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The grouting pipe with the grouting pipe as the core flexible element can be compensated in the axial, lateral and angular directions on the pipeline. From the perspective of its performance the internal pressure grouting pipe can be displaced in three directions, but because it is limited by casing and other accessories, it can often only be displaced in the axial direction. Therefore, the user needs to indicate the displacement in several directions when selecting and ordering, so as to select correctly. The working principle of the grouting pipe is to use its own elastic deformation to compensate the axial, angular, mechanical deformation and various mechanical vibrations. The compensation has the s of sealing, pressure resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,LavalGrouting anchor, impact resistance, vibration reduction and noise reduction, so as to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the bearing layer of the pile body Especially for the ballast at the bottom of the pile splitting and compaction, grouting can improve or eliminate the adverse effect of the ballast at the bottom of the pile on the end bearing capacity through the replacement, compaction and consolidation of the ballast by the slurry.II During the drilling process of the bored pile, there will be a certain gap between the pile retaining wall and the surrounding soil layer, which will lead to the decrease of the pile side friction and affect the bearing capacity of the pile When the grouting pipe is used at the pile end for grouting, the slurry will permeate, fill and compact along the side of the pile under the pressure, so as to complete the replacement of the mud skin around the pile and the filling of the gap, such as greatly improving the pile side friction resistanceLaval,Injecting grout into the embedded grouting pipe can seal construction joints, cold joints, pipe leakage and joints between the ground walls.Grouting pipe grouting pipe manufacturer clamp type grouting pipe grouting pipe price grouting pipe spot grouting pipe specification grouting pipe model grouting pipe raw material for grouting pipe grouting pipe is processed by welded pipe or spiral steel pipe, and grouting pipe processed by seamless steel pipe is generally rare in the market. The reasons are as follows: first, in terms of price, generally, the cost of grouting pipes made by welding is relatively low, which is easy for purchasers to accept. The cost of domestic products made of spiral steel pipes and seamless steel pipes is too high. Second, in terms of processing technology, welded pipes are relatively easy to process, and the equipment required is relatively simple. If spiral steel pipes and seamless steel pipes are processed, the process is relatively complex. Manufacturing process and characteristics of clamp down grouting pipe clamp down grouting pipe is a kind of grouting pipe. Because only professional hydraulic clamps are required for connection, it is also commonly called clamp down grouting pipe. The clamp grouting pipe has the following characteristics: the connection of the grouting pipe is simple, as long as the hydraulic clamp is required for connection. The grouting pipe has joints at both ends of the clamp type grouting pipe, which avoids the possibility of loosening and has good seismic resistance. Several common failures in the installation of grouting pipes always have many problems when using grouting pipes for work. In order to enable everyone to provide production to the factory normally, we have specially summarized the following failures that will occur when using grouting pipes. If you have problems in the following examples, nozzle or bottom of the grouting pipe is not tightly sealed, it will be blocked by cement slurry during construction. At this time, it is OK to check the sealing The second point is that the joint is misaligned or deformed during installation. At this time, we need to know that it is caused by the thin material selected. The above two points are common problems in the installation of grouting pipes that are not suitable for the current location. We&#;d better remember these points of attention, so that when they occur in the future, we will know how to deal with them to ensure a quick solution! The grouting pipe joint or the pipe orifice and the pipe bottom are not sealed tightly, so please bring in mud or cement slurry during the construction process to block the pipe: during the installation and grouting of the grouting pipe, the rebar is distorted or collided, causing the dislocation and deformation of the grouting pipe joint or the deformation of the pipe wall. The main reason for this is the selection of thin-walled grouting pipes.Koforidua,Causes of wrinkling: the blanking specification of pipe joint is too long.When the pipe cannot be connected due to serious blockage, the following treatment principles must be followed: when it is the first pile of a certain bridge, core drilling detection must be carried out; when it is not the first pile of a certain bridge, the construction unit shall apply for changing the detection method The low strain reflection wave method or high strain strain strain measurement method shall be used and signed by the supervisor&#;s representative and the person in charge of quality supervision before implementation; In case of pipe blockage of a bridge for many times, core drilling inspection shall be carried out in due time. Common problems and answers of grouting pipe what is the pressure inside the grouting pipe?Welding is strictly prohibited during use, because the strength of the welding point is much lower than that of the steel itself, and it is easy to cause broken wires at the welding point during tensioning. When the grouting pipe adopts circular reinforcement arrangement, its bending radius shall not be less than times of the diameter. The quality of the steel upsetting head of the grouting pipe is not directly related to its own quality,LavalAdvance small conduit in tunnel construction, but the excessive strength will be harmful to the quality of the upsetting head. Therefore when you choose the upsetting head anchor, you should explain it in detail to the manufacturer in the order.

