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In addition, pay attention to whether there are sawdust and stratification on the cutting surface of the plate and whether there are sawdust and stratification on the cutting surface of the solid wood floor.The thickness of SPC floor is mainly selected according to personal needs.Of course, the floor thickness affects the floor price, and the service life will be different,LovichLaminate flooring and, but it does not mean that the thicker the floor is, the better. We need to select according to whether the installation will affect the door closing or other s;Whether the overall effect after installation will be uncoordinated;Material budget and other aspects to select the most appropriate floor thickness.Lovich,Mickey and Minne.The surface color of solid wood composite floor shall be determined according to the decoration area, furniture color and overall decoration design style of the customer&#;s home. First, the dark brown floor looks simple for rooms with large area or sufficient light and the light color floor looks spacious and bright for rooms with small area;Second, rooms with large area or sufficient light look bright with floors of different colors;Third, choose different colors of floors according to different decoration design sites. For example, the light color mild floor in the large living room can create a bright atmosphere, and the warm tone floor in the bedroom;Third, the color of furniture can be mixed with medium color floor, and the color of furniture can be mixed with warm tone floor.Chemin Grenier, Dirt elimination method: special decontamination oil can be used to wipe oil stains, paint and printing ink;If there are blood stains, fruit juice, red wine, wine and other dirt, and you can&#;t eliminate the wood floor with strong alkali caustic soda solution.Identify from the packaging.The raw materials of SPC floor are PVC (PVC) and calcium carbonate, which are thermally compounded by advanced technology. The production process is different from that of wooden floor, so its thermal expansion and cold contraction properties are also different; Good wear resistance and stability.

LovichIs the floor leather or woodenIndustry market policy

Fifth, smell with your nose is not protected by the environment.The performance of domestic solid wood composite floor is better than that of imported solid wood composite floor, whether it is three-layer solid wood composite or multi-layer solid wood composite floor.If the budget is insufficient or the floor heating needs to be installed at home, it is recommended to recommend domestic big brand multi-layer solid wood composite flooring (because the price of three-layer solid wood composite flooring may be higher than that of pure solid wood, and the budget is sufficient). Don&#;t be too obsessed with imported big brands, and domestic big brands may not be as good as domestic ones. waterproof,LovichWhat are the brands of floor leather, PVC has no affinity with water,LovichGround waterproof layer, and will not mildew due to high humidity.In southern areas with more rainy seasons, SPC flooring will not be deformed due to moisture, so it is a good choice for flooring.Latest consultation,However, from the perspective of installation method, laminate floor, multi-layer floor and ordinary flat buckle solid wood floor belong to disposable floor, because they must be fixed with nails or glue and cannot be reused.With the unique tiger Tenon Technology of Tiange floor, it can realize glue free, nail free and dragon free during installation, so that the floor can be disassembled, installed and used repeatedly.For example, in case of water immersion and other accidents, you can also remove the floor and reinstall it in a new home. For the floors of some precious tree species such as teak this is very important, because the logs are more and more precious, and the floor can maintain and increase its value.The floor packaging produced by regular manufacturers shall have the manufacturer&#;s name, instructions and executive standards marked in Chinese.Since , the national standard of laminate flooring has been implemented, and its name and number is the national standard: GB / T - impregnated paper laminated wood flooring. Good fire resistance

LovichIs the floor leather or woodenIndustry market policy

SPC floor surface will not have holes and water seepage;There will be no seams after splicing. After being stained, wipe it gently with a rag to clean it easily, leaving no marks that are difficult to remove, and there is no need to maintain it with special maintenance products.production,Polymer base material layer: a composite plate made of stone powder and thermoplastic polymer materials after stirring evenly and then extruded at high temperature. At the same time, it has the properties and characteristics of wood and plastics. Therefore, this floor has good strength and toughness. Ecological environmental protection;Third, it cannot be repaired.When selecting accessories, we should also consider the cost. We should select thin or narrow right angles and strips, which virtually limits the shrinkage space and causes unnecessary losses.Lovich, If the outdoor humidity exceeds the indoor humidity, close the windows and doors to maintain a low humidity in the room. If the outdoor humidity is lower than the indoor humidity, open the windows and doors to reduce the indoor humidity.In case of cold and humid temperature, such problems rarely occur.How to deal with cracks in wooden floors. Non toxic and tasteless the internal rupture of the wooden floor is related to the quality of the logs of your choice. Generally not afraid of water, fire and tide;In terms of scratch resistance, resource use and anti-skid performance, SPC floor is better than laminate floor.

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LovichIs the floor leather or wooden Tell me a price, is there a detailed price for the parameter?
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LovichIs the floor leather or wooden The price is very high, and the quality is very good if you can buy it at such a price.
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LovichIs the floor leather or woodenHow much is it, can I transfer the goods?
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