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For water-cooled units, the turbidity of cooling water shall be frequently, and whether the running emitting, dripping, leakage and other conditions of the water supply system exist.Whether the water pump works normally and whether the moldy switch is effective. In case of abnormality, timely handle the overhaul and maintenance of the refrigeration compressor in the cold storage: generally, the refrigeration oil and drying filter shall be replaced times after the operation of the cold storage equipment. Replacement after half a year. Depending on the circumstances.Freihannes,Opening and closing of valves of refrigeration system.Installation of unit electrical box: the unit electrical box shall be installed near the unit; Vertical installation. If the unit is installed on the top of the warehouse, the distance between the box bottom and the top of the warehouse must be & amp; gt; mm; The electrical box can be fixed on the building wall or on the angle steel frame.Keffi,After being stored in the medical cold storage project, ventilating medical products may also emit some odors. Once these odors are stored in a certain quantity, they will also have a certain impact on other products. Therefore, we must carry out regular ventilation in the process of daily use, so as to effectively reduce the storage time of products. If the medical cold storage project uses row tube refrigeration, the image of frosting may appear after use for a period of time. If we do not defrost in time, it will also affect the effect of. Therefore, I hope you must pay attention to defrosting.Core tip: in the cold storage project, only with sufficient cold storage installation skills can we ensure that the cold storage is more energy-saving and power-saving after installation, and is not prone to failure, convenient use and management and long service life.The type of cold storage to be built in the type of cold storage should be determined according to the type of circulating goods. For example, the cold storage that only circulates vegetables can only build a fresh-keeping cold storage, while the cold storage with refrigeration + freezing will be built if there are many types of circulating goods and great difference in storage temperature. As for the size of the cold storage it should be determined according to the type, quantity, frequency, cycle, whether to use shelf stacking and so on. For example, for fruits and vegetables packed in cartons, the storage capacity of -kg per cubic meter can be referred to, and the size of cold storage construction can be estimated in combination with the storage capacity rate of about .-..

FreihannesInstallation of large and small cold storageCommon damage analysis and assembly precautions

Moreover, polyurethane does not produce harmful gas at high temperature.What are the common sense of protection and maintenance of fresh-keeping warehouse equipment? Nowadays, the application scope of fresh-keeping storehouse is more and more extensive. It is closely related to our daily life. In addition to food production factories, stores and restaurants have begun to build fresh-keeping storehouses. The main purpose of building a fresh-keeping warehouse is to ensure the freshness of food. There are many precautions in the process of fresh-keeping warehouse. After completion, there are also many protection and maintenance items. Regular maintenance and protection of fresh-keeping warehouse can increase its service life. Therefore, it is necessary for operators to understand some common knowledge about the protection and maintenance of fresh-keeping warehouse equipment. What are the common knowledge about the protection and maintenance of fresh-keeping warehouse equipment?On the basis of cold storage and preservation, the quick-frozen warehouse increases the regulation of gas composition, inhibits the respiration of fruits and vegetables, delays their metabolic process, better maintains the freshness and commercial quality of fruits and vegetables, and prolongs the storage period and shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Generally, controlled atmosphere storage of fruits can prolong the storage period by & mdash; Three times or more. OK, what is the standard of quick freezing warehouse?knowledge,The ultrasonic town is a patented technology with a shaped energy cover, which increases the effective humidification amount by -% per hour. What are the reasonable aspects of the design of the quick freezing warehouse?Immediate cooling is to install the condenser of the cold storage in the box or building of the cooling equipment, and use the cold air to cool the objects that need to be cooled. This kind of refrigeration is characterized by faster cooling speed, small heat conduction temperature difference and simple system software, so it is widely used.Suggestions on the quantity of polyurethane cold storage insulation materials: cold storage investment is a long-term and profitable investment. A high quantity of hair can certainly reduce the initial investment, but it is necessary to grasp a certain limit and comprehensively consider the long-term energy consumption and initial investment because the insulation effect of polyurethane cold storage insulation materials has a parabolic linear correlation with its bulk weight; A large number of studies have shown that the foam bulk density has better thermal insulation performance at ~ kg / cubic meter. Therefore, it is usually recommended that the number of thermostat refrigeratory outlets should be ~ square / ton.

FreihannesInstallation of large and small cold storageCommon damage analysis and assembly precautions

We should implement regular maintenance and daily maintenance, professional cold storage installation, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage,FreihannesHow much is a cold storage, medical cold storage, large quantity, excellent quality and low price, fire resistance - Waterproof - high temperature resistance, safe and reliable, and maintain the operation rate of the compressor.Honest service,Panel types of quick freezing warehouse: color plastic steel plate, salted steel plate, stainless steel plate, embossed aluminum, etc.Condensation pressure if the condenser has poor heat transfer, the condensation pressure will increase and the cooling power will decrease. For cooling, power consumption increases. If the configuration of the cooling system is too small,FreihannesInstallation of cold storage cold storage, the heat transfer capacity will be insufficient resulting in high condensation pressure.Fault phenomenon: high current or tripping during unit startup, and problems of user air switch; Input voltage is too low; The star angle conversion interval is too short (it should be ~ seconds); Hydraulic cylinder failure (no reset); Intake valve failure (too large opening or stuck); Loose wiring; Host failure; Main motor fault; TR time relay is broken (relay unit).Freihannes,Points of multi-storey cold storage: small, which can save land; When the storage capacity is the same, the surface area of the outer enclosure structure is smaller than that of the single-layer cold storage, the dry consumption of food can be reduced, and the machinery and equipment cost and operation and management cost can be reduced accordingly. At the same time, due to the saving of thermal insulation materials, the civil construction cost per unit area is low and the investment cost is small; The multi-storey location can be reasonable,FreihannesInstallation of household cold storage, such as the cooling room can be used as the cold storage room, the attic on the top floor can be built into the ice making room, etc.Emergency measures during the use of the medical cold storage project, it may also encounter power failure or power failure. In fact, most medical cold storage projects will be equipped with emergency equipment, so that the medical cold storage project can achieve the effect of normal power supply. Once the automatic temperature or humidity monitoring system is abnormal, the cold storage door should be closed in time, So as not to expose more air conditioners resulting in corresponding problems in the quality of stored products. The medical cold storage project also has a self rescue system in time. If the temperature of the cold storage exceeds the limit, the system cooling system will also be turned on. When the temperature returns to normal, polyurethane is a kind of flame retardant and self extinguishing material. If it is burned by fire, it can be carbonized, unlike flow burning and flashover like extruded board, which can effectively prevent fire spread. In particular, it can be closed as a whole after fire prevention treatment to form non combustible products.

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