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The first is cleaning to remove oil stains or dust;The second is leveling. The convex part shall be shoveled and polished. The concave part can be made into paste with glue and cement at the weight ratio of :, leveled with a spatula, and then leveled with sandpaper after drying.After the ground is flat, clean and dry, it can be glued and paved.Gluing is the last process before paving, and the tool shall be a toothed rubber scraper.During gluing, glue shall be applied on the ground according to the size of the floor paint cloth, and one piece shall be paved in this order.A width of cm shall be reserved at the joint of the floor paint cloth. No glue shall be applied first, so that the joint can be treated finally.When the glue coated on the ground feels sticky by hand, it can be paved. When pasting, pay attention to aligning the sidelines, and use a long handle floor brush to blow out and compact.The joints are generally spliced by overlapping cutting, and the overlapping width is about cm.Align the long steel ruler with the center of the overlap cut with a cutter along the ruler, then remove the cut edge strips (note that there should be two edge strips, don&#;t forget to take out the lower one), apply an appropriate amount of glue to the joint with a paint brush, and then close and compact the joint with a pressing roller.The residual glue extruded at the joint shall be wiped clean to avoid affecting the appearance.Then apply a thin layer of joint liquid along the joint.Finally, check whether there are bubbles and whether they are flat.If there are bubbles, use a syringe to insert and suck out the air, and then compact it.Finally, use washing powder to remove the residual glue marks on the lacquer cloth. If they cannot be removed, they can be wiped with alcohol.In this way, the whole process will be completed.Due to the improvement of the living standards of Chinese residents the grade of interior decoration is also rising, and the decoration materials are increasingly developing towards the fixed decoration direction of elegance, high profile, long service life and good effect.As for the ground, the service life of paint, carpet or ordinary floor leather and floor brick is not as long as that of ground lacquer cloth.After the solid wood floor is transported to the project installation site, it shall not be unpacked and installed immediately.After unpacking it must be kept indoors for more than one week.The solid wood floor can be used only after it is adapted to the temperature and humidity of the room.Barry, stone plastic flooring is becoming more and more popular in hospitals which is super wear-resistant.Therefore, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, vehicles and other places with large flow of people.Ilam,The biggest highlight is that they are not afraid of water and shop willfully anywhere. LookWell known brands: LG and Hanhua flooring in Korea, Armstrong flooring in the United States,BarrySolid wood composite floor manufacturer, fulbo flooring in Sweden, longxilu, tahilong, Dongli flooring in Japan, and domestic bonier flooring.For the pursuit of cost performance, choose Korean brands, Japanese brands for the pursuit of quality,BarryBamboo and wood composite floor, European and American brands for the pursuit of brand effect, and domestic brands for low prices.

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Free formaldehyde emissionFrom the surface of the floor, the solid wood floor can be polished and painted again even if the surface is damaged because it is the whole piece of wood.Tianhe floor adopts Jianfu paint, which is wear-resistant, scratch resistant, excellent surface performance, and greatly prolongs the service life of the floor.However, multilayer boards and laminates cannot do this. If there is a problem with the surface, the whole floor will be completely abandoned.thicknessWhich one is better,The biggest highlight is that they are not afraid of water and shop willfully anywhere.In fact, it is very simple to prevent wood floor cracking. Usually, which can be effectively prevented, or raise flowers and fish at home, and put buckets in the corner of the room.Generally speaking, most of the strengthened solid wood composite floors are up to standard commodities within the scope of standardized formaldehyde emission.According to relevant requirements, the formaldehyde emission of commodities in the room shall be class E, i.e. ≤ mg/l.When laying wooden floor, pay attention to the length and direction of the floor consistent with the entry direction to ensure good visual effect.First,BarryWhat is SPC floor, choose the brand you need (i.e. grade);

BarryGeothermal heating floordirect material

sound insulationreform, Convenient installation and operation: the installation of solid wood composite floor is the same as that of laminate floor, the building height can be improved.In addition, due to the simple installation regulations, the safety hazards caused by installation are also greatly reduced.Solid wood flooring has high environmental protection, health and comfort, and is deeply loved by many small partners.Solid wood flooring has many advantages, but the later cleaning and maintenance is very important and troublesome.How to clean and wax solid wood floor?The quality of solid wood composite floor is stable, not easy to damage and easy to use.Wear resistance: generally, it is about ~ times that of coated wood floor.Barry, It is suitable for floor heating. SPC floor has good thermal conductivity and uniform heat dissipation. It also plays an energy-saving role for families using wall mounted furnace to heat floor heating.SPC floor overcomes the defects of stone, terrazzo, ice, cold and slippery. It is the first choice for floor heating and heat conduction floor.What are the advantages of SPC flooring:Main differences between WPC and SPC flooringThree look service

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