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The glass fiber grouting pipe is a rigid product made of high-strength alkali free peeling fiber, plasticized and extruded plate, punched, heated and stretched, extruded and pressed, and then punched with regular hole network, and then stretched longitudinally. In this process, the polymer is in a directional linear state and forms an oblong reticular integral structure with uniform distribution and high node strength. The tensile strength and rigidity of the grouting pipe are fully improved through the reorientation of the originally scattered chain molecules into a linear state by stretching.In the process of using the acoustic pipe, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of its installation method, so that it can be used normally and improve the application quality of the grouting pipe. In the process of installing Jiangsu acoustic measuring tube we should pay attention to the orientation of the installation hole. As long as the device is installed in a correct hole, and the service life of Jiangsu acoustic tube can be improved. This is also the most important factor in the process of application in the future. If the hole fault is bragged about in the process of the device, the resistance of Jiangsu acoustic pipe will appear in the process of application, resulting in its damage. There is a great relationship between the accuracy of the hole and the quality after construction. In the process of construction, it is necessary to use the device according to the planned paper so that it can be used normally and improve the quality of use.In the process of application, because there will be many Jiangsu acoustic measurement pipes in the process of construction. In this way, the phenomenon of uneven stress will be formed. In the process of application, it is necessary to pay attention to the method of the device in the process of the device, so that it can be used normally. The grouting pipe manufacturer introduced that the product quality of the grouting pipe is relatively stable, and when the mold is finalized, it is not easy to show defects. Most of the defects of the grouting pipe appeared in the trial production period, and most of them were formed due to the unreasonable planning structure of the mold. The grouting pipe manufacturer will briefly introduce the treatment methods of defects as follows: wrinkle appearance and treatment methods. The so-called wrinkle refers to that there is a convex edge on the circular arc surface of the grouting pipe, some of which are straight to the nozzle, and often occur symmetrically at both ends of the center line, in the shape of 'eight'. Chengdu grouting pipe manufacturers mostly occur on the inner arc surface, and some occur on the outer arc surface.Richmond mountain,The reusable grouting pipe is used for waterproof sealing of concrete joints and can be used for multiple times of grouting. It is safe and does not need to be welded on site.Santiago del Torno,The grouting pipe shall be cut with a toothless saw (grinding wheel clamp). Cutting by electric or gas welding is easy to damage the surrounding surface and cause local heating at the end, which significantly reduces its performance. During the use of the grouting pipe, it is forbidden to take any form of heating deformation measures to avoid reducing the mechanical properties of the grouting pipe. The length can be matched according to the construction requirements, without loss.If any crack is found, it shall be repaired in time, otherwise, when the joint is deformed and subjected to water pressure, the ability of the grouting pipe to resist external forces will be greatly reduced. When positioning the grouting pipe, it must be kept flat at the interface, and the grouting pipe must not be allowed to roll or kink. If it is found that there is no twist, it should be adjusted in time. When casting and fixing the grouting pipe, the deviation of the grouting pipe shall be prevented, so as not to shorten one side and affect the water stop effect. When pouring and tamping the concrete, it must be vibrated sufficiently to prevent the poor combination of the grouting pipe and the concrete from affecting the water stop effect. The grouting pipe joint must be well bonded. If the construction site conditions are available, the method of hot vulcanization connection can be used.?

