, workshops and other places that need to move goods vertically between high-rise buildings above the second floor. The low height is especially suitable for sites where the site is not suitable for digging pits. What problems do we need to pay attention to in these places where elevators are used?Test the freight elevator every day to see if the freight elevator can operate normally.Knowledge popularization of scissor-type fixed lifting platform Superior performance: equipped with safety devices to prevent overloading of the lifting platform; equipped with protection valves to prevent hydraulic oil pipes from breaking; equipped with emergency descending devices for sudden power failures; Lock safety device.

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Xing'an League3 ton lifting cargo elevator Not bad, the price is worth it, just right.
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Now the business is not easy to do, can you give more discounts?
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Xing'an League3 ton lifting cargo elevatorHow much is it, can I transfer the goods?

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