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The raw materials of Fushi blue can be used for bonding, the metal shell can also be bonded at the same time to achieve the purpose of leakage treatment.Power transformers are used in all walks of lifeHestar, the system software will automatically terminate the centrifugal fan.If the volume of power transformer is too small the system software automatically starts the centrifugal fan for refrigeration; When the winding temperature is as low as ℃, the transformer will be overloaded for a long time and it is easy to destroy machinery and equipment. Therefore, the rated capacity of the transformer should be selected according to the power consumption, which is not suitable for too large or too small.San Javier,In terms of the place of use, dry-type transformers are mostly used in & ldquo; Fireproof and explosion-proof type & rdquo; It is easy to use in large and medium-sized engineering buildings and multi-storey buildings; The oil immersed transformer because of & ldquo; Accident & rdquo; There is likely to be oil or leakage after fire, and most application places leading to fire accidents are easy to choose in large and medium-sized engineering buildings and multi-storey buildings;The noise of dry-type transformer is mainly the vibration noise in operation. This vibration noise is caused by multiple positions, including the vibration of magnetic induction electromagnetic coil. All pay great attention to the solution of vibration when carrying out noise control.If the oil immersed transformer is burned by the cover of the transformer, when the oil immersed transformer fails,HestarDry type 1250kva transformer, open the lower side of the transformer and place an appropriate part. When the oil immersed transformer is on fire,HestarSC series dry type transformer, the oil cannot be released to avoid the occurrence of the oil immersed transformer. At the same time use detection equipment to put out the fire immediately. In order not to expand the hazard, the fire brigade must be notified.

HestarMaximum temperature of oil immersed transformerFeatures, performance and application

The cross-sectional wiring of transformer input and output power plugs shall comply with the provisions of their current size; It should be equipped according to the current intensity of -A / Min.The fundamental reason for this kind of inaccuracy is that when the transformer & ldquo; Dalar trolley & rdquo; is considered according to the size of capacity utilization rate, the high-capacity transformer must be replaced by the small-capacity transformer with high utilization rate,HestarSelection of three-phase dry-type transformer, and then the iron loss is considered and the copper loss is ignored. In fact, for a certain load, the active power loss of small capacity exceeds that of large capacity The active power loss of the transformer, so it consumes electromagnetic energy.Power transformerFor more, please check,(II) the height width ratio of dry-type transformer pier installed on the ground is generally .m, and a guardrail of no less than m shall be installed around it, and a warning sign shall be hung at a prominent position.For no-load impulse closing of transformer, pay attention to the following matters:When the manufacturer of the power transformer samples from the automobile oil tank, after opening the sealing cover, use the cleaned and dried rubber stopper to the oil. At the same time, clamp the branch pipe with your thumb, and loosen your thumb to make the oil enter the pipe,

HestarMaximum temperature of oil immersed transformerFeatures performance and application

Manufacturing process and steps of dry-type transformerApplication process,Turn off the gate valve (butterfly valve) of the left and right tablet computers of the heat pipe radiator to isolate the oil in the heat pipe radiator from the oil in the tank, so as to reduce the working pressure and leakage. After the leakage location is determined, and then Fushi blue raw materials shall be selected for sealing treatment.Once the insulation material of electrical equipment is overheated, the surrounding gas will cause a kind of odor. This kind of odor can be sniffed out by normal patrol staff. When you smell such odor during normal inspection, you should carefully inspect the equipment and parts until you find out the cause.The key reason for oil leakage is that there are defects in cast iron partsHestar,The dry-type transformer is composed of two winding resistances, resulting in four wiring groups: & ldquo; y, Y & rdquo;, & ldquo; D, Y & rdquo;, & ldquo; y, D & rdquo; and & ldquo; D, D & rdquo;. In China, only & ldquo; y, Y & rdquo; and & ldquo; y, D & rdquo; are selected. Because there are also two types of Y-connection with neutral line and without neutral line. If there is no neutral line, it will not be upgraded. All marks show that with neutral line, it will not be upgraded The letter N after the English letter Y indicates that the neutral line has transformer grounding wire. Yn wiring group, when UAB and UAB overlap, the minute hand points to . & ldquo; & rdquo; in the new wiring group, it is indicated by & ldquo; & rdquo.The first step of the whole wave process calculation is to calculate the basic parameters of the Internet such as inductance, capacitance and resistor. The accuracy of those basic parameters does great harm to the calculation results of the whole wave process. For the inductance calculation, the good model is the solid model of infinite transformer core column, but there are many calculation methods.Power transformer plant

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