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Operating the unit: regularly observe the oil level and oil return of the compressor and the cleanliness of the oil. If the oil is dirty or the oil level drops, it shall be solved in time to avoid adverse effects.The efficiency of the compressor is low, and the refrigerating capacity can not meet the load requirements of the warehouse: due to the long-term operation of the compressor, the cylinder sleeve, the long-term cold storage installation, installation, construction, fruit preservation, medical cold storage and other brand products, the designated products are complete, the quality is guaranteed, and the sealing performance will be reduced accordingly with the increase of the matching clearance The gas transmission coefficient of the compressor will also be reduced, and the refrigeration capacity will be reduced. When the refrigerating capacity is less than the heat load of the warehouse the temperature of the warehouse will drop slowly.Aguilares,Selection of cold storage thermal insulation materials the use of cold storage thermal insulation materials is adapted to the times. It is specialized in cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, medical cold storage, old brand, but also has high cost performance.No matter whether the food cold storage or quick-frozen storage is in use, it is inevitable that there will be various small faults. Don't be nervous when there are problems. You can find or eliminate problems according to the knowledge taught today.Svyetlahorsk,Fire retardant, flame retardant and high temperature resistant polyurethane is a kind of flame retardant self extinguishing material after adding flame retardant. Its softening point can reach more than ℃, and it will decompose only at higher temperature. In addition, polyurethane forms carbon deposits on the surface of the foam, which helps to isolate the foam below. It can effectively prevent flame spread.Polyurethane refrigeration board uses light polyurethane as the internal material of refrigeration board. The advantage of polyurethane is very good heat insulation. The exterior of the cold storage is composed of SII, PVC color steel plate and stainless steel plate. The advantage of this is that it can prevent refrigeration, because the temperature difference inside and outside the board is large, and the temperature will disperse, which makes refrigeration more energy-saving and improves the working efficiency of refrigeration.Install the temporary lighting facilities in the warehouse, install and arrange the construction electrical equipment, and do a good job in rain proof, moisture-proof, anti-collision,AguilaresWhat are the installation of cold storage, anti binding and other safety protection.

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Anti odor floor drain shall be set on the pavement of refrigeration room and refrigeration unit room, and the height width ratio of floor drain water seal shall not be less than mm. The elevator shaft, electronic pit and other places convenient for drainage shall be provided with drainage and equipment to avoid backflow of water.The selection of thermal insulation material is important to the quality of controlled atmosphere storage; The selection of thermal insulation materials for the controlled atmosphere storage must be adjusted to local conditions, which should not only have good thermal insulation performance, but also be economical and practical. The thermal insulation materials are divided into several types. One is the plate processed into fixed shape and specification, width and thickness. The plate of corresponding specification can be selected according to the installation needs of the controlled atmosphere storage. The cm thick plate is generally selected for the medium temperature controlled atmosphere storage, cm or cm thick plates are generally selected for low-temperature controlled atmosphere storage and frozen controlled atmosphere storage. The other can be sprayed with polyurethane for foaming, and the materials can be directly sprayed into the built brick or concrete warehouse. After setting, it is moisture-proof and heat-insulating. The heat-insulating material plates include polyurethane, polyphenylene grease, etc. Polyurethane does not absorb water and has good heat insulation. It is a long-term cold storage installation, installation, construction, fruit preservation and medical cold storage. Welcome to consult. But the cost is low; Polyphenylene resin has strong water absorption and poor thermal insulation, but the cost is low. The structure of modern controlled atmosphere storage is developing towards assembly, and the storage components including moisture-proof layer and thermal insulation layer are made to achieve on-site assembly. The point is that the construction is convenient, fast and movable, but the cost is relatively high.Requirements for the cold storage time of the device: the cold storage of the refrigeration system using ammonia as refrigerant shall be supported in the place with low population density around.Let's see, the plates shall be handled with care. Rough operation is strictly prohibited. Burrs shall be removed at the cutting opening to prevent scratching the plate surface and workers.According to the size and nature of the cold storage area and in combination with local regulations, the construction form of food cold storage warehouse is to determine the plane layout based on the site, whether it is a single-layer or double-layer warehouse, and the structure is the selection of steel structure or reinforcement solidification. Cold storage capacity production process, refrigeration, product stacking, temperature, etc. are used to determine the size and location of the cold storage room, so that it can become a whole.During production in the production workshop the unit weight of Pu warehouse board shall not be less than the unit weight required by the project, not less than & plusmn; kg/m.

AguilaresQuotation for installation of large cold storageAbility to work

- precautions for vertical plate of cold storage: vertical plate displayranking,The polyurethane insulation board used in the construction of cold storage shall be integral and continuous, and there shall be no joint in the middle. The junction of polyurethane insulation board, top plate and ground shall be made into fillet arc for transition, which can well meet the health needs.Clean the condenser. The condenser is used as the heat dissipation and condensation of the compressor. Because it works in the outdoor environment, in the face of nature and for a long time the condenser will be covered with a lot of dust and other foreign matters. These dust are firmly attached to the fins. If it is not handled manually, it is difficult to fall off. It can be diluted with cleaning agent according to a certain proportion, and evenly sprayed on the fins with a spray can. After waiting for minutes, it can be washed with clean water. If it is still not clean,AguilaresConstant temperature medical cold storage, the above can be repeated until the fins are clean.The medical cold storage has been widely used in the industry. For the use of the medical cold storage project, we must combine the performance of the product and store it according to the temperature and humidity required by the product. The automatic temperature box also needs to be used outside the product cold storage. At the same time, the management personnel must be familiar with the operation steps of the medical cold storage project.Aguilares,Installation of cold storage, construction of cold storage, fruit preservation cold storage and medical cold storage have stable, safe,AguilaresInstallation of fruit fresh-keeping cold storage, reliable and maintenance free performance. The technical level has reached the domestic level and the advanced level of similar international products. If there is a large amount of ice and water, it must be cleaned in time, and it must not be knocked during cleaning, so as not to damage the ground and affect the service life of the cold storage.Anti odor floor drain shall be set on the pavement of refrigeration room and refrigeration unit room, and the height width ratio of floor drain water seal shall not be less than mm. The elevator shaft, electronic pit and other places convenient for drainage shall be provided with drainage and equipment to avoid backflow of water.Fault phenomenon: high current or tripping during unit startup, and problems of user air switch; Input voltage is too low; The star angle conversion interval is too short (it should be ~ seconds); Hydraulic cylinder failure (no reset); Intake valve failure (too large opening or stuck); Loose wiring; Host failure; Main motor fault; TR time relay is broken (relay unit).

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