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The small editor of prestressed machines and tools will lead you to understand the main connection methods between the drive device and the wellhead: the connection between the flange of the drive head of the electric oil pump and the parallel flange is the most widely used one at present. There is a flange at the lower part of the drive head, and the size matches the flange of the Christmas tree wellhead.At the same time, because the space in the grouting pipe restricts the lateral sliding and rolling of the soil particles inside, the relative displacement trend or relative displacement also occurs between this part of soil particles and adjacent soil particles, resulting in friction. This friction force is generally called 'bite force' or 'lateral force resistance'. The 'surface friction' and 'bite force' make the slip and roll of soil particles under the force of the upper limit line at the location of the grouting pipe, and limit the lateral displacement of soil in the whole plane of the grouting pipe. The grouting pipe plays an important role in the key points of settlement. Therefore, it is reasonable to use the grouting pipe to treat the uneven settlement of fill excavation transition subgrade. This paper yzes the action mechanism of the grouting pipe according to its type and characteristics, introduces the construction technology and process in the construction of preventing the reflection crack of the road surface and proposes a new technology of sprinkling a layer of filler in the grouting pipe network when paving the surface course. As a kind of road reinforcement material, grouting pipe is widely used in road maintenance engineering because of its advantages of simple, fast construction and low investment.Orange walk,Process flow: the drilling machine is in place → drilling → mud injection → casing running → continuing drilling → slag removal → hole cleaning → lifting and placing the reinforcement cage → bottom cleaning by water injection → inserting the concrete conduit → pouring concrete → pulling out the conduit → inserting the pile top reinforcement. There are single liquid silicification, double liquid silicification, aerated silicification and electric double liquid silicification.Causes of wrinkling: the blanking specification of pipe joint is too long.Hajjah, The small editor of the grouting pipe reminds everyone that there should be no rust, water and other impurities when using the prestressed machinery. The working clip can be used after removing the foam in the packing box, and the grouting pipe should be properly kept. However, when the prestressed tendon is long and the grouting pipe needs to be tensioned repeatedly, it is suggested that a small amount of lubricant (e.g. anchor pulling spirit) be applied to the tapered hole of the anchor plate by the prestressed machine, which is not only conducive to the follow-up and anchor pulling of the working clip, but also conducive to the multiple grouting of the grouting pipe; Apply lubricant on the outer surface of the tool clip and the inner and outer surfaces of the taper hole of the anchor plate before use, and regularly remove the debris on the clip surface to make the anchor flexible. However, when the clip is cracked or the tooth surface is damaged, it needs to be replaced and can not be used again.When the pipe cannot be connected due to serious blockage, the following treatment principles must be followed: when it is the first pile of a certain bridge, core drilling detection must be carried out; when it is not the first pile of a certain bridge, core drilling inspection shall be carried out in due time. Common problems and answers of grouting pipe what is the pressure inside the grouting pipe?Can the stretching speed of grouting pipe be defined?

Orange walkAdvance small conduit for tunnelWhy is it so popular

The grouting pipe is specially used as a channel for the depth detection of pile foundation and for structural stress calculation. The grouting pipe is a small pipe, but this small pipe meets the standard sensitivity of sound reception. As long as there is a small sound, a channel that allows the ultrasonic probe to be normally placed at the pile bottom is reserved, which is not considered in the structural stress calculation.[] a fast cutting device in the hole of a underground grouting pipe, as shown in Fig. , the fast cutting device in the hole mainly consists of a fixed cutting device (as shown in Fig. , a tension blade device and a cutting rotating device [] the tension blade device is sleeved in the cutting rotating device , and screw threads are respectively set on the outer surface of the cutting rotating device and the upper end of the tension blade device , The tension blade device and the cutting rotating device are connected by threads. The end of the tension blade device protruding from the cutting rotating device is provided with a tension blade nut , as shown in Fig. The glass fiber grouting pipe is a rigid product made of high-strength alkali free peeling fiber, which is made into a mesh base material through an internationally advanced fine knitting process and is surface coated. Unidirectional tensile plastic grouting pipe is a grouting pipe made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, plasticized and extruded plate, punched, heated and stretched extruded and pressed, and then punched with regular hole network, and then stretched longitudinally. In this process, the polymer is in a directional linear state and forms an oblong reticular integral structure with uniform distribution and high node strength. The tensile strength and rigidity of the grouting pipe are fully improved through the reorientation of the originally scattered chain molecules into a linear state by stretching.assets,Can the stretching speed of grouting pipe be defined?However, not all grouting pipe products can achieve this effect. Some inferior grouting pipe products not only fail to achieve the expected effect in use, but also have problems such as low grouting efficiency pipe burst and pipe bending, which seriously affect the grouting effect of the grouting pipe and the progress of the whole project. The quality of grouting effect comes from the selection of high-quality grouting pipe products. Shengpeng grouting pipe is a good choice for you to choose grouting pipe products because of its high strength, awesome, simple connection and high cost performance! Grouting pipe the grouting pipe is a kind of geosynthetic material formed by ultrasonic welding, which is composed of a steel plastic composite reinforced belt (built-in high-strength carbon spring steel wire (stress material) and wrapped with polyethylene resin (protective material) and arranged at right angles to the plane longitude and latitude. It is a comprehensive product of existing rigid reinforcement (flat steel strip, ribbed steel strip, galvanized steel strip, stainless steel strip, reinforced concrete strip, etc.) and flexible reinforcement (polypropylene strip, plastic grouting pipe, warp knitted grouting pipe, etc.). Because of its high tensile strength, low elongation (≤ %), small creep, it can effectively treat the soft soil foundation, restrict the lateral displacement of the soil, overcome the uneven settlement of the soil, greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation and improve the overall performance of the foundation; It can be widely used in road engineering, railway engineering, retaining structure, dam engineering, water conservancy engineering and tunnel engineering; It has remarkable safeguard effect and good social and economic benefits against rutting and pavement cracking. The grouting pipe is used to pad the bottom of the horseshoe, change the cooperation specification of the mold, and adjust the cooperation space between the lower tire and the horseshoe.

