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Polymer base material layer: a composite plate made of stone powder and thermoplastic polymer materials after stirring evenly and then extruded at high temperature. At the same time, it has the properties and characteristics of wood and plastics. Therefore, which is safer than other kinds of wood flooringChichicastenango,The most easily damaged by insects is wood. There is no doubt that wood flooring will become the main choice for insect damage.Defects: some indoor formaldehyde is restrained,ChichicastenangoWhat kind of floor is SPC, the quality of the sales market is uneven, and most plates are shoddy.Jombang,Defects: some indoor formaldehyde is restrained, the quality of the sales market is uneven, and most plates are shoddy.Advantages: of course, the grain is comfortable, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant, flame retardant and the maintenance is better than that of solid wood.Suitable soil temperature, can also be paved in the kitchen.One of the modern trends in house design is WPC wood flooring.Because of their many qualities, many people like this floor better than others.However, if you will find the quality and durability of SPC flooring, you will also leave people that WPC and SPC flooring have their advantages and disadvantages.If you choose one of them, it&#;s no problem!Now we&#;ll tell you the difference between the two.

ChichicastenangoHow much is the floor leather per square meterIntroduction of the device

See: whether the thickness of the ground lacquer cloth is full, whether the foaming layer, printing layer and wear-resistant layer of the bottom layer are layered, whether there is the bottom layer, whether the thickness of the bottom layer is like a cicada wing, and whether the back of the ground lacquer cloth is black. Use a level to detect the flatness of the ground and keep the ground on the same level.Wood plastic flooring manufacturer.jpgHigh value, so it has good elasticity. It has good elasticity recovery under the impact of heavy objects. Its foot feeling is comfortable, which is called 'soft gold of ground materials'.Even if you fall down it is not easy to get hurt. Installing stone plastic floors at home can protect the elderly and children.The fire rating reaches B, which is unmatched by ordinary floors.Therefore, many public spaces are also paved with SPC floors, that is to say this reason.Chamfering rolling paint: a processing technology, which cuts off some of the upper edge of the floor, and then applies paint to cover the color of the substrate, so that the edge color has a sense of hierarchy, so it is deeply loved by the majority of consumers.After the chamfered and painted board is paved there is a very shallow small seam on the upper edge between the board and the board, which is easy to accumulate dust and inconvenient to clean.There is no such problem for boards without chamfering.

ChichicastenangoHow much is the floor leather per square meterIntroduction of the device

Beautiful: it can simulate all kinds of wood grain, design and color on the computer.Installation conditions,Look at the substrate, break the floor and look at the substrate inside. There are no impurities in the good substrate and the color is relatively pure. A large number of impurities can be seen with the naked eye in the poor floor substrate.Most domestic floors use fast-growing forests, and wood has been used since to years. However, imported floors, especially FSC certified plates, have strict restrictions on wood species,ChichicastenangoMaterial of laminate floor, so wood base materials are better.When choosing laminate flooring, we should first see whether it is produced by regular manufacturers and whether there is an authoritative certification report;Secondly, open the moisture-proof layer of the floor, expose the substrate, smell the pungent smell, and the formaldehyde content is likely to exceed the standard.Usually, the methods for measuring formaldehyde emission include perforation extraction method, air dryer method and bellows method.What is the difference between solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring?Chichicastenango,In addition to the high wear-resistant solid wood floor, the electronic organ architectural coating floor is also the main product in the recent popular sales market.Beautiful and bright appearance, with super thick wear-resistant layer, the actual effect is brighter and deeper, and the upper foot is stronger. The appearance is very similar to the solid wood floor, but the price is far less than the solid wood floor.The solid wood composite floor is overlapped and laminated by the boards of different greening plants, the specification stability is good, and the wood texture and comfortable feet of the solid wood floor are preserved. Green environmental protection. SPC floor is a new floor material invented in response to national emission reduction. PVC resin, the main raw material of SPC floor, is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It is free of formaldehyde, lead and benzene, heavy metals and carcinogens, soluble volatiles and radiation. It is truly natural environmental protection.SPC floor is a reusable ground material, which is of great significance to protect our earth&#;s natural resources and ecological environment.The thickness of SPC floor is mainly selected according to personal needs.Of course, the floor thickness affects the floor price, and the service life will be different, but it does not mean that the thicker the floor is, the better. We need to select according to whether the installation will affect the door closing or other s;Whether the overall effect after installation will be uncoordinated;Material budget and other aspects to select the most appropriate floor thickness.

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