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Large space rate of quick-frozen warehouse: for quick-frozen warehouses of the same size, reasonable design schemes store more goods than unreasonable ones. For the fixed size quick freezing warehouse, how to design it to maximize its space rate is often an important problem considered by our designers. In the design scheme of Lukang medical quick-frozen warehouse, we reasonably designed to expand the original storage capacity of boxes to boxes, which increases the space a lot.With the increasing use of cold storage, cold storage board as an important structure of cold storage,Blue lakeInstallation and maintenance of large cold storage, is also increasing. Because cold storage is different from other ordinary cold storage, it is important to the installation environment and temperature. Therefore some small problems may be ignored during installation. According to the following understanding.Blue lake,Do a good job of power failure early warning. The management personnel of the controlled atmosphere storage shall often pay attention to the notice of the local power department. In case of power restriction or line transformation, they shall do a good job in time. For sudden power equipment failure and artificial line, it is recommended to install power failure alarm, receive the alarm in time, and the loss will be reduced to a low level.Installation of unit electrical box: the unit electrical box shall be installed near the unit; Vertical installation. If the unit is installed on the top of the warehouse, the distance between the box bottom and the top of the warehouse must be & amp; gt; mm; The electrical box can be fixed on the building wall or on the angle steel frame.Lelydorp,The exhaust temperature of the compressor equipment is often. When the season changes and the temperature difference changes greatly, pay attention to it. If the machine is abnormal, it needs to be checked in time.Various construction materials, such as material certificate, shall be carried out simultaneously with the project construction, carefully, timely, accurately and comprehensively reflect the whole process of production and construction, and actively cooperate with the owner in design change and technical negotiation.The wide, light and thin walls are made of rigid polyurethane foam at the same time as structural materials, making the whole structure have the advantages of light weight, large span and high load. The thinner polyurethane sandwich plate can meet the relevant provisions on building energy consumption limit, which allows the use of thinner plates during construction and saves building space.

Blue lakeCold storage installation unitMaintain a slight negative decline

The door of the combined cold storage is not tightly closed. Please adjust the distance between the hinge on the door and the door lock and the storage body.Balance windows shall be provided for the fabricated controlled atmosphere storage.Feasibility of the design scheme: the design of the quick-frozen warehouse can not be taken for granted. Many restrictive factors should be considered. In practice, a reasonable design scheme should be given according to local conditions. For example, because the refrigeration capacity of ammonia refrigeration is large,When using the cold storage,It will still decrease. The humidification amount will decrease by % at degrees.Step of cold storage design: selection and laying of cold storage thermal insulation materials. The use of cold storage thermal insulation materials must be adjusted to the time, which not only has excellent fire resistance, but also has high cost performance. There are several types of cold storage insulation materials. One is the plate produced and processed into a fixed shape and specification, with fixed length, total width and thickness. The cold storage plate with relative specification and model can be selected according to the installation of the warehouse body. The high and medium temperature cold storage generally adopts cm thick cold storage plate, cm or cm thick cold storage board is generally used for ultra-low temperature cold storage and freeze-cleaning cold storage; Another kind of cold storage can be sprayed with polyurethane spray paint and polyurethane foam, and the raw materials can be sprayed into the brick or concrete warehouse of the cold storage to be built immediately. After shaping, it is both waterproof and thermal insulation. Thermal insulation materials include polyurethane, polystyrene grease, etc. Polyurethane is non hygroscopic and has good fire resistance, but the cost is high; Polystyrene resin has strong water absorption capacity and weak fire resistance, but the cost is low.

Blue lakeCold storage installation unitMaintain a slight negative decline

Moreover, polyurethane does not produce harmful gas at high temperature.reform, - precautions for vertical plate of cold storage: vertical plate displayThe selection of refrigeration unit is carried out in the refrigeration equipment of cold storage. According to the heat consumption of production scale and considering the necessary conditions of main refrigeration parameters, the number and total number of refrigeration units and cold storage mechanical equipment are equipped.In order to maintain a constant low temperature in the cold storage, attention should be paid to the installation of cold storage panels in Guizhou: the floor, wall and flat roof of the cold storage are laid with a certain thickness of thermal insulation materials to reduce the incoming heat from the outside. In order to reduce the absorption of solar radiation,Blue lakeFood cold storage installation manufacturer, the surface of the external wall of the cold storage is painted white or light color. Therefore, cold storage building is different from general industrial and civil buildings, and has its unique structure. Cold storage buildings should prevent the entry of air and the diffusion of water vapor.Blue lakeCold storage board, compressor,Blue lakeLibrary installation, and other components in the cold storage can reasonably adjust the evaporation and condensation temperature, so as to improve the reduction of power consumption and reduce the production cost. Professional cold storage installation, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, quality assurance, professional, timely supply and high cost performance. It has become the preferred brand for many wire products. Welcome to buy! Save more resources. - precautions for floor installation of cold storage: the floor shall be installed flat, the uneven part shall be leveled with materials and the locking hook between the plates shall be locked to ensure that the warehouse surface is flat without hollow feeling. (note that if this drainage system is installed outdoors in the north, the drainage pipe shall be insulated).During the use of the goods yard medical cold storage project, the stored goods must be in strict accordance with the relevant regulations. The goods should have a certain distance from the ground and wall of the cold storage. When stacking, the distance between the goods and the goods must be cm. At the same time, the distance between the goods and the cold fan should also be cm. No goods can be stored within this range, This is also an important content in the use of medical cold storage engineering.

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