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The grouting pipe at the tensioning end has good anchoring energy and self anchoring energy. Grouting pipe is generally used for tensioning. The grouting pipe at the tensioning end is composed of four parts: clip, anchor plate, anchor base plate and spiral reinforcement. The clip is the key part of the anchoring system. It is two-piece and made of high-quality alloy steel. The overhead type is a special rack installed at the bottom of the driving head and connected with the wellhead tensioning equipment.victoria The fast cutting device in the hole of the underground grouting pipe according to claim , wherein the cutting rotating device rotates the cutting blade and pulley through a socket wrench to cut the casing wall, and the cutting rotating device is a wrench or a tooth wrench. The bottom of the horseshoe of the grouting pipe is too low. After the horseshoe is seated in the mold,Plastic pipe plastic pipe has a low acoustic impedance,victoriaAdvance small conduit tunnel, which is used as a grouting pipe and has a large acoustic transmission rate. It can usually be used for smaller cast-in-place piles. It should be cautious when used in large-scale cast-in-place piles - because large-diameter piles need to be poured with a large amount of concrete, and the hydration heat of cement is not easy to dissipate. In view of the great difference between the thermal expansion coefficient of plastic and concrete, the plastic pipe will shrink radially and longitudinally due to the temperature drop after concrete solidification, It may be separated from the concrete locally to cause air or water crevices, and add more strong reflection interfaces on the sound path, which is easy to cause misjudgment.In the engineering practice, some construction units directly pave the glass fiber grouting pipe after spraying the sticky layer oil, and the roller rolls after it. The effect is good, and the glass fiber grouting pipe is not easy to wave. Strictly control the entry and exit of vehicles transporting the mixture, and forbid vehicles to swerve, brake and dump the leftover mixture on the grouting pipe layer to prevent damage to the glass fiber grouting pipe; The back glue of glass fiber grouting pipe is easily soluble in water, and construction shall not be carried out in rainy days or wet roads; Glass fiber grouting pipe is made of grouting pipe, which is easy to irritate human skin. Construction personnel must wear protective gloves; When the grouting pipe is laid, the temperature of the road surface is required to be between . Therefore, the relative displacement trend or relative displacement will occur between the narrow two, which will then generate friction. This friction is generally called 'surface friction'.General treatment method: first, yze what causes the pipe blockage. For the pipe blockage of hard objects, you can poke with steel bars according to the depth, or bind a slightly thicker steel bar with steel wire rope. For the pipe blockage of soft objects, you can use the air compressor pipe to open the air compressor for blowing. Be sure to note that the water in the pipe may rush up like a fountain to pour water all over you! If it is slurry leakage and pipe plugging, there is no way to open it. We can only communicate with the testing personnel to change a testing method, such as low strain and core drilling method! Other uses of the grouting pipe: in addition to being used as a detection channel and replacing part of the reinforcement section, the grouting pipe can also be used as a pipe for grouting at the bottom of the pile. Experiments have proved that the bearing capacity of the cast-in-place pile treated with the grouting at the bottom of the pile can be greatly improved. At the same time, the grouting pipe can also be used as a channel for the defect washing and grouting treatment of the accident pile. At this time, it is necessary to take measures to punch through the pipe at the defective part to be grouted. Grouting pipe is specialized in the production of grouting pipe (ultrasonic detection pipe) for bridge pile foundation inspection. The product conforms to the industrial standard steel thin-walled grouting pipe for concrete cast-in-place pile and its use requirements (JT / T -, It can not only meet the requirements of the standard, but also greatly improve each index, and obtain the inspection report of Hebei Road and Bridge Inspection Center.

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They shall be connected as a whole in the factory as far as possible. If it is necessary to connect on site due to manufacturing process, transportation conditions, etc. hot press vulcanization (grouting pipe) or welding (plastic grouting pipe) shall be used. The joint appearance shall be smooth and smooth, and the tensile strength shall not be less than % of the base metal. The so-called 'overlapping' without any treatment is absolutely not allowed. All kinds of cross connection points of grouting pipes shall be made of accessories produced by our new rubber products factory, so as to ensure that on-site connection is only carried out in straight sections during construction. Flexible material with sufficient deformation capacity and good adhesion with concrete.However its setting time is not stable enough, the controllable range is small,victoriaAdvance small conduit support, the strength of the condensate is low, and the stability is poor. It is mainly used in temporary or semi permanent projects [].Before the installation of the grouting pipe,The glass fiber grouting pipe has the characteristics of easy construction, high temperature resistance corrosion resistance, low elongation, high elastic modulus, no long-term creep, meeting the requirements of environmental protection, and has high tensile strength in the transverse and longitudinal directions. The strength to weight ratio of glass fiber is larger than that of steel, and the tensile strength can reach kn / m, which provides sufficient strength to prevent reflection cracks. When it breaks, its elongation is less than %, it has high deformation resistance and good compatibility with asphalt mixture. The grouting pipe is padded with the front lip of the horseshoe, and the height of the saddle shaped curved surface is changed to make the pipe wall crawl and slide along the accurate saddle shaped curved surface.Can the piston rod of the grouting pipe be protected to avoid being bruised and accelerating leakage?

victoria25hollow grouting anchor bolt manufacturerThe overall atmosphere has improved

Answer: it varies according to the model and elasticity of the grouting pipe, and its internal pressure can reach bar or more.Service first, Classification of grouting pipe grouting pipe the grouting pipe is a plane mesh material of grouting pipe with certain flexibility. The main raw material is polyethylene grouting pipe. It is extruded into thin sheets by a grouting pipe extruder, and then punched with regular holes. Then it is made by directional stretching under the control of heating. It can be divided into unidirectional grouting pipe and bidirectional grouting pipe according to the different stretching modes when it is manufactured. The grouting pipe of the spring reinforcement framework shall be bound with the bamboo frame of the reinforcement framework according to the construction rigidity of the component. After being bound into a bundle, the quality and wall shall be strictly controlled according to the ship support, and the finished product shall be well protected. The injection pipe shall be placed on the top, and the embedded grouting symbol shall be buried on the formwork for positioning. The inverted formwork shall be used to install stairs and component side formworks to increase the turnover rate of the formwork as much as possible. According to the design size, the formwork shall be equipped with plate cutting machine and edge folding machine Cutting shall be carried out by profile training machine, rebar concealment and cross slab shall be carried out according to blanking standards. Unqualified ones shall be rectified until they meet construction technology. Concrete pouring Before concrete mixing, the water content of sand and stone shall be measured and the construction mix proportion shall be adjusted according to the test results. The grouting pipe is padded with the front lip of the horseshoe, and the height of the saddle shaped curved surface is changed to make the pipe wall crawl and slide along the accurate saddle shaped curved surface.victoria,Advantages: It is connected with special hydraulic tongs, does not require preparations outside the construction site, does not require any equipment, is convenient and fast ( times faster than the traditional welding method), is simple to fix the grouting pipe to the reinforcement cage, and is not affected by the bad weather.?There are many forms of grouting pipes that can be improved and applied. Although the engineering pipeline system is very complex, any complex pipe system can be divided into several relatively simple individual pipe sections through the setting of fixed pipe racks. When selecting the corrugated grouting pipe, the deformation compensation of the pipe system can be determined according to these relatively simple pipe sections, so as to select the grouting pipe.

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