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The surface color of solid wood composite floor shall be determined according to the decoration area, furniture color and overall decoration design style of the customer&#;s home. First, the dark brown floor looks simple for rooms with large area or sufficient light, rooms with large area or sufficient light look bright with floors of different colors;Third, choose different colors of floors according to different decoration design sites. For example, the light color mild floor in the large living room can create a bright atmosphere, and the warm tone floor in the bedroom;Third, the color of furniture can be mixed with medium color floor, Select the number of wear-resistant revolutions.Chamfering rolling paint: a processing technology, which cuts off some of the upper edge of the floor, and then applies paint to cover the color of the substrate, so that the edge color has a sense of hierarchy, which is similar to the solid wood floor so it is deeply loved by the majority of consumers.After the chamfered and painted board is paved, there is a very shallow small seam on the upper edge between the board and the board, which is easy to accumulate dust and inconvenient to clean.There is no such problem for boards without chamfering.Tartu: Pungent taste if it is the floor with this taste, it means that it contains a lot of formaldehyde. Be careful when choosing, and you&#;d better not buy it;Common cost methods for solid wood flooring are as follows: Moisture proof, no deformation in case of water, and can be used in kitchen, basement, etc.

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Excellent SPC floor has strong wear resistance, depiction resistance, pollution resistance and compression resistance. It is widely used in hospitals, colleges, office buildings, processing plants, shops, chain hotels, exhibitions, public libraries, stadiums, subway stations and other public places.The dark colors completely set off the serious atmosphere.One of the characteristics of industrial style is that it is not decorated, and there is no more suitable material than log. Log floor has a heavy sense of history and looks more flavor.The log material looks more natural, and the cold feeling brought by punching metal. Select the number of wear-resistant revolutionsLatest consultation,SlotskWood floor or floor tile, It is suitable for floor heating. SPC floor has good thermal conductivity and uniform heat dissipation. It also plays an energy-saving role for families using wall mounted furnace to heat floor heating.SPC floor overcomes the defects of stone, ceramic tile, terrazzo, ice, cold and slippery. It is the first choice for floor heating and heat conduction floor.With the passage of time, WPC (waterproof core) wood flooring is occupying the market.This floor is very important.It is not only waterproof but also durable.Some people say this method is unscientific and laminate flooring can&#;t soak in water, but I have done some experiments and come to another conclusion.Structure: artificial surface material,SlotskWhat kind of floor is SPC,SlotskKitchen floor, artificial basic, wood slag plus strong glue, additives and additives.After the high-pressure suppression of the panel splicing machine, it is not fire safety, and if it doesn&#;t burn, it is flame retardant.In fact the national regulations on the flame retardant grade of PVC latch floor meet the B Standard, and the flame retardant raw materials are listed as class a fire safety according to the national standard, such as marble, wall tiles, etc.The technology of Class B flame retardant grade includes mm diameter cotton wool, sprinkled with ethanol, and placed on the PVC latch floor for natural ignition. After the cotton wool is burned, accurately measure the diameter of the burned PVC latch floor impression. If it is less than mm, it is Class B flame retardant grade.Instead of watching it burn.Honesty is the foundation,Ninth, laser cutting is simple and easy.Muscovy longan: the texture is fine but the toughness is poor. Some samples in the store have small cracks, but it still does not affect the use.Laminate flooring has rich colors and patterns, which fully meet the needs of personalized design. There are many varieties of designs and colors, and the designs and colors are fashionable. It can simulate all kinds of natural or man-made patterns.The decorative layer of laminate floor is generally imitated by computer, which can simulate the wood patterns of all kinds of materials, and even imitate stone and create unique patterns that are not found in nature.Slotsk,Generally, the thickness of composite floor is about cm. From the height of the building I don&#;t think this is its advantage!what?After all, the gap of cm is very small.Precautions for solid wood floor installation : do not use the fixing method of wooden wedge and nail. Ultra light and ultra-thin

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