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Compression refrigerator is commonly used. It is mainly composed of compressor, condenser, throttle valve and evaporation pipe. The evaporation pipe is installed in the refrigeration warehouse. When the liquid coolant passes through the evaporation pipe, it directly absorbs the heat in the warehouse and cools down.Strong deformation resistance, not easy to crack, smooth, stable and safe. Polyurethane material has stable porosity structure and basically closed pore structure. It not only has excellent thermal insulation performance, but also has good freeze-thaw resistance and sound absorption performance. Under normal service and maintenance conditions, the life expectancy of rigid foam polyurethane insulation can reach more than years. During the structural life period, it can reach the unit price of dry, wet or electric corrosion under normal service conditions, while the unit price of insect, fungus or algae foam material is higher than other traditional insulation materials but heating will increase the cost and the cooling cost will be greatly reduced.Santiago de Maria,Frequently check and acknowledge whether the voltage of the power supply meets the requirements, and the voltage should be V & plusmn; % (phase line). When the fresh-keeping warehouse equipment is not used for a long time, the main power supply of the fresh-keeping warehouse shall be cut off, and it shall be ensured that the fresh-keeping warehouse equipment is not affected by moisture, dust and other substances. The condenser on the refrigeration unit is simply contaminated, and the fresh-keeping warehouse shall be cleaned regularly according to the actual situation. To adhere to outstanding heat transfer.In the process of realizing your dream, you must remove all the influences. It is very important to recognize that when these beautiful refrigerators are built in the villa room, the collection pit (pool) for flushing (thawing) and drainage should adopt the Countermeasures of avoiding freezing and cleaning and avoiding backflow of water.Zarangi, the refrigerant flow is too large too large or too small refrigerant flow: improper adjustment or blockage of throttle valve will directly affect the refrigerant flow into evaporator. When the throttle valve is opened too large, the evaporation pressure and evaporation temperature also increase, and the decline rate of warehouse temperature will slow down; At the same time, when the throttle valve is opened too small or blocked, the refrigerant flow will also decrease the refrigeration capacity of the system will also decrease, and the decline rate of warehouse temperature will also slow down.The combined cold storage door starts frequently or does not start for a long time, or does not stop for a long time, or stops before the storage temperature reaches.When opening and drilling is required for the top warehouse plate or wall plate, the internal and external setting out and positioning shall be carried out according to the drawing design requirements, and the opening and drilling shall be carried out after review; The inlet hole, liquid inlet hole, return hole, water supply hole and drainage hole shall be opened with a hole opener. Construction treatment shall be carried out in time after opening and drilling, and the orifice shall be closed with foaming material or sealant to prevent air leakage and cold running; The door, vent and delivery port shall be decorated with wrapped edges and fixed with pull rivets, with a spacing of mm and mm outside.

Santiago de MariaDesign and installation of small cold storageCommon problems and Solutions

