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If there is only a single plane weld, the step-by-step back welding shall be adopted from the middle that is, the arc of the section weld shall be terminated at the section arc.Square tube, modified square tube, square tube, QB square tube and hot-rolled square tube are qualified in quality inspection. The manufacturer adopts advanced equipment to ensure the quality of each product. Magnetic flux leakage testing for surface defects of square tubes is very similar to magnetic particle testing for square tubes, and its scope of application, sensitivity and reliability are stronger than magnetic particle testing. Indirect square forming process the traditional forming process of cold-formed square pipe is to gradually roll the hot-rolled steel coil multi stand forming unit into round pipe at room temperature,Komitanchilo345 galvanized square pipe, and then the shaping unit will roll the round pipe into square pipe, which is called indirect square forming process. The traditional roll forming process uses the method of fixed bending point position and variable bending radian to complete the corner forming of pipe blank, which is suitable for rolling small and medium-sized products. Rolling with this process & ldquo; Superb & rdquo; Square tube will show its inherent defects. Because the roll work in the bending process of this process is always concentrated at the point, excessive stress concentration often shows microcracks in the bending process of profiles, which will lead to cracking in serious cases. The products with such defects have serious consequences when they are used in building steel structures. The study of the broken square tube column in the Hanshin earthquake in Japan shows that the corner microcrack is the main cause of the square tube fracture. At the same time, due to the different forming bending radians of products with different wall thickness, the universality of rolls is limited. The large-size cold-formed square tube used in the process adopts the advanced & ldquo; Direct Square & rdquo; The production process is to directly roll the hot-rolled steel coil into a square and rectangular shape at room temperature.KomitanchiloCold formed hollow section steel (American Standard) for cold pressed QB square tube (national standard) structure carbon steel cold-formed circular section and pressure welded QB square tube and seamless QB square tube (European standard) non alloy fine grain cold formed welded hollow structural profile (Japanese standard) angle steel QB square tube for general structure galvanized qb square tube for low pressure fluid transmission, Standard No.: gbt-. Representative materials: qqbqb, etc. it is mainly used to transport water, gas, air, oil and water or steam. It is a special product manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, and service. It has long been a professional square tube, galvanized square tube and galvanized tube. Its purpose is only limited to general low-pressure fluid.Mechanical engineering seamless square tube, power plants, agricultural and chemical machinery, glass curtain walls, automobile chassis, boiler construction, highway railings, housing construction, pressure vessels, oil storage tanks, bridges, power station equipment, heavy transportation machinery and other welded structural parts with high load, etc. Process classification: according to the production process,KomitanchiloSpecification of galvanized pipe, square tubes are divided into hot-rolled seamless square tubes, cold drawn seamless square tubes, seamless square tubes and qb square tubes.MotownSquare tube is a very good steel in economic construction. There are many kinds and principles of cold drawing. You may still have a lot of insufficient understanding of the cold drawing principle of each other's pipe. Next, I'll lead you to learn its cold drawing principle.After spraying (throwing) derusting, it can not only expand the physical adsorption on the pipe surface, but also enhance the mechanical adhesion between the layer and the pipe surface. Therefore, spray (throwing) derusting is an ideal derusting method for pipelines. Generally speaking, shot blasting (sand) is mainly used for the inner surface treatment of the pipe, and shot blasting (sand) is mainly used for the outer surface treatment of the pipe. Several problems should be paid attention to in derusting by spraying (throwing).We all know very well. Therefore, the quality of square tubes will directly affect the development of the construction industry. What if we can make the service life of square tubes longer? Here, we also need to ask the personnel of the square tube manufacturer for instructions, so that the square tube can bring us greater help in life.

Komitanchilo65 galvanized pipeHow can enterprises change the current situation

Main uses of square tube: square tube is mainly used in tap water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, agricultural irrigation and urban construction. It is one of the key products developed.Square pipe is an important type of square pipe, which has great similarities with seamless steel pipe, but it is different. Square pipe is of great use in square pipe which is generally used in the field of building materials and pipes. Today we tell you about the painting of square pipe. In fact, most manufacturers need to do this function, not only painting but also galvanizing. Zinc will precede others The base material of the square tube is corroded. If painting doesn't become your business, you should pay a sum of money. If painting, you are recommended to brush zinc rich primer, because other paints will corrode quickly,KomitanchiloHot dip galvanized steel square pipe, and then continue to corrode your galvanized layer, so as to achieve the finish coat on the zinc rich primer. In fact, you should choose it before galvanizingCleaning solvent and emulsion can clean the surface of square tube to remove oil, grease, dust, agent and similar organic matter, but it can not remove rust, scale, welding, etc. on the surface of square tube, so it is only used as an auxiliary means in production.analysis,In the square tube production process of welding before forming, the forming is mainly completed by the sizing frame. The sizing machine is generally a two high mill, including horizontal frame and vertical roll frame. At present, there are mainly two kinds of square pipe pass design: one is the horizontal frame is designed according to the box hole, the frame is an elliptical hole, and the other frames are approximately rectangular holes. The pass section is composed of circular arc. Professional projects include: square pipe, square pipe, seamless square pipe, galvanized square pipe, galvanized pipe and other related businesses. Please welcome merchants who want to have this business. And the arc radius increases frame by frame, The fillet radius of the joint between the side wall and the bottom of all pass patterns is equal to the fillet radius of the finished section. The total elongation coefficient of the square tube is about , and its function is to press down the short side of the square tube. With this design, the calculation is complex and the calculation value is not accurate enough. It is necessary to constantly correct the pass circumference.Superior square tubular steel (both P and s ≤ .%)The square tube for fluid transportation (gbt-) is a general square tube for transporting water, oil, gas and other fluids.

Komitanchilo65 galvanized pipeHow can enterprises change the current situation

Comprehensive classification ordinary steel A. carbon structural steel: (a) Q (b) Q (b); (c) Q( C); (d) Q( B); (e) Q.Production department,There are many ways of ignition, such as arc, flame, strong current, high-temperature furnace, electron beam, laser, microwave, chemical furnace, etc.After isothermal quenching, qqb square tube will have excellent rolling fatigue characteristics and corrosion resistance. Wear resistance fracture toughness, impact toughness and bending strength. Therefore, in the subsequent production and application, qqb square tube will be used as the material of rolling mill flap ball screw. The qqb square tube of case hardening steel also has the surface compressive stress characteristics obtained by heat treatment, and its application range is expected to be improved and expanded.Plasticity QB square plasticity refers to the ability of metal materials to produce plastic deformation (deformation) without deformation under load.Komitanchilo,High pressure oil pipe for diesel engine (gb-) is a cold drawn square pipe for high pressure pipe of diesel engine system.The square tube is divided into a. boiling steel according to the degree of deoxidation and pouring; b. Semi killed steel; c. Killed steel; d. Special killed steel. The deformation of qb square tube is mainly caused by the shrinkage force of the weld greater than the strength of the base metal.The inspection items, sampling quantity, sampling position and test of square tube shall be in accordance with the provisions of corresponding product standards. With the consent of the demander, hot-rolled square tubes can be sampled in batches according to the rolled root array.

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