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Sixth, fire and flame retardant. Skin allergy.Dzyarzhynsk,Three layer solid wood floorLaminate floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base material and balance layer.The wear-resistant layer decorative layer and balance layer are manually printed. The base material is made of fast-growing forest materials, which is lower than that of solid wood floor. At the same time, it can be produced on a large scale and has high cost performance.According to different substrates, the price difference is obvious, and customers have more room to choose, which is suitable for people of all levels.Dumai,Improve the sense of hierarchy, reliability and cost performance of the floor. Why don&#;t the community owners choose the solid wood floor? Stimulating effect.Prepare the floor for hardwood installation

DzyarzhynskSolid wood composite floor manufacturerOxidation resistance of

The surface coating of piano paint is actually the paint used on the surface of solid wood floor for laminate floor. It is only bright paint. The wear resistance of this coating is far from that of aluminum oxide surface. Its wear resistance is low, and solid wood floors are developing towards high wear resistance. Unless you like the coating of this surface.If the scratch is shallow and the paint layer on the surface of the solid wood floor is not damaged, it can be polished with polishing paste immediately after the floor is cleaned.Because the polishing paste is mainly to maintain the luster of the floor and make the surface of the solid wood floor more and more smooth,DzyarzhynskWhat are the waterproof boards, and the scratch can also be repaired. Daily maintenance does not need waxing. It can be wiped with towel or wet mop. It is widely used in indoor families, hospitals, studies,DzyarzhynskSPC floor manufacturer, office buildings,DzyarzhynskPrice of imported laminate flooring, factories, public places, businesses, gymnasiums and other places.SPC floor is mainly composed of a certain proportion of calcium powder and PVC stabilizer to form a composite floor paving material.It is a new material invented in response to national emission reduction, hard SPC indoor floor.SPC floor takes calcium powder as the main raw material. After plasticizing and extruding sheet, four roll calendering hot compress color film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer, SPC floor does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde with harmful substances. It is an environmental protection floor free of formaldehyde and a real formaldehyde cost, Exposure to obvious sunlight, will cause early embrittlement of solid wood board floor paint, which should be minimized.The real wood floor is processed with a whole plate with natural texture, and its section texture can correspond to the surface texture one by one;Fake solid wood floor is mostly pasted with leather or stickers on the fake floor, so the cut texture is not commensurate with the surface texture. Prevent the floor from being deformed by cooking utensils.

DzyarzhynskSolid wood composite floor manufacturerOxidation resistance of

Good wear resistance and stability.Fair price, High cost performance.'Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring' Super wear-resistant. The wear-resistant layer on the surface of SPC floor is a transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high technology, and its wear-resistant revolution can reach about revolutions.According to the thickness of wear-resistant layer, the service life of SPC floor is more than - years.SPC floor is a long-life floor, especially suitable for public places with large flow of people and high degree of wear.Dzyarzhynsk, Products of well-known brand manufacturers with business history are preferred SPC floor material is soft and has good ductility. Under the impact of hanging objects, the ductility recovers well, and the upper feet are comfortable and happy.If you want to polish a lot of things you can minimize the spread of dust in the whole house by closing the door and covering it with plastic cloth, tarpaulin and tape.Hardwood floors often need to be polished during installation.

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