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Whether it is solid wood composite floor or solid wood floor, its surface needs to be maintained and does not want to strengthen the surface of the floor.When cleaning the solid wood floor, remember not to wipe the solid wood floor directly with wetland.Please choose a special detergent for wood floor cleaning to keep the wood floor in its natural primary color and prevent the wood floor from cracking. Whether to renovate the board.Leoben,After the wax on the ground has set, scrape off the protruding part along the ground with a plastic ruler or credit card.The solid wood composite floor made of melamine formaldehyde resin has certain formaldehyde content standards, and the environmental protection requirements must comply with the national standard GB-,LeobenHow to lay wooden floor when the ground is uneven,LeobenWood floor insect, that is, the national standard GB- requires ≤ mg/l.Marrickville, Establish the interior decoration style you want: if you expect simplicity and warmth, choose the sexual or shallow floor as much as possible, and if you expect calm air, choose the dark floor.: I can&#;t tell the taste. The domestic price of this floor is more than yuan;In this category, it can be shown that it is a relatively safe commodity.In addition, the processing technology is highly regulated;Its structure is complicated, its quality varies greatly, and its essential quality is not easy to distinguish;Perhaps there is another reason. The insects on the wooden floor do climb out from under the wooden floor,LeobenWaterproof composite solid wood floor, but they may not be ghosts on the wooden floor.Only ~ mm thick.Latest quotation, days later, maggots grow on the floor. This problem occurs because the floor contains a lot of impurities.In particular, the previous agency said that the laminate floor is a waterproof floor, which is only the surface layer. In fact, the only taboo in the application of laminate floor is small blisters.From the surface of the floor, the solid wood floor can be polished and painted again even if the surface is damaged because it is the whole piece of wood.Tianhe floor adopts Jianfu paint, which is wear-resistant scratch resistant, and greatly prolongs the service life of the floor.However, multilayer boards and laminates cannot do this. If there is a problem with the surface, the whole floor will be completely abandoned.

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If the cracks on the surface of the wooden floor are not serious, or just the cracks on the paint surface of the wooden floor, we can consider renovating the wooden floor flattening the cracked part of the floor and repainting it.Promotion,How to buy solid wood composite flooring?Regulation effect: wood has certain moisture absorption performance. After indoor decoration with dry wood, the air humidity is too high, it releases the moisture, which has a certain regulation effect on the indoor relative humidity and gives people a comfortable environment.According to the measurement, in the houses decorated with wood, the temperature is low in summer and warm in winter.SPC and WPC (waterproof core) vinyl wood flooring can be installed in any room or space.There is no need to worry about temperature fluctuations or moisture exposure.Both floors maintain maximum stability.They can resist all kinds of weather conditions.The performance levels of both floors are excellent.LeobenNote edit voice Non toxic and tasteless, not afraid of water, fire and tide;In terms of scratch resistance, resource use and anti-skid performance, SPC floor is better than laminate floor. Water resistance

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I just received it in the morning and my friends like it very much. I will buy it from you next time LeobenSolid wood multilayer floor.
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LeobenSolid wood multilayer floor I received it, the seller delivered the goods very quickly, the logistics is also very good, the customer service attitude is excellent, very patient, giving people a kind of intimacy, and I really like it. There are also exquisite packaging and high-end atmosphere. It can be seen that the merchants are very careful. LeobenSolid wood multilayer floor It's really good, it matches the picture, there is no difference, it is really good value for money.
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The packaging LeobenSolid wood multilayer floor looks very good, the packaging is very careful, I believe the goods must be very good, thank you! Good value, huh, come again next time.
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Every time I receive the goods is very pleasant, but as long as I think of evaluating it, my head is big. Fortunately, a omnipotent friend recommended your home LeobenSolid wood multilayer floor, the price is good, the quality is good, the delivery is good, and the boss is good.
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I just received it this morning and I like it very much. I'll come next time, can you introduce a friend to buy LeobenSolid wood multilayer floor for a discount?

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