Cold storage design step: the selection of cold storage refrigeration system the selection of cold storage refrigeration system is mainly the use of cold storage refrigeration compressor and air conditioning evaporator. Generally small and medium-sized refrigerators are dominated by fully enclosed refrigeration compressors. Due to the small output power of the fully enclosed refrigeration compressor, the price is relatively cost-effective; Small and medium-sized refrigerators are generally dominated by semi closed refrigeration compressors; Semi closed refrigeration compressor is adopted for large and medium-sized refrigerated warehouses. When adopting, but the installation and management of refrigerated warehouses are cumbersome. When using the air-conditioning evaporator, the high-temperature cold storage uses the industrial cold fan as the air-conditioning evaporator. Its characteristic is that the temperature reduction speed is faster, but it is easy to lead to the water consumption of the cold collection; Medium and ultra-low temperature refrigerators are dominated by seamless evaporation pipe slots, which is characterized by very good temperature control effect and moderate cold storage.The exhaust temperature of the compressor in the fresh-keeping warehouse can be read out from the thermometer on the exhaust pipeline. It is related to the adiabatic index, compression ratio and suction temperature of refrigerant. The higher the suction temperature, the greater the compression ratio, the higher the exhaust temperature and vice versa.When hot ammonia defrosting or electric defrosting is selected as the cooling fan, professional cold storage installation,Santiago de MariaHow much is the professional design and installation of cold storage, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, medical cold storage, safety, environmental protection and economy! The products are exported to foreign countries and are deeply trusted. Defrosting and drainage can be discharged immediately. Electric heat tracing and insulation can be selected for the defrosting and drainage pipeline of the warehouse location.Free consultation,The polyurethane insulation board used in the construction of cold storage shall be integral and continuous, and there shall be no joint in the middle. The junction of polyurethane insulation board, top plate and ground shall be made into fillet arc for transition, which can well meet the health needs.First, use a hammer to pad the wood on the polyurethane warehouse board between the two warehouse boards, so as to make the boards closely close to each other. Two sets of connecting pieces shall be wedged between the wall panel and the wall panel, and the two sets of connecting pieces shall be fixed on the upper, outer and lower sides of the gap between the wall panel and the wall panel respectively. The lower connecting piece shall be as close as possible to the lower side, so that the post cast concrete can cover the connecting piece. After the gap between the plate and the plate ground is wedged with a connector, it shall be about mm wide. If it does not meet the requirements, remove the plate, trim the plate edge,Santiago de MariaMedical cold storage, and then reinstall it to make the plate joint meet the requirements. When fixing the adapter, pay attention to fix the two parts of the adapter on the edges of the convex and concave library plates respectively, and fix them with rivets. The spacing of the adapter should be able to tension the two library plates. When wedging the wedge iron, the hammer shall be perpendicular to the wedge iron to prevent damaging the warehouse plate. The ground wedge iron at the upper and lower parts shall be wedged at the same time, and the wedge iron shall be fixed with rivets.The selection of equipment for the construction of equipment cold storage is closely related to the size, type and budget of the cold storage.

Santiago de MariaDesign and installation of small cold storageCommon problems and Solutions

Cold storage construction: which one is suitable for you? Which one is suitable for you?Price,During the production of cold storage, width and thickness according to the needs of various cold storage projects. Generally, cm thick cold storage plates are selected for high and medium temperature cold storage. The requirements for cold storage engineering plates of low-temperature storage and quick-frozen storage will be higher. Professional cold storage installation, installation, construction, fruit fresh-keeping cold storage and medical cold storage ensure the quality, Guarantee service. Guarantee quality. Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Welcome to inquire. In this case,Santiago de MariaQuotation for installation of fresh-keeping cold storage, use cm or cm thick library board. When you budget the cold storage project, you can make a reservation according to the specific conditions of your cold storage temperature. If you don't make a reservation for the cold storage plate, you should pay attention to the density of the cold storage plate and the thickness of the steel plate when purchasing the cold storage plate. According to regulations, the foaming density of cold storage is per cubic meterBefore the installation of the controlled atmosphere warehouse, we should also know how long the time demand for freezing goods is. After the installation of the controlled atmosphere warehouse, it can be divided into fresh-keeping warehouse, cold storage, frozen storage and quick-frozen storage. The first thing for the fresh-keeping warehouse is to store regular items, the first thing for the cold storage is to store items below zero, and the first thing for the frozen storage is items around zero, The freezing time code takes hours. If it is put into the quick freezing warehouse, it only takes to hours to reach the phenomenon of quick freezing. In the process of depositing goods, it will affect the normal temperature of the deposited goods. The high price cold warehouses of various specifications are installed, installed, constructed, fruit fresh-keeping cold warehouses, and medical cold warehouses are supplied in time, High cost performance, has become the preferred brand for many wire products welcome to buy! It will also affect the shelf life.Before the acceptance and delivery of the project, the board surface shall be wiped clean. If there is any scratch, it shall be treated. There shall be no obvious scratch on the board surface.Santiago de Maria, which makes people's retained items more convenient and reliable. With the continuous development of material technology, today's various cold storage materials emerge in endlessly, and the cold storage is different from each other. When purchasing, we should make reasonable comparison and select products suitable for our own use needs and economic conditions.The cold storage belongs to a kind of refrigeration equipment. Compared with the refrigerator, its refrigeration area is large, but they have the same refrigeration principle. So how to maintain the cold storage every day. Today I'll introduce how to do a good job in the daily management and maintenance after the installation of the cold storage.Moreover, polyurethane does not produce harmful gas at high temperature.

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