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They shall be connected as a whole in the factory as far as possible. If it is necessary to connect on site due to manufacturing process, transportation conditions, etc., hot press vulcanization (grouting pipe) or welding (plastic grouting pipe) shall be used. The joint appearance shall be smooth and smooth, and the tensile strength shall not be less than % of the base metal. The so-called 'overlapping' without any treatment is absolutely not allowed. All kinds of cross connection points of grouting pipes shall be made of accessories produced by our new rubber products factory, so as to ensure that on-site connection is only carried out in straight sections during construction. Flexible material with sufficient deformation capacity and good adhesion with concrete.The longitudinal overlapping width of grouting pipe and grouting pipe shall not be less than cm, and the transverse overlapping width shall not be less than cm. The former shall be placed on the latter according to the asphalt paving direction. After laying the glass fiber grouting pipe, fix the glass fiber grouting pipe with high-quality cement nails and fixed iron sheets with a size of mm, mm and a thickness of .mm. The fixed spacing can be determined according to the actual construction situation.NATO grams,NATO gramsAdvance small conduit and pipe shed,[specific embodiment] [] the following describes the utility model in combination with the attached specific embodiments.The grouting pipe can be divided into unconstrained grouting pipe and constrained grouting pipe according to whether it can absorb the pressure thrust (blind plate force) generated by the medium pressure in the pipe; According to the displacement type of the grouting pipe, it can be divided into axial grouting pipe, transverse grouting pipe, angular grouting pipe and pressure balance grouting pipe. The grouting pipe cannot bear load and should be hoisted separately; In addition to the pre deformation required by the design for pre stretching or cold tightening, it is forbidden to adjust the installation deviation of the pipeline by deforming the grouting pipe; During installation, welding slag is not allowed to splash onto the surface of grouting pipe and suffer other mechanical damage; All movable components of the grouting pipe shall not be jammed by external components or restrict the normal operation of its movable parts. Most of the failure of the grouting pipe is caused by the external environment corrosion. Therefore, in the structural design of the grouting pipe, the contact between the external corrosion medium and the grouting pipe can be considered. For example, for the external pressure axial grouting pipe, a packing sealing device can be added between the outlet end ring and the outlet pipe, which is equivalent to the sleeve grouting pipe. It can not only resist the invasion of external corrosive media, but also add a safety barrier to the grouting pipe. Even if the grouting pipe is damaged, the grouting pipe can also play a compensation role and avoid the failure of the grouting pipe. The use of grouting pipes has been indispensable in modern building construction. In the s, grouting pipes were popularized in China, but they were fastener grouting pipes. In the s, China began to develop advanced grouting pipes with multiple s. With the continuous development of China&#;s construction industry in modern times, the construction industry has become increasingly mature and perfect in China,The important reason for the stability of the grouting pipe reinforced soil subgrade is to further verify the main principle of the grouting pipe reinforced soil subgrade treatment technology. It is to place various types of grouting pipe products inside, the distribution of the internal stress field and displacement field of the reinforced soil mass is changed through the friction and embedment between the grouting pipe and the surrounding soil mass.The small editor of prestressed machines and tools will lead you to understand the main connection methods between the drive device and the wellhead: the connection between the flange of the drive head of the electric oil pump and the parallel flange is the most widely used one at present. There is a flange at the lower part of the drive head, and the size matches the flange of the Christmas tree wellhead.However, not all grouting pipe products can achieve this effect. Some inferior grouting pipe products not only fail to achieve the expected effect in use, but also have problems such as low grouting efficiency, pipe burst and pipe bending, which seriously affect the grouting effect of the grouting pipe and the progress of the whole project. The quality of grouting effect comes from the selection of high-quality grouting pipe products. Shengpeng grouting pipe is a good choice for you to choose grouting pipe products because of its high strength,NATO gramsDouble layer small conduit advance support, awesome, simple connection and high cost performance! Grouting pipe the grouting pipe is a kind of geosynthetic material formed by ultrasonic welding, which is composed of a steel plastic composite reinforced belt (built-in high-strength carbon spring steel wire (stress material) and wrapped with polyethylene resin (protective material) and arranged at right angles to the plane longitude and latitude. It is a comprehensive product of existing rigid reinforcement (flat steel strip, ribbed steel strip, galvanized steel strip stainless steel strip, reinforced concrete strip etc.) and flexible reinforcement (polypropylene strip, plastic grouting pipe, warp knitted grouting pipe, etc.). Because of its high tensile strength, low elongation (≤ %), small creep, and strong interlocking and occlusive effect on the soil it can effectively treat the soft soil foundation, overcome the uneven settlement of the soil restrict the lateral displacement of the soil, greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation and improve the overall performance of the foundation; It can be widely used in road engineering, railway engineering, retaining structure, dam engineering, and its internal pressure can reach bar or more.Process flow: the drilling machine is in place → drilling → mud injection → casing running → continuing drilling → slag removal → hole cleaning → lifting and placing the reinforcement cage → bottom cleaning by water injection → inserting the concrete conduit → pouring concrete → pulling out the conduit → inserting the pile top reinforcement. There are single liquid silicification, double liquid silicification, aerated silicification and electric double liquid silicification.The commonly used standard for grouting pipe is the inner diameter of -mm. The wall thickness of the pipe has little effect on the sound transmission,NATO grams42 * 4 small conduit, so there is generally no need to restrict the thickness of the pipe wall. However from the perspective of saving steel consumption, it is OK if the pipe wall can bear the lateral pressure of new concrete, not necessarily the thicker the better.Promise and keep promise, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low elongation, high elastic modulus, no long-term creep, meeting the requirements of environmental protection, and has high tensile strength in the transverse and longitudinal directions. The strength to weight ratio of glass fiber is larger than that of steel, and the tensile strength can reach kn / m, which provides sufficient strength to prevent reflection cracks. When it breaks, its elongation is less than %, it has high deformation resistance and good compatibility with asphalt mixture.When the pipe cannot be connected due to serious blockage, the following treatment principles must be followed: when it is the first pile of a certain bridge, core drilling detection must be carried out; when it is not the first pile of a certain bridge, the construction unit shall apply for changing the detection method The low strain reflection wave method or high strain strain strain measurement method shall be used and signed by the supervisor&#;s representative and the person in charge of quality supervision before implementation; In case of pipe blockage of a bridge for many times, core drilling inspection shall be carried out in due time. Common problems and answers of grouting pipe what is the pressure inside the grouting pipe?At the same time, because the space in the grouting pipe restricts the lateral sliding and rolling of the soil particles inside, the relative displacement trend or relative displacement also occurs between this part of soil particles and adjacent soil particles, resulting in friction. This friction force is generally called 'bite force' or 'lateral force resistance'. The 'surface friction' and 'bite force' make the slip and roll of soil particles under the force of the upper limit line at the location of the grouting pipe, and limit the lateral displacement of soil in the whole plane of the grouting pipe. The grouting pipe plays an important role in the key points of settlement. Therefore, it is reasonable to use the grouting pipe to treat the uneven settlement of fill excavation transition subgrade. This paper yzes the action mechanism of the grouting pipe according to its type and characteristics, introduces the construction technology and process in the construction of preventing the reflection crack of the road surface, and proposes a new technology of sprinkling a layer of filler in the grouting pipe network when paving the surface course. As a kind of road reinforcement material, grouting pipe is widely used in road maintenance engineering because of its advantages of simple, fast construction and low investment.

