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The whole process of hanging the core of dry-type transformer is more critical, and there are many situations that the hanging core of dry-type transformer must pay special attention to. Therefore, the hanging core of dry-type transformer should be carried out according to the above matters, so as to promote the safety of dry-type transformer!Brief introduction of zero line of power transformerKustandir,Relevant responsible persons of the transformer Federation of China Household Appliance Industry Association show that the development prospect of transformers in China in the future is still the development trend of environmental protection, low noise, fire safety and explosion-proof and high reliability. There are two key development prospects: one is the development trend of high voltage and high voltage, especially kV and kV. The second is the development trend towards environmental protection, and the latter key is applied to the substation project route in big cities.Oil leakage of bolt or pipe external threadLecce ,When the transformer is put into operation, if the tap changer is not in time, a great & ldquo; Tweet & rdquo; The high-voltage fuse is broken when the noise is serious; If the tap changer is defective it will cause mild & ldquo; Squeak & rdquo; Corona discharge sound, once the load increases, it is likely to burn the circuit breaker of the tap changer. In case of such situation, power off immediately for maintenance.Oil leakage at looper flangeWhen the manufacturer of the power transformer samples from the automobile oil tank, after opening the sealing cover,KustandirThree phase transformer 380V to 208v, use the cleaned and dried rubber stopper to the oil. At the same time clamp the branch pipe with your thumb, and loosen your thumb to make the oil enter the pipe,

KustandirRated current of 1600KVA box transformerThe cause of the value problem

Naturally, if the oil immersed transformer catches fire, please don't panic. I firmly believe that the damage will be reduced to a lower level as long as the above methods are effectively rectified. Above is the general process and process that should be paid special attention to in the whole ignition process of the oil immersed transformer. When the oil immersed transformer catches fire, please be rational to make the oil immersed transformer safer and more efficient.Transformer manufacturers generally adopt IP protective casing, which can avoid the entry of solid dirt with a diameter of more than mm, rats, snakes, cats, birds and other animals resulting in vicious common faults such as short-circuit fault and power failure, and provide a safe natural barrier for the energized part. If the transformer equipment must be outdoors, IP protective casing can be adopted, which can avoid being equally divided with the above IP protective effects However, IP casing will reduce the refrigeration capacity of the transformer, so pay attention to the reduction of its operating volume.In order to better reduce the probability of short-circuit fault of relay protection dry-type transformer, prevention and key are & ldquo; Prevention and Manipulation & rdquo; Is dominant.Variable cost,After tightening the loose bolts, seal the flange, and solve the bolts that are likely to leak, so as to achieve the goal of complete treatment. Tighten the loose bolts strictly according to the actual operation and processing technology.From the appearance, and only the shell can be seen for oil immersed transformer;Power transformer manufacturer

KustandirRated current of 1600KVA box transformerThe cause of the value problem

When we apply oil immersed transformer, we all know that it works with the help of oil. What if the oil immersed transformer is on fire? What countermeasures should we do?Welcome calls ,Before no-load impulse closing, the transformer shall be placed for h, and the rising seat and waterproof sleeve installed with vent plug shall be deflated on time.This is the example of power consumption engineering as power saving. The key reason is that the habitual calculation method ignores the copper loss.What is the wiring mode of dry-type transformer?Kustandir,KustandirDry type transformer scb13-1250kva,In terms of the place of use, and most application places leading to fire accidents are easy to choose in large and medium-sized engineering buildings and multi-storey buildings;When the whole process of winding wave of oil immersed transformer is calculated by using the marking method, the winding of oil immersed transformer is generally divided into multiple modules,KustandirTransformer capacity of distribution room, and its power circuit includes an inductance and vertical capacitance, a capacitance to ground or capacitance between windings, They also have mutual inductors between the inductors of each module, and collect the chain Internet as the equivalent power circuit of oil immersed transformer. The precision of the conclusion can completely meet the needs of practical projects.If the oil immersed transformer is burned by the cover of the transformer, when the oil immersed transformer fails, open the lower side of the transformer and place an appropriate part. When the oil immersed transformer is on fire, the oil cannot be released to avoid the occurrence of the oil immersed transformer. At the same time, use detection equipment to put out the fire immediately. In order not to expand the hazard, the fire brigade must be notified.

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