LavalAdvanced small conduit processingHow to carry out numerical control transformation of

Answer: Yes, the elastic extension speed of the grouting pipe can be defined within a certain range in the design, but for a grouting pipe that has been designed, its elastic extension speed is certain. The grouting pipe can be intercepted at the construction site according to the actual required length of the joint (it is recommended that the longest grouting outlet length should not exceed m); No special installation equipment is required; Grouting time can be arbitrarily selected; When grouting is carried out internally under the pressure, the grouting pipe liquid can keep uniformly filling the whole pipe; The system allows grouting under relatively low pressure; seven After the two pipes are connected by using the deformation of the grouting pipe, the kneading part of the joint is large at both ends and small in the center, so that the joint is stuck at one time, avoiding the possibility of loose union. The grouting pipe has proper, stable and excellent s in terms of tensile pull-out and torque resistance,LavalGrouting pipe leading small conduit, and the protrusion is circular arc with small protrusion, which is useful to avoid collision with conduits, vibrators, The length can be matched according to the construction requirements, and the height of the saddle shaped curved surface is changed to make the pipe wall crawl and slide along the accurate saddle shaped curved surface.Two convex grooves are planned at the end of the bell end of the double seal clamp grouting pipe and the convex grooves are equipped with sealing rings. During installation, the spigot end of the product is stabbed into the bell end. The grouting pipe then kneads the two convex grooves together with a special hydraulic clamp, and the pipe at the kneaded part is shortened and deformed after being stressed. The outer pipe between the two convex grooves is deeply embedded into the inner pipe, and then the connection of the product is completed; After being kneaded, a rubber sealing ring is deformed and pasted between two layers of pipes, which plays a double safety sealing effect.

LavalAdvanced small conduit processingHow to carry out numerical control transformation of

Grouting pipe at tensioning end: the grouting pipe installed at the end of the grouting pipe reinforcement and capable of tensioning is also called grouting pipe grouting pipe. The so-called grouting pipe is a grouting pipe in post tensioning structure or component to maintain the tension of the grouting pipe reinforcement and transmit it to the mixed tension; Fixed end grouting pipe: a grouting pipe installed at the end of the grouting pipe reinforcement and usually buried in the concrete without tensioning. The standard of the grouting pipe used for the grouting pipe reinforcement is the national standard of the people&#;s Republic of China (GB / T -, which ensures that the products manufactured by our company conform to the product quality law of the people&#;s Republic of China and the standard law of the people&#;s Republic of China Grouting pipe is the only acoustic pipe specially used for ultrasonic testing in the market. The grouting pipe is made of cold and hard steel pipe after professional molding, and is connected by clamp pressure connection, screw connection, flange connection and other methods. It has a reliable anti-seepage effect during concrete pouring. Two convex grooves are planned at the end of the bell end of the high-strength double seal clamp type acoustic measuring pipe, and the convex grooves are equipped with sealing rings. When installing the device, the socket end of the product is stabbed into the bell end by cm, and then the two convex grooves are kneaded together with special hydraulic pliers. The pipe at the kneaded part is shortened and deformed after being stressed, and the outer pipe between the two convex grooves is deeply immersed into the inner pipe, and then the reliable connection of the product is completed; After being kneaded the rubber sealing ring deforms and fits between the two layers of pipes, playing an excellent double safety sealing effect.Free consultation,The glass fiber grouting pipe has the characteristics of easy construction, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low elongation high elastic modulus, no long-term creep, meeting the requirements of environmental protection, and has high tensile strength in the transverse and longitudinal directions. The strength to weight ratio of glass fiber is larger than that of steel, and the tensile strength can reach kn / m, which provides sufficient strength to prevent reflection cracks. When it breaks, its elongation is less than %, it has high deformation resistance and good compatibility with asphalt mixture. The fast cutting device in the hole of the underground grouting pipe according to claim , wherein the cutting rotating device rotates the cutting blade and pulley through a socket wrench to cut the casing wall, but this small pipe meets the standard sensitivity of sound reception. As long as there is a small sound, it can measure it and accurately reflect the data on the computer or sound receiver. During the concrete pouring of cast-in-place pile, a channel that allows the ultrasonic probe to be normally placed at the pile bottom is reserved, which is not considered in the structural stress calculation.Laval,Advantages: It is connected with special hydraulic tongs, does not require preparations outside the construction site, does not require any equipment, is simple to fix the grouting pipe to the reinforcement cage, and is not affected by the bad weather.Can the piston rod of the grouting pipe be protected to avoid being bruised and accelerating leakage?The important reason for the stability of the grouting pipe reinforced soil subgrade is to further verify the main principle of the grouting pipe reinforced soil subgrade treatment technology. It is to place various types of grouting pipe products inside, on the surface of the soil mass or between the layers of soil mass. Relying on the tensile characteristics of the grouting pipe, the distribution of the internal stress field and displacement field of the reinforced soil mass is changed through the friction and embedment between the grouting pipe and the surrounding soil mass.

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