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Secondly, since the cooling of the compressor is not continuous, the multi work operation at night can be selected if possible. When working at night, the external temperature is low, the cooling water temperature is reduced, and the condensation pressure and condensation temperature are reduced. The cooling capacity of the sampling system, coupled with the equal role of the cold storage board, reduces the power operation of the compressor and achieves the purpose of energy saving.The common phenomenon of quick freezing storehouse is that the temperature of quick freezing storehouse can't drop down or drops slowly. Now, a simple analysis is made on the reasons for the slow drop of temperature: the cold capacity loss of quick freezing storehouse is large due to poor thermal insulation or sealing performance; the poor thermal insulation performance is due to insufficient thickness of thermal insulation layer of pipeline and warehouse thermal insulation wall, resulting in poor thermal insulation and thermal insulation effect,Tips for fresh-keeping storehouse wholesale: the specific functional characteristics of the seafood machine in the fresh-keeping storehouse wholesale are simple to operate, and the microcomputer system is adopted, and the temperature can be adjusted at will; The seafood machine unit has compact structure and stable performance. Users only need to connect the power supply and the cooling water pipeline to put it into operation; The wholesale seafood machine condenser in the fresh-keeping warehouse adopts internally threaded copper pipe. Good heat exchange effect; The seafood machine adopts pure titanium tube evaporator, which has good cooling effect and strong performance; The seafood machine unit wholesale in the fresh-keeping warehouse has extraordinary pressure sealing test, and the performance of each component is particularly good; The seafood machine unit has the advantages of low noise, low vibration, fast cooling, long service life, multiple quality protection devices, high cost performance and good quality. The seafood machine can be customized according to customer requirements; Many fruit wholesalers will transform the original warehouse into a fruit preservation warehouse in order to store fruits for a longer time. Due to the huge difference between warehouses, it needs a lot of attention to transform the warehouse into a qualified energy-saving fruit preservation warehouse.Cold storage, compressor overload, lack of refrigerant, low pressure too low, excessive air intake compressor jamming.Saida,Requirements for refrigeration equipment in quick freezing warehouse: the strict sealing of quick freezing warehouse is obviously different from that of ordinary quick freezing warehouse. Therefore, how to seal the refrigeration equipment is the key. First of all, all through wall pipelines must be equipped with sleeves, the frost flushing water return pipeline must be equipped with U-shaped bend water seal, and the main frost flushing and return pipeline outside the warehouse shall be equipped with air filling port to prevent the gas in the warehouse from being pumped out of the warehouse by negative pressure. In addition, due to the good sealing of the quick freezing warehouse, the set fluctuation range of the warehouse temperature should not be too large to prevent excessive positive and negative pressure from damaging the warehouse body.The installation of cold storage board is a link of the cold storage installation project. High price cold storage installation of various specifications, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage. Waste merchants, industry, enterprises and power departments are welcome to visit and negotiate! The cold storage body and storage plate include: floor, vertical plate and ceiling plate. The installation of storage plates in different directions and precautions are as follows: enter the construction site, verify the construction situation according to the construction drawings, determine the equipment installation position, and then refer to the following specifications.The water tank is designed to be separated from the machine body and is double-layer. It will not drip due to condensation caused by internal and external temperature difference. It can be interlocked with the refrigeration system, that is, it will not be humidified during refrigeration to prevent serious frosting of the fan.

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The cold storage belongs to a kind of refrigeration equipment. Compared with the refrigerator its refrigeration area is large, but they have the same refrigeration principle. So how to maintain the cold storage every day. Today I'll introduce how to do a good job in the daily management and maintenance after the installation of the cold storage.For the installation of refrigeration unit oil separator shall be installed for semi sealed or fully sealed compressor, and an appropriate amount of oil shall be added in the oil. When the evaporation temperature is lower than - ℃, gas-liquid separator and an appropriate amount of refrigeration oil shall be added.Able to withstand the harsh local climate and its changes. Neither high temperature nor severe cold climate will cause irreversible damage or deformation to the external insulation system. The drastic change of the surface temperature of the external wall, such as the sudden shower after a long time of exposure, or shading during exposure,Cold storage has good water tightness. Polyurethane rigid foam has low water absorption, good permeability to water vapor, foam holes, which is more dense than air surface, and is not easy to permeate. It belongs to hydrophobic materials.In the cold storage project,Joint stockLibrary installation, the selection of cold storage is related to the overall operation of cold storage in the future. The selection of high-quality cold storage is conducive to the use and maintenance of cold storage. This requires us to inquire more about the warehouse board for cold storage engineering. Before the construction of cold storage project, we should first realize the temperature requirements of cold storage and the importance of cold storage to cold storage. Because the cold storage project has high environmental requirements such as temperature, attention should be paid to the performance and material of the cold storage board when selecting the cold storage board.What should be considered in building a cold storage? In these aspects, food cold storage is a systematic project of artificial refrigeration to ensure food quality and reduce food decay in a low-temperature environment. Refrigeration technology affects the design of food cold storage meets the needs of refrigeration technology, convenient production, energy saving and cost reduction. What problems should be considered in the construction of food cold storage?

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The evaporator surface is too thick or too much dust, and the heat transfer effect decreases: another important reason is that the heat transfer efficiency of evaporator is low, which is mainly caused by excessive frost or excessive dust on the evaporator surface.Which one is better,The refrigerant charge is insufficient. At this time, just add enough refrigerant.Therefore, so as to ensure its stable operation.The efficiency of the compressor is low, and the refrigerating capacity can not meet the load requirements of the warehouse: due to the long-term operation of the compressor, the cylinder sleeve, ring and other parts are seriously worn, the long-term cold storage installation, installation,Joint stockFruit preservation cold storage installation company, construction, fruit preservation, medical cold storage and other brand products, the designated products are complete, the quality is guaranteed, and the sealing performance will be reduced accordingly with the increase of the matching clearance, The gas transmission coefficient of the compressor will also be reduced, and the refrigeration capacity will be reduced. When the refrigerating capacity is less than the heat load of the warehouse, the temperature of the warehouse will drop slowly.Joint stock,When installing polyurethane insulation board ensure that its surface is smooth and flat without scratch and warpage.These are several very common cold storage materials. The use of these materials has greatly improved the thermal insulation and refrigeration performance of the cold storage,Joint stockInstallation of cold storage works, which makes people's retained items more convenient and reliable. With the continuous development of material technology, today's various cold storage materials emerge in endlessly, and the cold storage is different from each other. When purchasing, we should make reasonable comparison and select products suitable for our own use needs and economic conditions.Cork board: cork board can be said to be a relatively primitive kind of cold storage. The thermal conductivity of cork board is relatively low, so it is not difficult to process, so it is generally used as the insulation board in some ordinary cold storage. If you want to pursue better thermal insulation performance, you have to look at the following materials.

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