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Of course, solid wood flooring with pure natural wood is the best commodity for environmental protection. How many additives are needed for composite flooring, and various index values such as indoor formaldehyde exceed solid wood flooring.The patent of the utility model is formed by cross lamination of boards of different greening plants, which gets rid of the defects of wet expansion and contraction of solid wood floor to a certain extent has small dry shrinkage and wet expansion rate, good specification reliability, preserves the pure natural wood texture of solid wood floor,ZakapaList of top ten famous brands of solid wood composite flooring, and has comfortable feet and feet.Solid wood composite floor not only has the reliability of laminate floor and the beauty of solid wood floor, but also has the advantages of environmental protection.The flame retardant grade is B,Second, mild to moderate scratches.The floor packaging produced by regular manufacturers shall have the manufacturer&#;s name, address, instructions and executive standards marked in Chinese.Since , the national standard of laminate flooring has been implemented, and its name and number is the national standard: GB / T - impregnated paper laminated wood flooring.Pak Chong,Look at the moisture content. SPC floor has special anti-skid property. The more it meets water, the more astringent it is. Even if you wear running shoes with nails, you won&#;t leave scratches on the floor.The real wood floor is processed with a whole plate, with natural texture, and its section texture can correspond to the surface texture one by one;Fake solid wood floor is mostly pasted with leather or stickers on the fake floor, so the cut texture is not commensurate with the surface texture.

ZakapaHow about floor leatherMechanical practicability is becoming increasingly prominent

easy careThe main stressed parts of the floor, such as keel panel layer, shall not have large scars or cracks. Beautiful and diverse colors, seamless splicing construction, convenient and fast installationStandard requirements,SPC floor has a thickness of mm-mm, and the weight per square meter is only about -kg, which is less than % of ordinary ground materials. It has incomparable advantages in building load-bearing and space saving in high-rise buildings.At the same time, it has special advantages in secondary decoration and transformation. Easy to clean: medical treatment is simple, bright as a new mouth, with good wear resistance, without excessive vitality maintenance.According to statistics, the solid wood composite floor prepared for the sales market will not be waxed within years and the wind color of automobile coating will also be maintained.This is obviously compared with the maintenance of solid wood flooring.From the surface of the floor, the solid wood floor can be polished and painted again even if the surface is damaged because it is the whole piece of wood.Tianhe floor adopts Jianfu paint, which is wear-resistant, scratch resistant, excellent surface performance, and greatly prolongs the service life of the floor.However, multilayer boards and laminates cannot do this. If there is a problem with the surface, the whole floor will be completely abandoned.

ZakapaHow about floor leatherMechanical practicability is becoming increasingly prominent

How to buy solid wood composite flooring?where,In this category it can be shown that it is a relatively safe commodity.In addition, it should be noted that the release of formaldehyde must take a whole process of time. The formaldehyde content tested at this stage does not represent the long-term formaldehyde content.The relative density of laminate floor board (plywood with high density) should be .-.g/cm, which is not suitable for too low or too high.The double composite solid wood floor adopts double-layer solid wood pressing. It feels like pure natural wood. The installation and maintenance is very simple. It is suitable for floor heating,ZakapaWhat is good for outdoor waterproof board, beautiful and generous, good reliability,ZakapaWhat color does the floor leather look good, and contains a small amount of indoor formaldehyde.Zakapa,Easy to clean: simple, bright as a new mouth, dust-free, very easy to clean. Deformation level.Convenient installation and operation: the installation of solid wood composite floor is the same as that of laminate floor. It does not strike the ground keel. It only needs the ground leveling, and can also improve the building height.

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Since the last time I bought your ZakapaHow about floor leather, this new model has indeed met the standard and is very good, giving you a good comment.
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ZakapaHow about floor leatherThe quality is good, completely beyond expectations, and the delivery speed is very fast.

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