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the specification and model of high-capacity floor can reach cm×cm

The general specification and model of general floor is cm×cm, with a total area of times that of the general wooden floor.The floor is generally made of common materials such as red sandalwood and Huanghua pear wood. The corner material is discarded and made of a key part of the whole tree. It mainly shows the air. The road construction has an endless sense of flexion and extension and three-dimensional feeling.Because SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock layer powder and polymer powder,BaladroHow many kinds of floor leather, of course, it is not afraid of water. There is no need to worry about the deformation and mildew of home floor due to small blisters.The actual effect of waterproof and mildew removal is very good, so the bathroom, restaurant, kitchen and living balcony can be used.Baladro, Wear resistant.SPC floor adopts special transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high technology, and its wear-resistant revolution can reach more than revolutions.The wear-resistant laminate floor in traditional flooring materials has only - revolutions.After - floors are assembled on the flat ground, observe whether the processing accuracy is flat and smooth, whether the tenon and groove bite is appropriate, not too loose or too tight by hand and eye observation.At the same time, carefully check the assembly height difference and gap between floors.BerdyanskThe joint of the floor adopts the form of latch, which controls the vertical displacement of the floor and the horizontal displacement of the floor;The original tenon and groove type, which is often called tongue and groove floor,BaladroWholesale waterproof board, can only control the vertical displacement of the floor.No matter how early the wooden floor plate is, there is no tenon and groove at the joint, and the displacement in any aspect can not be controlled. Therefore, the floor plate often tilts up and stumbles when walking, which is inconvenient.What is their price level?The price of reinforced wood floor is generally between - yuan. If it is engineering plate, it will be cheaper.But the price is also related to well-known brands. If it&#;s family decoration, it&#;s better to choose a better one.Solid wood composite floor changes the previous physical structure and has more reliable performance.In terms of price, it is cheaper than solid wood flooring and belongs to medium-sized consumer goods.Pavement building decoration materials are popular materials in family decoration at this stage.Generally speaking, floors between yuan / m and yuan / m are better. Anti slip, more astringent in case of water, not easy to fall.

BaladroHow much is the price of home laminateStable and orderly production

From to , Chinese traditional pure solid wood flooring and new solid wood flooring, which means three-layer and double-layer solid wood, have been surging in an undercurrent.In recent years new solid wood has maintained a high annual growth rate of more than %.Under the economic development layout from to , the upgrading of solid wood flooring category caused by new solid wood will become an important driving force to promote the consumption boom of home decorative flooring.The world financial storm has an impact on China&#;s wood flooring industry chain, but it is not rampant, only lack of confidence in the market.The operation track of the development of market economy has been advancing in the cycle system of wave soldering and wave trough. The flooring industry is depressed and it is not easy to hold it for a long time. China has a strong foreign demand market, and the demand of China&#;s home building materials market is still very large.Keep the floor dry and clean. It is clean. Do not wash it with water to avoid long-term immersion of the floor.For oil stains, use mild neutral detergent and wash with warm water in time to avoid the corrosion of alkaline water and soapy water on the ground, and do not wipe the ground with gasoline or other high-temperature liquids.The combination of hardness and softness.The wood floor in the living room should be made of boards without knots, cracks and mildew. Generally,BaladroFloor skirting, Fraxinus mandshurica, camphor and teak are better, because their lines are beautiful and clear, and their texture is moderate.The laying method of wooden floor is not very difficult, but it is required to have a certain carpentry foundation.Firstly, the wood board shall be processed into the length and width coordinated with the room size according to the room size, draw the center point and vertical and horizontal vertical lines of the room, and lay from the center to the four sides. glue and an appropriate amount of cement can be used for bonding between laths.Note that the glue must be coated evenly to avoid the warping of the plate.Equipment maintenance, it may need to be rewired before moving.Make sure to contact an electrician before installing the floor.If the equipment needs to be moved, there is no need to worry that the heavy machinery will scratch it before installing the old floor.Keep tarpaulin and tape.

BaladroHow much is the price of home laminateStable and orderly production

About solid wood composite,The real wood floor is processed with a whole plate with natural texture, and its section texture can correspond to the surface texture one by one;Fake solid wood floor is mostly pasted with leather or stickers on the fake floor, so the cut texture is not commensurate with the surface texture.Computer simulation printing technology is different from pure wood flooring.Reinforced floor patterns can be designed in a variety of forms.The quality of decorative layer directly affects the user&#;s use effect.The higher the price of the composite layer, the decoration layer must be the best raw material.Wear resistant layer affects the price of composite floor.The anti-wear layer directly affects the service life of laminate flooring.At present, the common laminate flooring in the wood flooring market can not achieve high strength and wear resistance coefficient, the wear resistance can reach revolutions.The price of land timber is an important factor determining the price of land timber. Beautiful and diverse colors, seamless splicing construction, Green environmental protectionThe water resistance is reflected by the water absorption thickness expansion index. If the index value is high, the water resistance is poor, that is, it is easy to cause size change in humid environment.Must not listen to the misleading such as waterproof floor, only moisture-proof floor, no waterproof wooden floor.The third kind: you can smell the faint smell of wood. This floor shows that there is little glue content.It can reach European standard E level

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