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NewmarkHigh laminate floor price,

Physical and mental health floor is the floor produced according to the production and manufacturing product quality standards and installation and application testing standards (double specifications), which is not easy to cause harmful substances and ensure the health and safety of residential gas. Establish the interior decoration style you want: if you expect simplicity and warmth, choose the sexual or shallow floor as much as possible, and if you expect calm air, choose the dark floor.Newmark,Conclusion of inspectionIf the new floor is to be sent to a room equipped with large equipment, it may need to be rewired before moving.Make sure to contact an electrician before installing the floor.If the equipment needs to be moved, there is no need to worry that the heavy machinery will scratch it before installing the old floor.Keep tarpaulin and tape.Vryburg, Free formaldehyde emission Keep the floor dry and clean. If there is dirt on the floor surface, the thin one is better than the thick one. Because the thin one uses less glue per unit area. The thick one has less density than the thin one, and the impact resistance is poor, but the foot feel is slightly better. In fact, there is little difference between the two. In fact, there is no difference between the thickness and quality of the two kinds of floors. The key is to see personal choice.

NewmarkHow much is the wooden floor? One square meterWhat is the role of maintenance

Generally, the moisture content of non dry wooden keel is about %, and that of qualified wooden floor is generally about %. If the humidity difference is too large, the wooden floor is easy to absorb moisture quickly. If the time is long, the floor will arch up and the paint will crack.Therefore, it is best to choose dry and straight wood as keel.After the keel level is determined, the keel and floor can be fixed with nails. If the outdoor humidity exceeds the indoor humidity,NewmarkWhat brand of floor leather is good, open the windows and doors to reduce the indoor humidity.In case of cold and humid temperature, central air conditioning or electric fan can be used.In order to prevent long-term trampling and wear of the wood floor and often maintain its luster, the wood floor wax maintenance agent can also be added after the wood floor is cleaned.In addition, remove black rubber traces and other dirt that cannot be removed with water on the wooden floor, and wipe it with a soft rag dipped in low concentration alcohol or a small amount of liquor.First,NewmarkRequirements of SPC floor on the ground, maintenance Ultra light and ultra-thinFour look at the brand There are standard, wide plate and narrow plate in terms of specifications

NewmarkHow much is the wooden floor? One square meterWhat is the role of maintenance

Select machining accuracyQuality inspection report,The wide board specification was invented by China&#;s laminate flooring processing enterprises in order to meet consumer demand. Its advantages look generous, and there are relatively few gaps in the floor. Most of them are thickened, that is, about mm. Generally, the decorative paper on the surface is made in China, with many changes in design and color, which is more flexible. The disadvantage is that the color difference is relatively large, and the anti ultraviolet ability of the decorative paper is poor.Because SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer mineral rock layer powder and polymer powder, of course, so the bathroom, restaurant, kitchen and living balcony can be used.Mute, that is, add cork cushion or other cushion similar to cork on the back of the floor.After using the cork floor mat, the noise of stepping on the floor can be reduced by more than dB (quoted from the data of the cork floor mat factory), which can increase the foot feeling, sound absorption and sound insulation.This plays a positive role in improving the comfort of laminate flooring.It is also a direction for the future development of laminate flooring.Newmark, Super wear resistanceMany people think WPC floors are thick and therefore durable.OK, it&#;s a durable floor, but no more than SPC floor.Compared with WPC flooring, SPC flooring has good density.The higher density makes them resistant to damage and heavy weight.They will not be affected by the falling or moving of heavy objects.Therefore, SPC is considered to have good durability.I have seen the evaluation video before. Netizens rub the steel ball of cleaning tableware back and forth on the SPC floor, and there is no trace on the surface.If it&#;s a wooden floor, I think it&#;s not like it anymore. You can see how good its wear resistance is.

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