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Fire protection, fire rating B, second only to stone.After - floors are assembled on the flat ground, observe whether the processing accuracy is flat and smooth, whether the tenon and groove bite is appropriate, not too loose or too tight by hand and eye observation.At the same time, carefully check the assembly height difference and gap between floors.Laval,Then select one or more floor waxes, which can be adjusted to the same tone as the floor.Heat the strip solid recovery wax with an electric soldering iron and fill it on the scratches on the floor. No scratches can be seen. SPC floors are subject to biological resistance treatment, and meet the cleaning requirements of various departments and institutions.When it comes to the choice of decoration flooring, you can think of ceramic tile marble and wood flooring. However, SPC flooring has become the first choice for people to buy Flooring in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and the domestic market is gradually accepting SPC flooring. Why SPC flooring is popular? First of all, what is SPC flooring and how about SPC flooring,Now let&#;s learn what SPC floor is and how SPC floor is.SPC is the abbreviation of stone plastic composites (stone plastic composites). The main raw material is polyvinyl chloride resin. It is made by extruding SPC substrate by extruder combined with T-shaped die, and heating laminating and embossing PVC wear-resistant layer, PVC color film and SPC substrate by three roll or four roll calender at one time. Glue is not used in the production process.Resen,The crystal surface is basically flat. It&#;s easy to take care of and clean up.After the solid wood floor is transported to the project installation site, it shall not be unpacked and installed immediately.After unpacking, it must be kept indoors for more than one week.The solid wood floor can be used only after it is adapted to the temperature and humidity of the room.Is the home floor paved with solid wood or structurally reinforced floor?

LavalGrey wood floorInadequate maintenance, be careful of emotions

The first kind: pungent taste. If the floor tastes like this, it means that it contains a lot of formaldehyde. You need to be careful when choosing. You&#;d better not buy it;Floor agent (floor franchise) trap : policy support. What does the real wood floor look like?High quality and low price,The wear resistance of laminate floor mainly depends on the content of aluminum oxide in the surface layer, and a certain number of wear-resistant revolutions corresponds to a certain content of aluminum oxide.For household floors, the number of wear-resistant revolutions is usually more than revolutions, while in public places, it is usually more than revolutions. You can buy it on demand. Considering from the elements of economic development: strengthening is better than solid wood.If you buy solid wood, the quoted price is generally the price of bare board, plus the price of installation and spare parts. In terms of comfort,LavalWaterproof composite solid wood floor, strengthening and solid wood are better than ceramic tiles, because they are warm for many days and cool in summer. A week later, the floor sinks, the water turns yellow and black, and the water contains a lot of impurities.

LavalGrey wood floorInadequate maintenance, be careful of emotions

Keep in mind the old adage that cheap goods are not good goods. Products sold at very low prices often have problems. There is an unfathomable trap behind cheap goods.In the face of fierce market competition, everyone wants to attract consumers, but regular manufacturers who pay attention to quality can&#;t make a jump price.Honesty is the foundation,Fourth, after-sales maintenance service.Generally, reliable flooring companies and well-known brand operators with overall strength have done very well in after-sales maintenance service.We all know the truth of three-point floor and seven point installation, so we must choose a professional installation teacher to install it.What kind of floor is good for bedroom design? Remove the dust on the ground.Direct contact with formaldehyde can cause skin allergy, pigment spots and atrophy. Inhalation of high concentration formaldehyde can cause chronic bronchitis.Laval,Solid wood composite floor gives consideration to strengthening the stability of the floor and the beautiful and generous solid wood floor, which has the advantage of environmental protection.We hope these techniques will help simplify the plan for installing new floors.If you plan to renovate your house and add new floor elements, please provide room sizes free of charge!Obtain expert estimates to understand how many floors are needed to better determine the project budget.SPC floor is composed of thickened wear-resistant layer, rigid plastic floor.The base material is a composite plate made of stone powder and thermoplastic polymer materials after mixing evenly and then extruded at high temperature. At the same time color film texture layer and substrate layer.European and American countries call this kind of floor RVP (rigid vinyl plate), it has the properties and characteristics of wood and plastics to ensure the strength and toughness of the floor.Wear resistant layer: PVC transparent wear-resistant layer,LavalWood floor maintenance, with a thickness of about .mm, transparent texture, strong adhesion, wear resistance and scratch resistance, fire and tide;In terms of scratch resistance, resource use and anti-skid performance, SPC floor is better than laminate floor.

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I want to change a supplier and see you on the Internet, can I give a detailed explanation LavalGrey wood floor
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The seller is really good, LavalGrey wood floor is the same as the introduction, honest seller
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Although LavalGrey wood floor has not yet arrived, I am looking forward to it, and the inquiry is still in transit.

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