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The second: I can&#;t tell the taste. The domestic price of this floor is more than yuan;Fifth, the total thickness of the floor is about , cm, which is also related to his total price.Peshtosdorf,Then look at the quality.The flame retardant grade is B, and the indoor formaldehyde is higher than the national standard.Kofarnihon,Solid wood flooring is not very good in terms of wear resistance, the wear resistance of solid wood composite flooring is also very different from that of reinforced composite flooring.With special components, the wear resistance of reinforced composite floor is much higher than that of ordinary solid wood floor.When assembling the solid wood floor, do not be too loose or too tight.The assembly relaxation shall be reasonably arranged according to the temperature of the indoor environment. The assembly relaxation will produce a large gap with the shrinkage of the floor.The assembly is too tight and the floor is arched when it expands.The current woodworking is basically done by woodworkers. The 'general woodworking' method is adopted, and the shrinkage joint size is not calculated according to the thermal expansion and cold contraction parameters provided by SPC flooring factory.If the room is slightly larger, but the reserved gap is too small, especially when the temperature difference between winter and summer is too large, it is very easy to have no gap to expand, resulting in arching and warping.

PeshtosdorfSolid wood composite wood floorWhat areas can it be applied to

Select machining accuracy Carefully grind with water gauze until the surface is a little rough, remove the powder and apply a second layer of paint.In addition to the high wear-resistant solid wood floor, the electronic organ architectural coating floor is also the main product in the recent popular sales market.Beautiful and bright appearance, with super thick wear-resistant layer, the actual effect is brighter and deeper, and the upper foot is stronger. The appearance is very similar to the solid wood floor, which gets rid of the defects of wet expansion and contraction of the solid wood floor to a certain extent. The dry shrinkage and wet expansion rate is small,PeshtosdorfHow to choose laminate flooring, the specification stability is good, and the wood texture and comfortable feet of the solid wood floor are preserved.The cost is reasonable,Look at the color.UV layer: the coating formed after UV oil is cured with curing agent, which can prevent the volatilization of chemicals in the plate by UV.[]SPC vinyl flooring manufacturers focus a lot on the dense core of SPC flooring.They tried to make it more resistant to shrinkage.

PeshtosdorfSolid wood composite wood floorWhat areas can it be applied to

The standard specifications are adopted by most members of the European flooring Producers Association. This is still the case. China also adopts the standard specifications when importing the most advanced laminate processing lines in the world. In other words, the products of large laminate manufacturers processed by imported lines are still the standard specifications. There are many dealers in the market who flaunt themselvesOur products are imported. It is often said that 'imported ones have no wide plate specification and thickness of about mm'. It should be that most imported floors have no wide plate specification and thickened size.Interpretation and observation, Can strongly recommend to everyone that it is not easy to make mistakes: the wall is shallow, the ground is medium, and the furniture is deep.If the color of the wall in the home is very light the floor color can choose intermediate color, and the color of furniture can be moderately dark.Tactile effect: when people contact with wood,PeshtosdorfSynthetic wood flooring, the temperature is close in four seasons. When walking on the wood floor, the hardness is moderate and the elasticity is rich. Wood gives people a good sense of touch.The cross-section of the floor is rubbed with a file to generate heat in the cross-section, and formaldehyde is fully volatilized (formaldehyde is accelerated at more than degrees,PeshtosdorfCan the floor leather be folded, and you can smell the pungent smell at the same time). At this time you can smell, generally you can smell three different levels of smellPeshtosdorf,UV layer: the coating formed after UV oil is cured with curing agent, which can prevent the volatilization of chemicals in the plate by UV.[]Strengthen the floor color, rich patterns fully meet the needs of personalized design, with many varieties and fashionable colors, which can simulate various natural or artificial patterns.The decorative layer of laminate floor is generally imitated by computer, or stone to make unique patterns that are not available in nature.From to , Chinese traditional pure solid wood flooring and new solid wood flooring, which means three-layer and double-layer solid wood, have been surging in an undercurrent.In recent years, new solid wood has maintained a high annual growth rate of more than %.Under the economic development layout from to , the upgrading of solid wood flooring category caused by new solid wood will become an important driving force to promote the consumption boom of home decorative flooring.The world financial storm has an impact on China&#;s wood flooring industry chain, but it is not rampant, only lack of confidence in the market.The operation track of the development of market economy has been advancing in the cycle system of wave soldering and wave trough. The flooring industry is depressed and it is not easy to hold it for a long time. China has a strong foreign demand market, and the demand of China&#;s home building materials market is still very large.

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My colleagues like it very much. Come again next time. It's a rare genuine product. PeshtosdorfSolid wood composite wood floor I'm very satisfied with it. The boss has a good personality, awesome. Not bad. The quality is good. The speed is also fast. Really good!
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Make an advertisement for you, friends: This PeshtosdorfSolid wood composite wood floor product is great value.
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PeshtosdorfSolid wood composite wood floorHow much is the best price, and I will give you a comment, can PeshtosdorfSolid wood composite wood floor be cheaper?
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Can you give me PeshtosdorfSolid wood composite wood floor detailed specification data?

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