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   The rotor assembly is designed according to the actual situation, and the operation is more stable!  Friction. Because if the surface of the pump is smooth when it is used,idiotSplit vertical pipeline pump, the equipment will consume less energy when it is used. Generally, the submersible slurry pump and impeller are sprayed with polymer composite materials for useidiot,  Or nodular cast iron, vertically split, bolted. The pump body is connected with the bracket with bolts. The discharge outlet of the pump can be rotated and installed at intervals of ℃ and eight angles as required.  About %), and motor power p=i × U indicates that high power and current will increase.Pyetrykaw,  The slurry pump should be larger. In addition to the existing industrial and mining applications of the vertical slurry pump, the submersible slurry pump can also be used as a mobile slurry pump, such as sand pumping and prospecting on board; What are the advantages of the submersible slurry pump? The advantage of the submersible slurry pump is that it is convenient and flexible easy to operate and submerged   During the installation of smooth bearing components, if the installation is correct, the smooth oil is appropriate, the repair is timely, and the delivery life will be long, the repair personnel should regularly repair the bearing components, and regularly add or replace the smooth oil during the work, and the interval and write  It is occasionally found that there is insufficient liquid supply when using, so what are the reasons for this situation and how to deal with it.

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  First,idiotScrew deep well pump, let&#;s talk about the familiar vertical slurry pumps. Here we refer to ZJL and SP submerged slurry pumps. Strictly speaking, the submersible slurry pump is also a vertical slurry pump, because its axis is basically vertical when it works, but it can be completely immersed in water when it runs, so it is a good choice  Stop the operation immediately under any of the following conditions: the current exceeds the rated value at the rated voltage; Under the rated head, the flow rate is much lower than that under normal conditions; Insulation resistance is lower than . megohm; When the dynamic water level drops to the pump suction; When the electrical equipment and circuit are out of specification  The slurry pump of underground pump can also work normally.Economic management, When using the submersible slurry pump, the equipment may be burned out. The main reason for this phenomenon is improper operation. How should we prevent the burning out?  In fact, the pumps I am going to talk about here have a wide range of uses. Pumps are required for both civil and military purposes, as well as for advanced technologies, especially in the mining, chemical, metallurgical and other industrial sectors. It is a widely used general mechanical equipment. Most pumps are corroded or severely corroded  Whether it is the pre installation inspection or the post installation commissioning inspection, the correct operating procedures must be strictly followed. Only the correct operating steps can make the product play an effective role in the use site.

idiotCarbon steel explosion-proof pipeline pumpIt is loved by many manufacturers

  Schematic diagram of vertical slurry pump II. Why does the demand for submersible slurry pump increase greatly? From the perspective of market demand although the absolute number of submersible slurry pumps has not exceeded that of vertical slurry pumps, it has a rapid development momentum, mainly due to the convenience and flexibility mentioned above; In addition,   fold the three layers in half with self-adhesive butyl tape and gradually extend to the outside of the core. When winding, the tape shall be stretched twice, and then the three layers shall be folded in half with PVC tape to ensure that the winding part is not less than mm, and the positions of the three joints shall be staggered for a certain distance in order to prevent short circuit.  What faults will the water pump control cabinet often encounter in use? The water pump cannot work: cause: a. the power supply is not connected or the output phase of the control cabinet is missing; b. The water pump has been burnt out, and the water pump can not supply water: cause: A. whether there is water in the pool; b. Whether there is gas in the pump body that is not discharged; c. Inlet and outlet water   Then reinstall the equipment on the engine and install the rubber hose.idiot,   First screw down the bolts on the side bearing pressure cap, and then remove the nuts used for the connection between the three parts: discharge section, stuffing box body and bearing body; Then screw off the round nut on the shaft, and successively install the bearing inner race, the outlet gate valve shall be (closed or slightly opened by /. Before starting the slurry pump, expand the pump inlet valve and close the pump outlet valve. Then start the pump. After the pump is started, slowly start the pump outlet valve. The size and speed of opening the pump outlet valve should be based on the fact that the pump does not vibrate and the motor  The effective power is also called output power, which is expressed by PE. It is the effective energy obtained in the pump by the medium liquid output from the pump in unit time.

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