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Indirect cooling is that the air in the warehouse is pumped into the air cooling device by the blower. The air is absorbed by the evaporation pipe circling in the cooling device, and then sent to the warehouse for cooling. The advantages of air cooling are rapid cooling uniform temperature in the warehouse, and can bring harmful gases such as carbon oxide out of the warehouse during storage.Kg to kg / m, and the steel plate thickness generally needs to be more than . mm to meet the standard. On the market, the main raw materials of special cold storage board for cold storage project are polyphenylene, polyethylene and polyphenylene grease. The density of thermal insulation material foamed by polyphenylene is thin, and the thermal insulation coefficient is not very high; After a certain ratio of polyethylene, it can foam cold storage insulation materials with appropriate density and good thermal insulation effect,cornerFind the company that installed the cold storage, and has high load-bearing capacity; Polyphenylene resin has strong water absorption, but poor heat insulation. Therefore, the polyurethane sandwich board with very good performance belongs to the polyurethane sandwich board. Although it is slightly higher, the polyurethane board has very good thermal insulation performance and does not absorb moisture.corner,Part of the cooling water system of ammonia stop valve shall clean the dirt in the water tank, remove and clean the nozzle.During the installation of long-span top warehouse plate, if the supporting steel beam has been installed in the warehouse, the top warehouse plate and the supporting steel beam shall be fixed with pull rivets during the installation of each warehouse plate, and each top warehouse plate shall be riveted in two rows; If the lifting point type is adopted, the installation and construction of the lifting layout shall be realized before the installation and construction of the top silo plate, so as to ensure that each lifting point can be installed at the same time during the installation of the top silo plate; The lifting point shall ensure that there are at least two points along the width direction of each warehouse plate.Keelung,Whether there is dirt on the condenser and poor heat dissipation will lead to too high condensation pressure of the refrigerator. In order to protect the compressor, the machine stops running under the action of the pressure controller. When the heat dissipation is good, press the black reset button on the pressure controller, and the machine can automatically resume operation.Frequently observe the operation state of the heart compressor of the cold storage equipment and its exhaust temperature. During the season change operation, pay special attention to the operation state of the system and adjust the liquid supply and condensation temperature of the system in time.Floor insulation of small cold storage the structure of small cold storage is usually called surface, that is, the top, wall and ground are made of color steel plate / stainless steel with appropriate thickness of polyurethane and other insulation materials, because the loading and unloading of small cold storage is often handled manually rather than forklift. Of course, if the height of the warehouse is high and the forklift is required for warehousing, loading and unloading,cornerHow to make a small cold storage, the insulation board is not recommended for ground insulation, but the ground needs to be insulated separately like the ground insulation sample of medium-sized cold storage.

cornerInstallation of factory cold storageSeveral main reasons for obstruction

Insufficient refrigeration dose and capacity in the system: there are two main reasons for insufficient refrigerant circulation,The building structure of structural cold storage can be brick concrete structure or steel structure, which can be determined according to its own budget and actual needs. At present, most cold storages adopt single-layer steel structure, and are equipped with combined thermal insulation warehouse body, unloading platform, refrigeration system, system,The lights in the warehouse are not on. Please check whether the switch fails and whether the bulb is damaged. Cut off the power supply when installing the lampshade the adhesion between the panel of the polyurethane insulation board and the thermal insulation material is short and often high.index etc. according to the actual needs of cold storage circulation.When installing the polyurethane insulation board, and pay attention to the waterproof of the lamp.The ground insulation of small, medium and large cold storage is different, which is closely related to the purpose, storage products and size of cold storage. Kuhua refrigeration reminds: ground insulation must be done, otherwise the temperature in the cold storage often fluctuates frequently due to poor insulation performance, which affects the quality of stored goods. So, what is the difference between the ground insulation of small, medium and large cold storage? How to do better?Emergency measures during the use of the medical cold storage project, it may also encounter power failure or power failure. In fact, most medical cold storage projects will be equipped with emergency equipment, so that the medical cold storage project can achieve the effect of normal power supply. Once the automatic temperature or humidity monitoring system is abnormal, the cold storage door should be closed in time, So as not to expose more air conditioners, resulting in corresponding problems in the quality of stored products. The medical cold storage project also has a self rescue system in time. If the temperature of the cold storage exceeds the limit, the system cooling system will also be turned on. When the temperature returns to normal, the surface area of the outer enclosure structure is smaller than that of the single-layer cold storage which can save land; When the storage capacity is the same, so that the cold consumption can be reduced, the dry consumption of food can be reduced,cornerInstallation price of fresh-keeping cold storage, and the machinery and equipment cost and operation and management cost can be reduced accordingly. At the same time, the civil construction cost per unit area is low and the investment cost is small; The multi-storey location can be reasonable, such as the cooling room can be used as the cold storage room, the attic on the top floor can be built into the ice making room,Acid disinfectant can be used for mold removal and disinfection of quick-frozen warehouse.When the ceiling fan is too heavy, or angle iron shall be used as lintel. Lintels shall span over another roof and wall panel to reduce load.The use of large-scale cold storage is naturally very strict in installation and material selection. Therefore, in the face of the above possible situations, we can strictly screen the insulation board materials of cold storage, which can effectively alleviate or solve the above problems. However, there are many fields using cold storage insulation board, so the details of the use environment should be considered for the wood making of many such products in the market.corner,For the flushing (thawing) drainage pipe in the cold room with different temperature, an exhaust valve equipment shall be set before connecting the flushing (thawing) drainage pipe.Operating the unit: regularly observe the oil level and oil return of the compressor and the cleanliness of the oil. If the oil is dirty or the oil level drops, it shall be solved in time to avoid adverse effects.Insufficient refrigeration dose and capacity in the system: there are two main reasons for insufficient refrigerant circulation,

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The manager is nice! cornerInstallation of factory cold storage is also real.

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