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Considering from the elements of economic development: strengthening is better than solid wood.If you buy solid wood, the quoted price is generally the price of bare board, plus the price of installation and spare parts. In terms of comfort, strengthening and solid wood are better than ceramic tiles, because they are warm for many days and cool in summer.Secondly, the wear resistance is several times that of ordinary floor.Kovan,Selling price of solid wood flooringThe standard ones are generally -mm wide,KovanThickened floor leather, about and long. The wide ones are mostly more than mm long and about mm wide. The narrow ones are - mm long and about mm wide. They are similar to the specifications of solid wood flooring, and most of them are called imitation solid wood flooring.Kiiminki, See: whether the thickness of the ground lacquer cloth is full, whether the foaming layer, printing layer and wear-resistant layer of the bottom layer are layered, whether there is the bottom layer, whether the thickness of the bottom layer is like a cicada wing, and whether the back of the ground lacquer cloth is black.Secondly, choose the color you want.In fact, it is very simple to prevent wood floor cracking. Usually, do a good job in floor maintenance and humidification of wood floor in areas with low average moisture content, which can be effectively prevented, or raise flowers and fish at home, and put buckets in the corner of the room.Generally speaking, most of the strengthened solid wood composite floors are up to standard commodities within the scope of standardized formaldehyde emission.According to relevant requirements, the formaldehyde emission of commodities in the room shall be class E, i.e. ≤ mg/l.

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Those who need sound insulation should choose WPC instead of SPC vinyl flooring.WPC is excellent in this kind of insulation.Its thickness enables it to absorb sound.For this reason, it won&#;t make any sound when you walk on it.If you want to walk on the SPC floor, you will definitely make a walking sound.Two winged beans: thick and expensive.What about SPC floor?What&#;s special about SPC floor?agent, Water resistanceSecond, specifications and models.When purchasing solid wood multi-layer wood flooring, many customers like to choose wide and long double-layer solid wood flooring. They feel that the really raised flooring looks level and atmospheric at home.In fact,KovanHow about laminate floor cleaning, the longer the better the floor, it will endanger the reliability of double-layer solid wood floor.The length and total width of solid wood multilayer wood floor should be short not suitable for long, narrow, not suitable for wide.We hope these techniques will help simplify the plan for installing new floors.If you plan to renovate your house and add new floor elements, please provide room sizes free of charge!Obtain expert estimates to understand how many floors are needed to better determine the project budget.SPC floor is composed of thickened wear-resistant layer, UV layer, color film texture layer and substrate layer.European and American countries call this kind of floor RVP (rigid vinyl plate), rigid plastic floor.The base material is a composite plate made of stone powder and thermoplastic polymer materials after mixing evenly and then extruded at high temperature. At the same time, it has the properties and characteristics of wood and plastics to ensure the strength and toughness of the floor.Wear resistant layer: PVC transparent wear-resistant layer, with a thickness of about .mm, transparent texture, strong adhesion, wear resistance and scratch resistance and the wear-resistant coefficient can reach - revolutions.[]

KovanWholesale of floor leather manufacturersCarrier volatility

Anti slip, more astringent in case of water not easy to fall.demand, Anti slip, more astringent in case of water, not easy to fallBecause the base material of the solid wood reinforced composite floor adopts multi-layer veneer composite, and the wood fibers are crisscrossed into a network superposition combination, which makes the internal stresses of different wood adjust each other between layers, ensures the smoothness and stability of the wood floor, and maintains the beauty of the solid wood floor. It can not only enjoy the natural warmth, but also solve the shortcomings of the difficult maintenance of the solid wood floor. It is a kind of reinforced wood floorAnd solid wood flooring. Veneer method: stick the wood veneer on the board surface.For example,KovanWalnut flooring, it deceives consumers.Kovan, with natural texture, and its section texture can correspond to the surface texture one by one;Fake solid wood floor is mostly pasted with leather or stickers on the fake floor

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