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Special slings shall be used for the lifting of horizontal members such as laminated plates, steel flower pipe, advance small pipe, high-pressure grouting pipe, pipe shed pipe, high price, service, on-site settlement and honest management! The purpose of grouting is to prevent seepage, stop leakage, strengthen and correct the deflection of buildings.Repetitive grouting pipe can be reused for many times. Long term grouting steel flower pipe, pile foundation grouting pipe,PaybackSteel pipe, grouting pipe manufacturer, old brand, price advantage and quality! Each time it is used up, the pipe core and the outer wall of the pipe shall be washed clean.

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After the grouting hole is drilled, install and lower the grouting pipe, grout stop plug, mixer and other facilities in the hole.According to the measured water absorption of the borehole, verify the water permeability of the rock stratum, and provide professional quality assurance for grouting pipe,PaybackSeamless pipe, steel flower pipe, advance small conduit high-pressure grouting pipe, pipe shed pipe and grouting pipe factory. During the preferential activities, new and old customers are welcome to consult to determine the grouting pressure and flow and determine the grouting slurry and its initial concentration.PaybackSeamless pipeRetail today news,2023-01-2300:18:53● specification: inner diameter of secondary grouting pipe: mm; Outer diameter: mm; Inner diameter tolerance: & plusmn; .mm; Length of each roll: m.● features: the grouting pipe is divided into secondary grouting pipe (ccll-y grouting pipe, qdm-it grouting pipe, ccll-y full section grouting pipe) and repetitive grouting pipe (ccll-d grouting pipe, ccll-d full section grouting pipe)

PaybackSeamless pipeRetail today news

The grouting mechanism includes filling grouting, infiltration grouting, compaction grouting and splitting grouting. Grouting materials include granular slurry and chemical slurry. Granular slurry is mainly cement slurry, and chemical slurry includes silicate (water glass) and high slurry. Silicification method, alkali solution method, high chemical grouting method and cement grouting method.The slurry stop plug used in the slurry stop plug grouting method is the key device to seal the grouting borehole and realize segmented grouting. A good slurry stop plug shall ensure normal operation under the grouting pressure of more than MPa. According to its structure and action principle, the currently used slurry stopper can be divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type. Among them, the mechanical slurry stopper is relatively simple and reliable and is widely used. - is several commonly used slurry stopper structures.Payback,Chepen,The secondary grouting pipe can only be grouted once and cannot be reused.

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