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The quality of the standard section should comply with the product manual and specification requirements.The counterweight guide rail should meet the specification requirements.Botou,Construction electric elevators should be equipped with upper limit switches that are sensitive and reliable.Before installation, the installation unit should confirm that the foundation, foundation bearing capacity embedded parts, and foundation drainage measures of the installed construction electric elevator and auxiliary heavy equipment comply with the requirements of the special construction plan for the installation and dismantling of the construction electric elevator based on the construction electric elevator foundation acceptance form, concealed engineering acceptance form, and concrete strength report.Weru,When the horizontal distance between the edge of the cage and the edge of the landing or between the cage and the landing door is greater than mm and there is no effective protection from other structures,BotouScissor fork electric elevator,BotouMobile electric hydraulic elevator, the side protection device for the landing entrance should be equipped.The safety notice board for construction electric elevators should be prominently placed on the hanging cage for the rated load capacity and rated number of passengers of the construction electric elevator. It is strictly prohibited to use construction electric elevators beyond the rated load capacity or rated number of passengers.Setting requirements: The foundation and foundation of the construction electric elevator should meet the requirements of the user manual. Before installing the construction electric elevator, the foundation should be inspected and accepted according to the requirements of the specifications. Only after passing the inspection can the installation be carried out.

Botou6-meter electric elevatorWhat is the cause of the missing plating

The distance between the electric hoist and overhead line in Electrical safety construction shall meet the specification requirements otherwise protective measures shall be taken.When adding hydraulic oil, the lifting platform should not exceed the high position,BotouNiuli brand electric elevator, and then retract the oil cylinder back to the low position to check if the hydraulic oil level is lower than the low position, and maintain it between the two.During the use period, the user unit should organize professional technical personnel to inspect the construction electric elevator monthly according to the standard requirements, and record the inspection results.demand,Safety performance: Electric elevators not only have the safety device of traditional traction elevators, but also have an overflow valve to prevent excessive system pressure during upward movementThe wall bracket of the construction electric elevator should be intact and reliably fixed, and its attachment distance, wall bracket spacing and end height must comply with the requirements of the 'User Manual'. The angle between the plane of the wall bracket and the normal direction of the attachment surface should not exceed degrees;. When the attachment device does not meet the requirements of the 'User Manual' due to conditions, its calculation sheet, and production materials should be confirmed by the manufacturer or reviewed by the technical leader of the installation unit, and verified by experts.Then, the lifting platform platform platform that carries the load needs to be balanced, and no deviation of one side is allowed. The lifting of goods does not allow people to stand on both sides of the platform, and the lifting of goods should try to maintain a stable and uniform speed.

Botou6-meter electric elevatorWhat is the cause of the missing plating

Model Example: Hanging Cage Specification: LABSC/TDx Type I: ~ Type II: ~ Type V: ~ Technical Requirements: The load-bearing capacity of the foundation should be greater than P: P=(hanging cage weight+outer cage weight+total weight of guide rail frame+counterweight+load) x. (kN).Project scope,Construction electric elevators outside the lightning protection rangeAluminum alloy lifting platforms can be divided into single column aluminum alloy, cargo elevator, double column aluminum alloy, three column and four column aluminum alloy. Can be used in factories, automated warehouses, municipal facilities, docks, buildings, and installationsConstruction electric elevators should be equipped with cable guide frames and comply with regulatory requirements.Botou,The full height landing door should meet the following requirements: the net height of the landing door opening should not be less than m. In special circumstances, when the net height of the building entrance is less than m, it is allowed to lower the height of the lower door opening, but in any case, the net height of the lower door opening is not less than m. (Article of GB-)Operating cost advantage and low failure rate: Due to the use of advanced hydraulic systems and good methods, the operating failure rate can be reduced to a low level.The bearing capacity of the building structure at the attachment point of the wall bracket should meet the requirements specified in the user manual for construction electric elevators.

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I’ve been too busy lately, the confirmation is late, the quality is good, Botou6-meter electric elevator genuine, good quality and cheap, haha.
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The stuff is really good, but Botou6-meter electric elevator the price is a bit more expensive, but it is still worth the money. This is the first time I bought it, thanks to your shopping guide.
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Make an advertisement for you, friends: This Botou6-meter electric elevator product is great value.
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Botou6-meter electric elevatorThe quality is good, completely beyond expectations, and the delivery speed is very fast.

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