Orange walkAdvance small conduit for tunnelWhy is it so popular

The mesh structure of the grouting pipe can make the pore water pressure dissipate faster, and effectively accelerate the drainage and consolidation of the soft soil of the foundation. This is very important for strengthening soft clay foundation. Precautions for grouting pipe installation: when tensioning the prestressed reinforcement, it shall be loaded from zero to the initial tension at the starting point of the measured elongation value, and then loaded to the required tensioning force by stages; Stress control and elongation check shall be adopted for tensioning management of prestressed reinforcement. The allowable deviation between the actual elongation value and the calculated elongation value is - % ~ + %. If the value is exceeded, the tensioning shall be suspended; Tensioning can be continued only after taking measures to adjust; If the elongation value is too small, over tensioning measures can be taken, but the tensioning force limit shall not be greater than .fptk; In the multi wave curve prestressed reinforcement, the technology of over tensioning and loosening can be adopted; The duct grouting shall be dense, the duct shall be wet and clean, the grouting shall be carried out slowly and evenly without interruption, and the exhaust shall be smooth. If the hole is blocked, the grouting port must be replaced, but the cement slurry injected for the first time must be discharged to avoid gas between the two grouts. After the holes are filled and the exhaust holes are closed, and the grouting holes should be closed later. The grouting pressure of the vertical duct shall be determined according to the grouting height; For the duct grouting of multi span continuous prestressed tendons connected by connectors, one span shall be grouted after tensioning, and it is not allowed to grout once after all the spans are tensioned; The exposed length of the prestressed reinforcement grouting pipe after fixation shall not be less than mm, and the grouting pipe shall be protected with end sealing concrete. When it needs to be exposed for a long time, measures to prevent corrosion shall be taken; When the steel strand has floating rust, please remove the floating rust and dirt of the steel strand at the fixed clamping section of the grouting pipe and its outer end, so that the floating rust and dirt will fill the red groove of the clamping piece during installation and tensioning and cause wire sliding; The tool clamping piece is three pieces and the working clamping piece is two pieces. The two cannot be mixed. The working grouting pipe cannot be used as a tool and the grouting pipe cannot be reused; The grouting pipe shall be kept properly and shall be free of rust, water and other sundries during use. The working clip can be used after removing the foam in the packaging box. However,Orange walkSmall conduit manufacturer, when the prestressed tendon is long and the grouting pipe must be repeatedly tensioned and fixed, it is recommended to apply a small amount of lubricant (such as withdrawing the grouting pipe) in the conical hole of the grouting pipe plate, which is not only conducive to the follow-up of the working clip and withdrawing the grouting pipe, but also conducive to the multiple grouting pipe fixation of the grouting pipe; The outer surface of the tool clip and the inner surface of the conical hole of the grouting tube plate shall be coated with lubricant before use, and the debris on the clip surface shall be removed frequently to make the grouting tube flexible. However, when the clip is cracked or the tooth surface is damaged it shall be replaced and shall not be used again; Safety measures shall be taken during tensioning, please clean the clamp with organic solvent (such as gasoline) and wipe the anti rust oil of the grouting tube plate hole, otherwise the solid performance of the grouting tube will be affected; The pile foundation grouting pipe is an important channel product for pile foundation depth detection. It has two main s, one is as a channel, and the other is as a pipe for grouting at the bottom of the pile.analysis, Glass fiber grouting pipe is a semi-rigid product made of glass fiber as raw material, high-strength alkali free glass fiber through a certain warp knitting process,Orange walkLeading small conduit42, and fiber filament coated on both sides.Four advantages of establishing a good cooperative relationship with customers: Professional production equipment and testing facilities ensure the quality of the supplied grouting pipes.Answer: Yes, the elastic extension speed of the grouting pipe can be defined within a certain range in the design, but for a grouting pipe that has been designed its elastic extension speed is certain.Orange walk, The grouting pipe is a patented product. Compared with similar products in the market,Orange walk32lead small conduit, it has higher tensile resistance and better sealing performance.Advantages: It is connected with special hydraulic tongs, does not require preparations outside the construction site, does not require any equipment, is convenient and fast ( times faster than the traditional welding method), is simple to fix the grouting pipe to the reinforcement cage and is not affected by the bad weather. Glass fiber grouting pipe is a semi-rigid product made of glass fiber as raw material, high-strength alkali free glass fiber through a certain warp knitting process, and fiber filament coated on both sides.

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