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However, not all grouting pipe products can achieve this effect. Some inferior grouting pipe products not only fail to achieve the expected effect in use but also have problems such as low grouting efficiency, pipe burst and pipe bending which seriously affect the grouting effect of the grouting pipe and the progress of the whole project. The quality of grouting effect comes from the selection of high-quality grouting pipe products. Shengpeng grouting pipe is a good choice for you to choose grouting pipe products because of its high strength, awesome, simple connection and high cost performance! Grouting pipe the grouting pipe is a kind of geosynthetic material formed by ultrasonic welding, which is composed of a steel plastic composite reinforced belt (built-in high-strength carbon spring steel wire (stress material) and wrapped with polyethylene resin (protective material) and arranged at right angles to the plane longitude and latitude. It is a comprehensive product of existing rigid reinforcement (flat steel strip, ribbed steel strip, galvanized steel strip, stainless steel strip, reinforced concrete strip, etc.) and flexible reinforcement (polypropylene strip, plastic grouting pipe, warp knitted grouting pipe, etc.). Because of its high tensile strength, low elongation (≤ %), small creep,Richmond mountainTunnel combined hollow anchor manufacturer, and strong interlocking and occlusive effect on the soil, it can effectively treat the soft soil foundation, restrict the lateral displacement of the soil, overcome the uneven settlement of the soil, greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation and improve the overall performance of the foundation; It can be widely used in road engineering, railway engineering, retaining structure dam engineering,Richmond mountain50lacrimal duct, water conservancy engineering and tunnel engineering; It has remarkable safeguard effect and good social and economic benefits against rutting and pavement cracking.[] the innovation points of the utility model are as follows: The operation intensity of workers is reduced by using the lead screw principle; The use of rotary cutting in the casing reduces the amount of work for clearing the roadway floor; The cutting depth of the utility model can be adjusted at will according to the actual situation of the roadway.Two convex grooves are planned at the end of the bell end of the double seal clamp grouting pipe, and the convex grooves are equipped with sealing rings. During installation, the spigot end of the product is stabbed into the bell end. The grouting pipe then kneads the two convex grooves together with a special hydraulic clamp, and the pipe at the kneaded part is shortened and deformed after being stressed. The outer pipe between the two convex grooves is deeply embedded into the inner pipe, and then the connection of the product is completed; After being kneaded, a rubber sealing ring is deformed and pasted between two layers of pipes which plays a double safety sealing effect.resources,The grouting pipe can be divided into unconstrained grouting pipe and constrained grouting pipe according to whether it can absorb the pressure thrust (blind plate force) generated by the medium pressure in the pipe; According to the displacement type of the grouting pipe, it can be divided into axial grouting pipe, transverse grouting pipe, angular grouting pipe and pressure balance grouting pipe. The grouting pipe cannot bear load and should be hoisted separately; In addition to the pre deformation required by the design for pre stretching or cold tightening, it is forbidden to adjust the installation deviation of the pipeline by deforming the grouting pipe; During installation, welding slag is not allowed to splash onto the surface of grouting pipe and suffer other mechanical damage; All movable components of the grouting pipe shall not be jammed by external components or restrict the normal operation of its movable parts. Most of the failure of the grouting pipe is caused by the external environment corrosion. Therefore, in the structural design of the grouting pipe, the contact between the external corrosion medium and the grouting pipe can be considered. For example, for the external pressure axial grouting pipe, a packing sealing device can be added between the outlet end ring and the outlet pipe, which is equivalent to the sleeve grouting pipe. It can not only resist the invasion of external corrosive media, but also add a safety barrier to the grouting pipe. Even if the grouting pipe is damaged the grouting pipe can also play a compensation role and avoid the failure of the grouting pipe. The use of grouting pipes has been indispensable in modern building construction. In the s, grouting pipes were popularized in China, but they were fastener grouting pipes. In the s, China began to develop advanced grouting pipes with multiple s. With the continuous development of China&#;s construction industry in modern times, the construction industry has become increasingly mature and perfect in China,Richmond mountainGrouting seamless pipe, and the bamboo wood grouting pipe has been eliminated by the market. Grouting pipe has become the mainstream form of grouting pipe and is more widely used in construction.The Xiaobian of prestressed machines and tools reminds us that there are many forms of grouting pipes, which can be distinguished from different angles, it can be divided into the grouting pipe of thick reinforcement of the grouting pipe, the grouting pipe of parallel reinforcement (wire) bundle of the grouting pipe, and the grouting pipe of steel strand bundle of the grouting pipe. For thick reinforcement, one grouting pipe is generally used to anchor one reinforcement. For tendons and steel strands, which are often arranged in a ring or circle or in a rectangle. Obviously, due to the different number and arrangement of prestressed reinforcement, the form and structure of grouting pipe will also be different. According to the principle of grouting pipe and transmitting pretension, it can be divided into grouting pipe relying on bearing pressure, grouting pipe relying on friction and grouting pipe relying on adhesion.Answer: Yes, the elastic extension speed of the grouting pipe can be defined within a certain range in the design, but for a grouting pipe that has been designed, its elastic extension speed is certain.

