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It has good air tightness, low gas permeability, strong sealing and no leakage.The bi-directional tensile plastic mesh false roof used in underground coal mine with mine grouting pipe is specially designed and manufactured for the false roof support of underground coal mining face and roadway wall support. It is made of several high molecular polymers and filled with other modifiers through heating, extrusion, molding, punching, stretching, shaping, coiling and other processes. Compared with metal textile mesh and plastic woven mesh, it has light weight, high strength, isotropy and antistatic, It is a new type of mesh grouting pipe material for underground coal mine support engineering and civil engineering.Richmond mountain,architectural engineering; Grouting technology can be divided into static pressure grouting and high-pressure jet grouting. However, according to the action mechanism of the slurry on the soil, the geological conditions, the grouting pressure the movement form of the slurry and the alternative ways, the grouting technology can be divided into four categories: penetration grouting, split grouting, compaction grouting and jet grouting. The grouting pipe is a patented product. Compared with similar products in the market,Richmond mountainAdvance small conduit in stock, it has higher tensile resistance and better sealing performance.Makokou Classification of grouting pipe grouting pipe the grouting pipe is a plane mesh material of grouting pipe with certain flexibility. The main raw material is polyethylene grouting pipe. It is extruded into thin sheets by a grouting pipe extruder, it is necessary to check whether the processed support is vertical to the grouting pipe fitting and then punched with regular holes. Then it is made by directional stretching under the control of heating. It can be divided into unidirectional grouting pipe and bidirectional grouting pipe according to the different stretching modes when it is manufactured.Before the installation of the grouting pipe, and correct the non vertical support; Then install the grouting pipe on the bracket and fasten it.The grouting pipe without shaft roll packaging is tapped and paid off from the inner ring in the vertical state, and the drawn out pipe is spring shaped and automatically straightened. Takeout direction: the spiral direction of the spring shape after takeout is consistent with the twisting direction of, otherwise fried dough twist or disorder will occur. Welding is strictly prohibited during use, because the strength of the welding point is much lower than that of the steel itself, and it is easy to cause broken wires at the welding point during tensioning. When the grouting pipe adopts circular reinforcement arrangement,Richmond mountainCustomized leading small catheter, its bending radius shall not be less than times of the diameter.

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They shall be connected as a whole in the factory as far as possible. If it is necessary to connect on site due to manufacturing process, transportation conditions, etc., hot press vulcanization (grouting pipe) or welding (plastic grouting pipe) shall be used. The joint appearance shall be smooth and smooth, and the tensile strength shall not be less than % of the base metal. The so-called 'overlapping' without any treatment is absolutely not allowed. All kinds of cross connection points of grouting pipes shall be made of accessories produced by our new rubber products factory, so as to ensure that on-site connection is only carried out in straight sections during construction. Flexible material with sufficient deformation capacity and good adhesion with concrete. The grouting pipe has good flexibility. When the pipe is produced, it can be coiled, so that the number of joints in the pipe network can be reduced. It can be laid according to the terrain, easily bypass obstacles, and is convenient for construction.The Xiaobian of prestressed machines and tools reminds us that there are many forms of grouting pipes, including the following. According to the type of reinforcement of the grouting pipe, it can be divided into the grouting pipe of thick reinforcement of the grouting pipe, the grouting pipe of parallel reinforcement (wire) bundle of the grouting pipe, and the grouting pipe of steel strand bundle of the grouting pipe. For thick reinforcement, one grouting pipe is generally used to anchor one reinforcement. For tendons and steel strands, a grouting pipe must anchor several steel bars or steel strands at the same time, which are often arranged in a ring or circle, or in a rectangle. Obviously, due to the different number and arrangement of prestressed reinforcement, the form and structure of grouting pipe will also be different. According to the principle of grouting pipe and transmitting pretension, it can be divided into grouting pipe relying on bearing pressure, grouting pipe relying on friction and grouting pipe relying on adhesion.Online consultation,Advantages: It is connected with special hydraulic tongs, does not require preparations outside the construction site, does not require any equipment, is convenient and fast ( times faster than the traditional welding method), is simple to fix the grouting pipe to the reinforcement cage, and is not affected by the bad weather.The small editor of prestressed machines and tools will lead you to understand the main connection methods between the drive device and the wellhead: the connection between the flange of the drive head of the electric oil pump and the parallel flange is the most widely used one at present. There is a flange at the lower part of the drive head, the grouting pipe shall be erected and prestressed in time to reduce the exposure time without support.

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How to deal with the joint if the grouting pipe is installed in sections? If the grouting pipe is installed in sections, the joints must be welded. The welded joints of the section steel have been prepared in the manufacturing plant, and can be installed after the two-phase adjacent joints are aligned. After all beams are welded, anchor them according to the above steps. Install the formwork at the beam end. The formwork shall be made according to the overall dimensions of Hainan grouting pipe device and the notch of the reserved slot. The formwork shall be made quite tight to prevent mortar from flowing into the displacement control box or into the beam end gap.After checking that the installed formwork is tight and seamless, clean the reserved groove, then pour concrete and vibrate it tightly. The concrete shall have at least the same strength as the structural concrete at this place, and the grouting pipe device in Hainan shall be kept clean when pouring concrete.Quotation sheet, The grouting pipe is specially used as a channel for the depth detection of pile foundation and for structural stress calculation. The grouting pipe is a small pipe, but this small pipe meets the standard sensitivity of sound reception. As long as there is a small sound, it can measure it and accurately reflect the data on the computer or sound receiver. During the concrete pouring of cast-in-place pile, a channel that allows the ultrasonic probe to be normally placed at the pile bottom is reserved, which is not considered in the structural stress calculation. Classified according to the way in which the slurry enters the stratum to generate energy. Static pressure grouting: the slurry is transported by a grouting pump to make the slurry enter or permeate into the injected stratum hydraulically,When the grouting pipe is installed, the axis deviation shall be ≤ cm, and the bearing capacity of the support joint shall meet the design requirements. When connecting the grouting pipes, bolts must be installed symmetrically and tightened in sequence. Meanwhile, in order to prevent excessive deflection of the grouting pipes when axial force is applied, the deflection must be corrected to the horizontal before axial force is applied.?The stability of the grouting pipe is one of the important factors to control the stability of the whole foundation pit. Its erection must be accurate and in place, and prestress must be applied in strict accordance with the design requirements. In particular attention should be paid to the stability of the diagonal bracing. During the diagonal bracing operation,Richmond mountainSelf drilling hollow anchor manufacturer, every link of the installation must be carefully operated. At the same time, the steel purlin must also ensure its stability, strength and deformation requirements during the production and installation process. In addition, During the whole construction process from foundation pit grouting pipe erection to removal, the grouting pipe must be strictly monitored to ensure its stability. How to improve the bearing capacity of piles with grouting pipes in bored piles, during the drilling process of large-diameter cast-in-place piles, the soil layer around the piles will become loose due to the agitation of the turning heads. In addition

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