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The fire rating reaches B, which is unmatched by ordinary floors.Therefore, many public spaces are also paved with SPC floors that is to say, this reason.Note edit voiceQuezaltepeque,The most easily damaged by insects is wood. There is no doubt that wood flooring will become the main choice for insect damage.The cross-section of the floor is rubbed with a file to generate heat in the cross-section, and formaldehyde is fully volatilized (formaldehyde is accelerated at more than degrees, and you can smell the pungent smell at the same time). At this time, you can smell,QuezaltepequeHow much is the floor leather per square meter, generally you can smell three different levels of smellShtime,Some customers want to take a lighter to light the SPC floor to see if it can burn. If it burns, it is not fire safety, and if it doesn&#;t burn, it is flame retardant.In fact, the national regulations on the flame retardant grade of PVC latch floor meet the B Standard, and the flame retardant raw materials are listed as class a fire safety according to the national standard, such as marble, etc.The technology of Class B flame retardant grade includes mm diameter cotton wool, sprinkled with ethanol, and placed on the PVC latch floor for natural ignition. After the cotton wool is burned, accurately measure the diameter of the burned PVC latch floor impression. If it is less than mm, it is Class B flame retardant grade.Instead of watching it burn.The density of laminate floor substrate (high density fiberboard) shall be .-. g / cm, and it is not appropriate to have too low or too high density. Super durable.The surface of stone plastic floor has a special transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high technology which is super wear-resistant.Therefore, stone plastic flooring is becoming more and more popular in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets,QuezaltepequeHow to clean the floor leather, vehicles and other places with large flow of people.

QuezaltepequeSPC floor pavementApplication process

Defects.Defects of solid wood composite floorThe meaning of brand is by no means limited to the popularity of the enterprise.A mature and successful brand does not have strength and popularity, products and consumers. It is bred in the eyes of consumers by many factors, the practical action of enterprises, the continuous improvement of products and services and so on.Enterprise brand is a commitment and an attitude of an enterprise,QuezaltepequeWhich is better, laminate floor or solid wood floor, which is a guarantee for consumers.Therefore, when consumers choose products, they&#;d better choose big brands to get better guarantee of quality, service and so on.Sincere service,The surface is treated with special technology, without air holes and water impermeability. It is no problem to shop in the areas where toilets and kitchens communicate with water.No, it will not be like the ordinary wooden floor. Once it bubbles, it will deform and bubble, or it will become moldy due to high humidity.The European solid wood composite flooring market showed a slight downward trend in the third quarter of and is still recovering in In the first quarter, only Denmark completed a slight improvement.China&#;s three-layer solid wood composite floor has a good export market under the overall downturn of the international market.More than % of Jilin&#;s materials are exported, and China&#;s solid wood composite flooring has become a fashionable material in European countries.Floor road construction is the key way of home decoration. Choosing which floors, how to build roads and how to check are the problems concerned by interior decorators.Recently, it has been found that wood flooring is gradually popular with large capacity and customers attach great importance to quality.Nowadays, large and medium-sized flooring has the trend of replacing small and medium-sized flooring.Solid wood flooring materials are not enough, and large and medium-sized composite flooring has gradually become a new pet for home decoration.However, it must be noted that some floors are made of fake and shoddy raw materials, so I should pay attention to corner material floors when purchasing floors.Some people say that this method is unscientific and laminate floors can&#;t soak in water, but I have done some experiments and come to another conclusion

QuezaltepequeSPC floor pavementApplication process

If the cracks on the surface of the wooden floor are not serious, or just the cracks on the paint surface of the wooden floor, we can consider renovating the wooden floor, flattening the cracked part of the floor and repainting price,Only ~ mm thick.In the process of laying plastic floors in kindergartens, we should pay attention to the details of all links of laying and do not have luck.Otherwise, the application effect of plastic floor can not be brought into full play, and the service life will be reduced.In some new houses, the road surface is fully covered with wooden floors, but over time, the wooden floors are very easy to deform, curl edges and are not waterproof. Now such raw materials are popular abroad, especially in the real indoor formaldehyde, which is not deformed. No wonder they are popular ~.The surface texture of solid wood floor is clear and natural, and there is no obvious color difference on both sides.Medium and low grade solid wood floors indicate that cracks may occur.If the crack is not a problem between textures there will be some hidden dangers if the crack passes through the texture.Quezaltepeque,Structure: it is made of pure solid wood from inside to outside, which is often made of pine, fir and other softwood. A foot pad shall be placed in front of the door to reduce the wear of sand on the floor.When laying wooden floor, pay attention to the length and direction of the floor consistent with the entry direction to ensure good visual effect.First, choose the brand you need (i.e. grade);

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The logistics is very fast, look forward to working together again
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I'm quite satisfied, and the quality and workmanship are even worse. Look back and introduce to friends
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The boss is so kind, he really knows his job well. Under your guidance, I will soon become an expert! The seller's service is really attentive. Bring colleagues together in the future. Very good QuezaltepequeSPC floor pavement. Thank you.
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After receiving the goods, I feel that the quality QuezaltepequeSPC floor pavement is still relatively good, consistent with the seller’s description, very satisfied, the delivery speed is relatively fast, the logistics company’s service attitude is very good, and the delivery speed is very fast. In general, this This is a very satisfying purchase, thank you to the seller.
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I’ve been too busy lately, it’s too late to confirm, QuezaltepequeSPC floor pavement is very good, like the boss.

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