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Main performance.The construction of SPC floor installation works is very fast. There is no need for mixed mortar. The ground with good standard can be paved immediately and can be applied after hours. The ground is slightly weak. Only self leveling cement is needed to ensure that the height difference of the ground is within mm.Brian Lehrer,When scraping, lift up all the furniture instead of pushing and pulling.The best protection is at the bottom of the furniture legs.In addition, if you have a refrigerator, piano and other heavy objects at home, you&#;d better share the weight with a protective pad. Establish the interior decoration style you want: if you expect simplicity and warmth,Brian LehrerFloor leather is divided into several categories,Brian LehrerSPC floor laying, choose the sexual or shallow floor as much as possible, and if you expect calm air, choose the dark floor.Parla, Wear resistance level. Dirt elimination method: special decontamination oil can be used to wipe oil stains, paint and printing ink;If there are blood stains, fruit juice, red wine, wine and other dirt you can wipe it with a wet towel or a towel dipped in an appropriate floor cleaning solution, and you can&#;t eliminate the wood floor with strong alkali caustic soda solution.Identify from the packaging. Overweight articles shall be placed stably. Furniture and heavy objects shall not be pushed, pulled or dragged hard to avoid scratching the surface of the wear-resistant layer.

Brian LehrerSolid wood flooring and laminate flooringDifferences in low temperature pipeline use

The first kind: pungent taste. If the floor tastes like this, it means that it contains a lot of formaldehyde. You need to be careful when choosing. You&#;d better not buy it;The middle part is cork batten, and the bottom is rotary cut veneer, which is arranged in a crisscross manner.This structure makes the three-layer solid wood composite floor not only have the advantages of ordinary solid wood floor, but also can effectively adjust the internal stress between wood and improve the disadvantage of uneven drying and wetting of wood in different seasons.Many consumers attach great importance to buying multi-layer solid wood flooring.As a result, they don&#;t pay enough attention to maintenance after purchase.As a result, the floor soon cracked and arched.Therefore they complain about the poor quality of the floor.In fact, mastering the correct maintenance method of multi-layer solid wood flooring is as important as purchasing high-quality flooring, because if the quality maintenance of high-quality flooring is improper, the service life of the flooring will be shortened.Please tell me how to maintain the multi-storey floor correctlyHow to buy solid wood composite flooring?Product survey, What does the real wood floor look like?Look at the color.The fire rating reaches B,Brian LehrerLaminate price, which is unmatched by ordinary floors.Therefore, many public spaces are also paved with SPC floors, that is to say, this reason.

Brian LehrerSolid wood flooring and laminate flooringDifferences in low temperature pipeline use

At the level of home decoration effect, there are many joints on the paved small floor, which is messy. The stains at the interface can not be solved,Moisture content is one of the most important factors affecting the reliability of solid wood composite flooring. When purchasing solid wood composite flooring, consumers should know whether the moisture content of the floor meets the national industrial standards.Manufacturers generally consist of four layers of raw materials, decorative layer, dense plate layer and equilibrium layer. The conventional thickness is only -mm. The ultra-thin design is a bold innovation in the professional industry. The surface is printed with materials to improve the service life of people flow field. The surface imitates the real wood texture and natural marble texture. In view of the characteristics of raw materials, it has fast heat conduction and long heat storage duration. It is the preferred floor for floor heating.Brian Lehrer easy care. Products of well-known brand manufacturers with business history are preferredGenerally, the plate has a certain degree of expansion, so some gaps (.mm is appropriate) should be left between the laths during splicing to avoid arching.If the floor of the room is uneven, and then nailed with lath on it. After planing, paint and wax can make the room elegant, extraordinary clean and warm.A short wooden floor strip has been launched in the market, which can be combined freely according to the size of the room, and can be assembled into a variety of patterns at will.This kind of short plank is more practical, but the disadvantage is that the cost is not low.If the floor is made of wood, the wallboard can also be decorated with plates, so that the overall structure of the room tends to be unified.Wall panels can be used as whole wall paneling or only as dado paneling.Wood wallboard is the best for large wallboard concrete wall. It can directly fix the board to the wall with adhesive.If the white ash interior wall of brickwork structure is decorated with wallboard, it shall be fixed for minutes first×mm vertical wood wall reinforcement, and then fix the plate to the wood wall reinforcement with wood screws.Family decorative wallboard is best based on plywood, and its strength is appropriate.Then stick wood veneer on its surface to make up for the deficiency of plywood pattern.After the veneer is pasted, apply one or two layers of matte paint, and the pattern of the wallboard will be clear and beautiful, smooth and three-dimensional.Wood floor and wood wallboard interweave, making the style of the whole room unified, both simple and elegant.On the basis of uniform color or reasonable interweaving, it can make the whole room comfortable and soft, and give people an indescribable sense of mystery.Introduction of floor leather

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Brian LehrerSolid wood flooring and laminate flooring How much is the minimum, can it be wholesale
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I have almost never seriously evaluated it before. I bought yours Brian LehrerSolid wood flooring and laminate flooring and will visit it next time. It is so convenient that I can’t stop at all. It’s a genuine product with fast logistics. I like it for you.
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Thank you faithfully, let me buy the dream Brian LehrerSolid wood flooring and laminate flooring, thank you so much!
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Finally got Brian LehrerSolid wood flooring and laminate flooring So happy that! The workmanship is great.

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