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the bearing standard

  The input quantity is related to many factors such as the rotating speed of the submersible slurry pump, the continuous working time, the number of stops and starts of the pump, it is necessary to gradually accumulate the experience and add smooth oil in a reasonable and timely manner.  It is located in the middle, so it seems that many regions have good effects when using it.Minas,  Attachment: data sheet required for ordering deep well pump   When starting the slurry pump, the outlet gate valve shall be (closed or slightly opened by /. Before starting the slurry pump, expand the pump inlet valve and close the pump outlet valve. Then start the pump. After the pump is started, slowly start the pump outlet valve. The size and speed of opening the pump outlet valve should be based on the fact that the pump does not vibrate and the motorPort Madeleine,   selection of flow: single suction pump or double suction pump shall be selected according to the flow; single suction pump or multi suction pump shall be selected according to the lift.  During the process, the equipment must be regularly maintained and overhauled to avoid blockage. As the name suggests, but in fact, we use it at ordinary times  Moreover, because the length of the long shaft is generally fixed, it is often troublesome to install it. Therefore, the place where it operates will also be limited. If the equipment will

MinasSewage pump divingWhat benefits will it bring to you in 2018

  Then there are new structures, such as thermohydrodynamic seals, backup seals and asymmetric molded metal single wall bellows seals.  Determine whether repair and replacement is required according to the wear condition of the ring; Check the insulation of the motor stator to see if there is any trace of chamber sweeping damage; Check whether there is sand deposition and sewage blockage at the pump bottom, whether there is sand deposition at the pool bottom, and whether it is necessary to cut off water and clear silt.  Moreover, the leaked flammable, explosive and toxic liquid will cause fire explosion and poisoning, and the consequences will be unimaginable.Finance Department,   The secondary pump shaft seal of the two-stage series pump is (packing seal), and the startup of the series pump also follows the above method. Only after the first stage pump is started, the submersible slurry pump can open the outlet valve of the last stage pump (the opening size is based on the motor current of the first stage pump as the rated power  The utility and durability of the utility model, so the polymer composite materials are generally used in production.  Where ρ—— Density of transmission medium liquid (kg/m; γ—— Gravity of medium liquid (n/m; H -- pump lift (m); Q - water pump flow (m/s); G - gravitational acceleration (m/s.  The difference between the shaft power P and the effective power PE is the power loss in the pump, which is measured by the pump efficiency. The pump efficiency is the ratio of the effective power and the shaft power which is measured by η Indicates.

MinasSewage pump divingWhat benefits will it bring to you in 2018

  When this type of pump is used at ordinary times, the pump and motor operate in a coaxial whole. When it runs, the motor shaft will drive the impeller of the pump to rotate, and then at this time, the rotating force can be brought to the medium,MinasVertical centrifugal slurry pump, so thatplan,  Rate loss, so shaft power = effective power + lost power.  If it is large, the guard plate is likely to be damaged on the spot, the jacket is likely to have cracks, and the blades of the impeller will also be greatly impacted. The most serious thing is that all the flow passage parts are damaged.  We also need to limit the starting frequency and select appropriate thermal protection devices for use.Minas,   First of all,MinasBaigang deep well pump,MinasCirculating hot water pipeline pump, we need to choose equipment with formal certificates when making choices. We must avoid buying some obsolete or inferior products. And sometimes when the pump is in use, multiple pumps need to be used in parallel or standby pumps need to be prepared.  Through the introduction, we learned that the submersible slurry pump can be used to transport slurry when it is used at ordinary times. The relationship between its special structure is very close, but in fact, it also needs to be used in a correct way when it is used at ordinary times. Only in this way can  In addition to the method, materials shall be selected comprehensively according to the nature of corrosive medium, anti cavitation theory, corrosion mechanism of water pump and stress characteristics. In order to prolong the service life, protection should be done well, which should be a comprehensive optimization design method.

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