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verify the water permeability of the rock stratum

● specification: inner diameter of secondary grouting pipe: mm; Outer diameter: mm; Inner diameter tolerance: & plusmn; .mm; Length of each roll: m.● specification: inner diameter of secondary grouting pipe: mm; Outer diameter: mm; Inner diameter tolerance: & plusmn; .mm; Length of each roll: m.

JakaltennagoGrouting pipePrices fell slightly and the market was poor

According to the measured water absorption of the borehole, and provide professional quality assurance for grouting pipe,JakaltennagoSeamless pipe, steel flower pipe, advance small conduit, high-pressure grouting pipe, pipe shed pipe and grouting pipe factory. During the preferential activities, new and old customers are welcome to consult to determine the grouting pressure and flow, and determine the grouting slurry and its initial concentration.According to the sequence of sectional construction along the stratum depth, sectional upward and sub full depth grouting. The segmented downward type is to start from the ground, drill section holes from top to bottom and inject section slurry. After each injection section, continue to extend the drilling and grouting, so as to alternately carry out until the designed final grouting depth, and then carry out re grouting from bottom to top; The sectional upward pattern is that the grouting hole is drilled to the final grouting depth at one time. All kinds of grouting pipes, steel flower pipes, advance small conduits, high-pressure grouting pipes, pipe shed pipes and the formal qualification of grouting pipe factory are welcome to inquire by telephone and sincerely invite cooperation! Grout stop shall be used for bottom-up sectional grouting; The secondary full depth grouting method is to drill the grouting hole to the final grouting depth, and then conduct secondary grouting for the full depth.JakaltennagoGrouting pipePrices fell slightly and the market was poor,2023-01-2401:10:06The secondary grouting pipe can only be grouted once and cannot be reused.The grouting mechanism includes filling grouting, infiltration grouting, compaction grouting and splitting grouting. Grouting materials include granular slurry and chemical slurry. Granular slurry is mainly cement slurry, and chemical slurry includes silicate (water glass) and high slurry. Silicification method, alkali solution method, high chemical grouting method and cement grouting method.

JakaltennagoGrouting pipePrices fell slightly and the market was poor

It is used to seal the construction joints, cold joints, pipe seepage joints and gaps between ground walls in concrete. It is very suitable to install grouting pipes between the joints of new and old concrete. When water seeps into the joint, the PVC port slurry on the surface can be set to seal the joint. The appropriate grouting time can be selected at the end of concrete curing. Leakage joints can also be sealed with this. Provide long-term grouting pipe,JakaltennagoPrecision tube, high-pressure grouting pipe advance small pipe,JakaltennagoGrouting pipe, pipe shed pipe grouting pipe factory, old brand, price advantage and quality guarantee! In the embedded grouting pipe, the slurry can seal the construction joint, cold joint, pipe leakage and the joint between the ground wall.Water pressure test water pressure test is that the grouting pump injects clean water into the grouting section, and its main purpose is to check the slurry stop effect of the slurry stop pipe head, especially the slurry stop plug.Jakaltennago,Vasa, double liquid silicification method, aerated silicification method and electric double liquid silicification method.

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