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The evaporator surface is too thick or too much dust, and the heat transfer effect decreases: another important reason is that the heat transfer efficiency of evaporator is low, which is mainly caused by excessive frost or excessive dust on the evaporator surface.The average service life of rigid polyurethane insulation structure with stable quality, long service life and high comprehensive cost performance can reach more than years under normal use and maintenance conditions. Under the normal service conditions during the service life of the structure, it will not be affected by drying, or electrochemical corrosion, as well as the growth of insects, fungi or algae or rodents.Chachuvapa,Frozen and refrigerated storage begins to shift to shelf and pallet storage in accordance with & amp; amp; ldquo; FIFO & amp; amp; rdquo; This is conducive to improving the quality of commodity storage and reducing losses.Fault phenomenon: fan motor overload, fan deformation; Fan motor fault; Fan motor thermal relay fault (aging); Loose wiring; Cooler blocked; Large exhaust resistance. Cold storage fault phenomenon: dryer does not operate, compressor line is disconnected, fuse is blown, thermal relay acts, compressor is locked, line is falsely connected or loose fault phenomenon: it stops in a short time after drying, ambient temperature is too high, condenser is blockedBerovo,The overall construction achievements of the cold storage project have been put into use, and the service life can reach years.The physical properties of polyurethane insulation board are relatively good, which can meet different needs. The polyurethane insulation board is also strict in the selection of materials. It is a special product manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, and service. It has long been specialized in cold storage installation, cold storage installation cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage and medical cold storage. It improves the overall performance of the polyurethane insulation board and enables the polyurethane insulation board to work for a long time, Polyurethane insulation board has also become one of the main exterior wall materials.Whether the parameters of refrigeration equipment are consistent. When the cold storage leaves the factory, the temperature and temperature difference parameters of the cold storage shall be customized according to the user's requirements. After understanding the technical parameters of the cold storage,ChachuvapaInstallation video of small cold storage, set the parameters on the refrigerator. During use, the air humidity is high and the defrosting interval is long. The common cold storage boards of cold storage include mm, mm mm and mm polyurethane thermal insulation boards, color steel tiles, stainless steel plates, salt thick steel plates, embossed aluminum plates, polyurethane spraying, etc. on both sides or single and double sides, more general color steel tiles are produced and processed into hidden grooves, which have light weight, high compressive strength, good fire resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, The cold storage board is simple and convenient to assemble, and is a wide range of raw materials selected for the heat insulation and heat preservation of the cold storage. The cost of stainless steel plate and salt plate increases, and it is also easy to deform and damage the appearance.

ChachuvapaQuotation for installation of cold storage projectThe pricing mechanism is short-term

Judge the operating sound of the compressor, and carefully listen to the operating sound of water pump,ChachuvapaInstallation price of cold storage, cooling tower, compressor, fan and other equipment. In case of abnormal sound, timely warranty is required, and the air outlet shall be kept more than m away from obstacles.Vent valve or water seal well shall be set at the outlet of flushing (thawing) drainage pipeline. Cold proof measures shall be taken for exhaust valves and water sealed wells in severe cold areas.demand,With the development of the times, refrigeration devices are becoming more and more common. All aspects of life are inseparable from its use. Families will also be equipped with some simple refrigeration devices. For refrigeration devices such as cold storage, and manufacturers need to grasp its key points in the production process of cold storage.Moreover, polyurethane does not produce harmful gas at high temperature.Proper protective measures shall be taken during transportation to prevent plate from being strangled and scratched.

ChachuvapaQuotation for installation of cold storage projectThe pricing mechanism is short-term

Establish a perfect computer network make the distribution of refrigeration supply chain scientific, and achieve the traceability of food safety. In the European Union the United States and Japan, all members of the food supply chain have the legal responsibility to implement traceability.Superior quality,Polyurethane foam: This is also a very common cold storage material. It has strong thermal insulation effect and strong mechanical strength. Now it is widely used and has a good application prospect.The refrigerator room with high-voltage cabinet and distribution cabinet shall be equipped with special tools and protection for high-voltage operation.A large number of personnel are not allowed to select goods in the warehouse. Close the warehouse door in time. When the warehouse door is opened, pay attention to whether the air curtain is opened or the door curtain is placed properly. Turn off the lights when leaving the warehouse.Chachuvapa,Drainage measures shall be provided for the villa room and overhead layer of the road surface of the cold storage engineering building.Floor insulation of medium-sized cold storage the structure of medium-sized cold storage is what we often call the surface, that is, the top and wall are made of color steel plate / stainless steel with appropriate thickness of polyurethane and other insulation materials, while the ground needs to be insulated separately. At present, the common operations in the market are: laying the ground with XPS extruded board, laying moisture-proof and steam isolating SPS materials above and below the extruded board respectively, and then pouring concrete or reinforced concrete.When opening and drilling is required for the top warehouse plate or wall plate, the internal and external setting out and positioning shall be carried out according to the drawing design requirements, and the opening and drilling shall be carried out after review; The inlet hole, liquid inlet hole, return hole, water supply hole and drainage hole shall be opened with a hole opener. Construction treatment shall be carried out in time after opening and drilling,ChachuvapaWhere is the cold storage installed, and the orifice shall be closed with foaming material or sealant to prevent air leakage and cold running; The door, vent and delivery port shall be decorated with wrapped edges and fixed with pull rivets, with a spacing of mm and mm outside.

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