NATO gramsGrouting small conduit and advance anchor rodWhat should I pay attention to when using

The grouting pipe shall be cut with a toothless saw (grinding wheel clamp). Cutting by electric or gas welding is easy to damage the surrounding surface and cause local heating at the end, which significantly reduces its performance. During the use of the grouting pipe, it is forbidden to take any form of heating deformation measures to avoid reducing the mechanical properties of the grouting pipe.Range,Grouting pipe grouting pipe manufacturer clamp type grouting pipe grouting pipe price grouting pipe spot grouting pipe specification grouting pipe model grouting pipe raw material for grouting pipe grouting pipe is processed by welded pipe or spiral steel pipe, and grouting pipe processed by seamless steel pipe is generally rare in the market. The reasons are as follows: first, in terms of price, generally, the cost of grouting pipes made by welding is relatively low which is easy for purchasers to accept. The cost of domestic products made of spiral steel pipes and seamless steel pipes is too high. Second, in terms of processing technology, welded pipes are relatively easy to process, and the equipment required is relatively simple. If spiral steel pipes and seamless steel pipes are processed, the process is relatively complex. Manufacturing process and characteristics of clamp down grouting pipe clamp down grouting pipe is a kind of grouting pipe. Because only professional hydraulic clamps are required for connection, as long as the hydraulic clamp is required for connection. The grouting pipe has joints at both ends of the clamp type grouting pipe, which avoids the possibility of loosening and has good seismic resistance. Several common failures in the installation of grouting pipes always have many problems when using grouting pipes for work. In order to enable everyone to provide production to the factory normally, we have specially summarized the following failures that will occur when using grouting pipes. If you have problems in the following examples, you will know how to solve them The first point is that if the joint, nozzle or bottom of the grouting pipe is not tightly sealed, it will be blocked by cement slurry during construction. At this time, it is OK to check the sealing The second point is that the joint is misaligned or deformed during installation. At this time, we need to know that it is caused by the thin material selected. The above two points are common problems in the installation of grouting pipes that are not suitable for the current location. We&#;d better remember these points of attention, so that when they occur in the future, we will know how to deal with them to ensure a quick solution! The grouting pipe joint or the pipe orifice and the pipe bottom are not sealed tightly, so please bring in mud or cement slurry during the construction process to block the pipe: during the installation and grouting of the grouting pipe, the rebar is distorted or collided, causing the dislocation and deformation of the grouting pipe joint or the deformation of the pipe wall. The main reason for this is the selection of thin-walled grouting pipes.The grout stop plug grouting method is generally used for Rock Fissure Grouting. The grouting pipe is provided with a grout stop plug, which can close the upper part of the grouting section. The main construction steps are as follows: the rotary drill is generally used for drilling the grouting hole. All grouting holes in the rock stratum are required to be cored for drilling, the mud slurry can also be used as the circulating fluid. The bottom of the horseshoe of the grouting pipe is too low. After the horseshoe is seated in the mold, the space between the outer mold and the horseshoe surface is greater than the thickness of the pipe wall.NATO grams, The saddle shaped curved surface on the horseshoe surface of the grouting pipe and the upper and outer molds are not well fitted, it is necessary to check whether the processed support is vertical to the grouting pipe fitting, and correct the non vertical support; Then install the grouting pipe on the bracket and fasten it. performance of grouting pipe the grouting pipe is light in weight, has strong bite force with soil or gravel, is acid-base resistant, corrosion-resistant aging resistant and easy to construct. It has high tensile strength (- times higher than that before stretching) and low elongation (only % - % of that before stretching). It is easy to cut and connect on site (polyethylene rope or connecting rod can be used for connection), and it can also be overlapped (the grouting pipe with overlapping buckle has been developed and can be connected without other materials), and the bending effect during construction is small. However, the grouting pipe has low hardness, poor mechanical damage resistance, and mechanical scars such as scratches and crushed stones will produce stress concentration, which will reduce the overall mechanical properties of the grouting pipe and the grouting pipe.

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