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The construction structure of structural cold storage can be brick concrete structure or steel structure, which can be determined according to their own budget and actual needs. At present, most cold storages are constructed with single-layer steel structure and are equipped with combined thermal insulation storage body, unloading platform, refrigeration system, system, pipeline system, etc. according to the actual needs of cold storage circulation.Insufficient refrigeration dose and capacity in the system: there are two main reasons for insufficient refrigerant circulation,Kingston,The high pressure gauge shall be installed at the opening of the liquid storage tank valve.The common phenomenon of quick freezing storehouse is that the temperature of quick freezing storehouse can't drop down or drops slowly. Now, a simple analysis is made on the reasons for the slow drop of temperature: the cold capacity loss of quick freezing storehouse is large due to poor thermal insulation or sealing performance; the poor thermal insulation performance is due to insufficient thickness of thermal insulation layer of pipeline and warehouse thermal insulation wall, resulting in poor thermal insulation and thermal insulation effect, It is mainly caused by improper selection of insulation layer thickness in design or poor quality of insulation materials in construction.Zugdidi,KingstonInstallation cost of large cold storage,The selection of equipment for the construction of equipment cold storage is closely related to the size, type and budget of the cold storage.Polyurethane with good fire resistance and flame retardancy is a kind of refractory and self extinguishing material after adding flame retardant. In case of fire, it can be carbonized, unlike flow burning and flashover like extruded board, which can effectively prevent fire spread. In particular, it can be sealed as a whole after systematic fire prevention treatment to form non combustible products.First, use a hammer to pad the wood on the polyurethane warehouse board between the two warehouse boards, so as to make the boards closely close to each other. Two sets of connecting pieces shall be wedged between the wall panel and the wall panel, and the two sets of connecting pieces shall be fixed on the upper, outer and lower sides of the gap between the wall panel and the wall panel respectively. The lower connecting piece shall be as close as possible to the lower side, so that the post cast concrete can cover the connecting piece. After the gap between the plate and the plate ground is wedged with a connector, it shall be about mm wide. If it does not meet the requirements, remove the plate trim the plate edge,KingstonCold storage design quotation, and then reinstall it to make the plate joint meet the requirements. When fixing the adapter pay attention to fix the two parts of the adapter on the edges of the convex and concave library plates respectively, and fix them with rivets. The spacing of the adapter should be able to tension the two library plates. When wedging the wedge iron, the hammer shall be perpendicular to the wedge iron to prevent damaging the warehouse plate. The ground wedge iron at the upper and lower parts shall be wedged at the same time, and the wedge iron shall be fixed with rivets.

KingstonInstallation price of cold storageHow to take measures for large enterprises

Immediate cooling is to install the condenser of the cold storage in the box or building of the cooling equipment, use the volatilization of the refrigerant to immediately cool the air in the air, small heat conduction temperature difference and simple system software, so it is widely used.When the actual scheme is determined, sometimes two defrosting schemes are adopted, and sometimes different schemes are combined. For example, wall and top smooth pipes of the controlled atmosphere storage can be manually combined with the hot gas method. The frost can be manually swept at ordinary times,KingstonCold storage, and the hot gas defrosting can be carried out regularly, so as to thoroughly understand the frost that is not easy to be removed by manual sweeping and the oil accumulation in the pipeline. Cold fan water flushing and hot gas method. Hot air combined with water can be used for defrosting if there is a lot of frost and the controlled atmosphere storage needs to be defrosted frequently.The evaporator surface is too thick or too much dust, and the heat transfer effect decreases: another important reason is that the heat transfer efficiency of evaporator is low, which is mainly caused by excessive frost or excessive dust on the evaporator surface.Discount,If there is more air or refrigerant oil in the evaporator, the heat transfer effect will be reduced: once more refrigerant oil is attached to the inner surface of the evaporator heat transfer tube, the heat transfer coefficient will be reduced. Similarly, if there is more air in the heat transfer tube, the heat transfer efficiency will be significantly reduced, and the decline rate of warehouse temperature will be slowed down.It is strictly prohibited to place articles with pollution and peculiar smell around the cold storage. The surrounding environment of the cold storage must be cleaned and disinfected regularly every day, and the door of the cold storage must be locked.Floor insulation of small cold storage the structure of small cold storage is usually called surface, that is, the top, because the loading and unloading of small cold storage is often handled manually rather than forklift. Of course, if the height of the warehouse is high and the forklift is required for warehousing, loading and unloading, the insulation board is not recommended for ground insulation, but the ground needs to be insulated separately like the ground insulation sample of medium-sized cold storage.

KingstonInstallation price of cold storageHow to take measures for large enterprises

It is equipped with temperature compensation to automatically adjust the water temperature. The water temperature of ultrasonic atomization is - degrees. If our humidifier is connected with the warehouse, there is no temperature compensation, even in the work the water temperature is lowSales Department,Panel types of quick freezing warehouse: color plastic steel plate, salted steel plate, stainless steel plate, embossed aluminum, etc.To the purpose of cooling down.These measures have achieved quite good results. Compared with several cold storages at a customer in Jining, the cold storages using their white materials have significantly lower power consumption than those using other white materials.Kingston,The ultrasonic town is a patented technology with a shaped energy cover, which increases the effective humidification amount by -% per hour. What are the reasonable aspects of the design of the quick freezing warehouse?Acid disinfectant can be used for mold removal and disinfection of quick-frozen warehouse.Cold storage is fireproof, flame retardant and high resistance. Professional cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage and other special products, price advantages and guaranteed quality. Polyurethane is a flame retardant self extinguishing material after adding flame retardant. Its softening point can be above degrees Celsius and will only be decomposed at higher temperatures. In addition, the ash formed on the surface of polyurethane will be in its foam, and this ash will help isolate the foam below. It can effectively prevent the spread of fire. Moreover, polyurethane will not produce harmful gas at high temperature.

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