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It is laid in the soil, and through the bite and interlock between the grouting pipe mesh and the soil, it forms an efficient stress transmission mechanism, so as to reduce the local failure stress and improve the service life of the project. The convex joint steel plastic grouting pipe is an upgraded product of the ordinary steel plastic grouting pipe, which changes the shortcomings of the ordinary grouting pipe, such as the small peeling force of the joint (n), the easy cracking of the welding point, the difficulty of construction, and the reduction of the role of side displacement prevention. Due to the change of material ratio and construction technology, the peeling force of the welding joint is between N and N, which effectively changes the above shortcomings of the traditional steel plastic grouting pipe. Because of the protruding joints at the welding position, it is called convex joint steel plastic grouting pipe, and its academic name is node reinforced steel plastic grouting pipe. The steel plastic grouting pipe is made of high-strength steel wire (or other fibers) through special treatment, polyethylene (PE) and other additives and is extruded to form a composite high-strength tensile strip. If the surface is rough embossed, and is formed by welding its junction with the fusion welding technology of special reinforcement bonding. The grouting pipe is set out from the inner ring tap in the vertical setting out state, and the drawn out pipe forms a spring shape and stretches automatically. Takeout direction: the spiral direction of the spring shape after takeout is consistent with the twisting direction of, otherwise fried dough twist or disorder will occur.query,Can the stretching speed of grouting pipe be defined? Cut and cut the spring skeleton grouting pipe according to the components. The cutting surface must be flat and free of burrs. The length of its flat section must be ≥ the connecting reinforcement measures. During the bending process of the grouting pipe, it is not allowed to use a small one. The inner diameter of the grouting pipe is compressed and cracked. The alignment between M and FL is -When the pipe cannot be connected due to serious blockage, the following treatment principles must be followed: when it is the first pile of a certain bridge, core drilling detection must be carried out; when it is not the first pile of a certain bridge, the construction unit shall apply for changing the detection method The low strain reflection wave method or high strain strain strain measurement method shall be used and signed by the supervisor&#;s representative and the person in charge of quality supervision before implementation; In case of pipe blockage of a bridge for many times, core drilling inspection shall be carried out in due time. Common problems and answers of grouting pipe what is the pressure inside the grouting pipe?Richmond mountain,Two convex grooves are planned at the end of the bell end of the double seal clamp grouting pipe, and the convex grooves are equipped with sealing rings. During installation, the spigot end of the product is stabbed into the bell end. The grouting pipe then kneads the two convex grooves together with a special hydraulic clamp, and the pipe at the kneaded part is shortened and deformed after being stressed. The outer pipe between the two convex grooves is deeply embedded into the inner pipe, and then the connection of the product is completed; After being kneaded, a rubber sealing ring is deformed and pasted between two layers of pipes, which plays a double safety sealing effect. Action mechanism of grouting pipe: the grouting pipe is a flexible material. Under the action of soil load, it is a mechanism of dispersing the force on each hole belt and forming a resultant force.Among the many imported projects, the development of the production technology of automobile door and window sealing strips is the most representative. Through the introduction of sealing strip production lines from Japan, Germany, Italy, Britain and other countries, up to now, domestic manufacturers have introduced more than sealing strip production lines. In addition to pure rubber sealing strips, sealing strips of various composite structures, metal skeleton and various rubber composite sealing strips, rubber and plastic composite sealing strips can be produced. At present, the overall level of China&#;s sealing strip production technology has basically reached the level of foreign countries in the s, and has become a grouting pipe. Because some projects are not easy to detect when they are manufactured, and the quality of the grouting pipe as a channel for testing instruments has become crucial. If the quality of the grouting pipe is poor, it will bring many hidden dangers. Steel grouting pipe material, which has the characteristics of thin pipe wall, steel saving, impermeability, pressure resistance and high strength, is generally used for post tensioned reserved holes in prestressed structures. When the grouting pipe is used, it can be directly bound to the reinforcement framework. Because the grouting pipe is very light, it is very convenient to operate. However

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