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Plastic pipe plastic pipe has a low acoustic impedance, which is used as a grouting pipe and has a large acoustic transmission rate. It can usually be used for smaller cast-in-place piles. It should be cautious when used in large-scale cast-in-place piles - because large-diameter piles need to be poured with a large amount of concrete, and the hydration heat of cement is not easy to dissipate. In view of the great difference between the thermal expansion coefficient of plastic and concrete, the plastic pipe will shrink radially and longitudinally due to the temperature drop after concrete solidification It may be separated from the concrete locally to cause air or water crevices, which is easy to cause misjudgment.The grouting pipe diffuses the load on it. When the reinforced soil is loaded, the grouting pipe has a high bond with the soil, and has a mutual embedding effect with the soil, showing better tensile performance. The tensile stress of the soil is transmitted to the grouting pipe, making the reinforced soil a tensile member, which can change the stress from the vertical direction to the horizontal direction, and effectively improve the stress distribution of the pavement structure. The strength of high tensile reinforced soil is far higher than that of unreinforced soil, greatly improving the bearing capacity of the soil.Richmond, The installation of grouting pipes will not affect the activity of the building itself. The installation or grouting process will not harm the concrete.The use of grouting pipes has become indispensable in modern building construction, ranging from super high-rise and high-rise buildings to multi-storey buildings and indoor decoration construction. China has a longer history of using grouting pipes. Many of China&#;s ancient buildings have been listed as world-class material and cultural heritage, because China&#;s ancient buildings are very technical in construction. In China, before and in the early s, grouting pipes made of bamboo and wood were used in the construction of buildings. After the mounting bracket is welded on the surface of the grouting pipe push the strain gauge in a stable and free state without bending and twisting; The mounting bracket and strain gauge shall be installed parallel to the support axis; When tightening the screw, pay attention to reasonably controlling the frequency of the strain gauge; The installation position of the strain gauge shall be selected at the position suitable for protection as far as possible.RousselaleHow heavy is a grouting pipe?Answer: it varies according to the model and elasticity of the grouting pipe, and its internal pressure can reach bar or more.Answer: according to the length and diameter, the weight of common grouting pipe is . ~ .KG, and the weight can reach several kilograms.Application scope and development space of grouting pipe as a new term, grouting pipe has gradually appeared in some online newspapers and periodicals, and its practical scope has also developed from the support of some basic automobile boot and engine cover to the machinery manufacturing industry, used for the support of equipment accessories, vibration reduction of equipment, support of tool box cover, medical industry, fitness equipment and other fields. As its practicality is further recognized, its scope of application is becoming wider and wider. Some people in the industry asked: the application range of grouting pipe is becoming wider and wider. Does it have an impact on the original telescopic spring? In my personal opinion, it will not impact the original spring. Of course, it will have a certain impact, because most of the grouting pipes are innovations in the product design of some enterprises. For example, the rear box of a tricycle was originally supported by an iron bar (which is still useful). Now, the grouting pipe is very light, convenient and labor-saving. Some units do not know it, so its design has certain limitations, However, enterprises must be innovative in order to be ahead of their peers. We have been making grouting pipes for many years. Experience tells us that many manufacturers are now trying our grouting pipes, and they have been officially used, with obvious effects. However, some enterprises do not know what the grouting pipes are, let alone their s, so they will be in a passive position. Therefore, such as machinery manufacturing, automobile and motorcycle, transportation equipment, box manufacturing such as tool boxes, medical treatment, fitness, kitchen cabinets, etc, please feel free to consult me and I will give you advice

RichmondSeamless small conduitDoes deformation affect the effect

The grouting pipe is a patented product. Compared with similar products in the market, it has higher tensile resistance and better sealing performance. Post grouting: after the shaft, tunnel, basement and other structures are dug, the grouting method is used to control water damage and strengthen the stratum, which is called post grouting. It is safe and does not need to be welded on site.Product line, which is made into a mesh base material through an internationally advanced fine knitting process and is surface coated. Unidirectional tensile plastic grouting pipe is a grouting pipe made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, plasticized and extruded plate, punched, heated and stretched, extruded and pressed, and then punched with regular hole network, and then stretched longitudinally. In this process, the polymer is in a directional linear state and forms an oblong reticular integral structure with uniform distribution and high node strength. The tensile strength and rigidity of the grouting pipe are fully improved through the reorientation of the originally scattered chain molecules into a linear state by stretching.Answer: it varies according to the model and elasticity of the grouting pipe, and its internal pressure can reach bar or more. Action mechanism of grouting pipe: the grouting pipe is a flexible material. Under the action of soil load, it is a mechanism of dispersing the force on each hole belt and forming a resultant force.

RichmondSeamless small conduitDoes deformation affect the effect

Answer: Yes, the elastic extension speed of the grouting pipe can be defined within a certain range in the design, but for a grouting pipe that has been designed, its elastic extension speed is certain.Job description,When the grouting pipe is installed, the axis deviation shall be ≤ cm, and the bearing capacity of the support joint shall meet the design requirements. When connecting the grouting pipes,RichmondGrouting small conduit,RichmondLeading small conduit42, bolts must be installed symmetrically and tightened in sequence. Meanwhile, in order to prevent excessive deflection of the grouting pipes when axial force is applied, the deflection must be corrected to the horizontal before axial force is applied.Features: the grouting pipe is divided into disposable grouting pipe (ccll-y grouting pipe, qdm-it grouting pipe, ccll-y full section grouting pipe) and repetitive grouting pipe (ccll-d grouting pipe, ccll-d full section grouting pipe).The existence of grouting pipe mesh restricts the lateral movement of soil. The lateral sliding deformation of the soil is limited by friction and interlocking engagement between the grouting pipe and the sand particles and the passive resistance of the sand particles to the grouting pipe, forming a good interlocking effect, so that the soil has better overall shear strength and bending stiffness.Richmond,When the pipe cannot be connected due to serious blockage, the following treatment principles must be followed: when it is the first pile of a certain bridge, core drilling detection must be carried out; when it is not the first pile of a certain bridge, the construction unit shall apply for changing the detection method The low strain reflection wave method or high strain strain strain measurement method shall be used and signed by the supervisor&#;s representative and the person in charge of quality supervision before implementation; In case of pipe blockage of a bridge for many times, core drilling inspection shall be carried out in due time. Common problems and answers of grouting pipe what is the pressure inside the grouting pipe?Welding is strictly prohibited during use,Richmond50lacrimal duct, because the strength of the welding point is much lower than that of the steel itself and it is easy to cause broken wires at the welding point during tensioning. When the grouting pipe adopts circular reinforcement arrangement, its bending radius shall not be less than times of the diameter. The quality of the steel upsetting head of the grouting pipe is not directly related to its own quality, but the excessive strength will be harmful to the quality of the upsetting head. Therefore, when you choose the upsetting head anchor, you should explain it in detail to the manufacturer in the order.Can the piston rod of the grouting pipe be protected to avoid being bruised and accelerating leakage?

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