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Laminate flooring has reached grade B and has higher flame retardant performance, which is safer than other kinds of wood flooringWear resistance: generally, it is about ~ times that of coated wood floor.Le Robert,Almost all flooring brands can provide a series of deployment from the aspects of store site selection, post opening planning team entry, etc.Preferential policy support can often guarantee agents, but there are two tips to identify whether these policy support is false or true:In order to reduce the cost, SPC latch floor with extremely poor quality and low price is adopted, which has poor stability and large thermal expansion and cold contraction.The loss is caused by the 'general paving method'.Tustra-Gutierrez,Precautions for solid wood floor installation : solid wood floor cannot be used immediately after disassembly and packaging.Many people think WPC floors are thick and therefore durable.OK, it&#;s a durable floor, but no more than SPC floor.Compared with WPC flooring, SPC flooring has good density.The higher density makes them resistant to damage and heavy weight.They will not be affected by the falling or moving of heavy objects.Therefore, SPC is considered to have good durability.Secondly the wear resistance is several times that of ordinary floor.

Le RobertWhat are the brands of waterproof wood flooringFour points are required in the application of

Beautiful: it can simulate all kinds of wood grain, design and color on the computer.The reinforced composite floor with good base material will give off a fresh wooden smell. The composite floor with weak base material will produce a strong pungent smell. The author randomly picked up two wooden floors and put them in front of his nose. The pungent smell from one wooden floor made the author frown immediately. Customers may wish to smell the floor closely when purchasing, and do not buy inferior floors.High price performance price ratio: because of its unique structural connection, the regulations on wood are not too high, and raw materials can also be used flexibly, so the price is much lower than that of solid wood flooring.Work courses,Molded plate: a remarkable feature of molded plate is that there is an arc depression on the upper edge of the plate. After the two plates are assembled they are closely combined, but there is a small groove, which is called U-shaped groove in the industry. In most cases, this kind of plate is reinforced floor.One of the great advantages of the molded plate is that it is easy to clean. It is very convenient to clean the dust in the small ditch, as long as you wipe it with a rag or mop.When choosing wood flooring in , customers attach great importance to quality.Although the solid wood floor is good, the maintenance is very complicated.In , all stores released high wear-resistant solid wood flooring.It is said that this kind of floor not only has the characteristics of high wear resistance and general solid wood floor, but also has strong coating adhesion, high definition, good corrosion resistance, strong waterproof, not easy to crack and paint. SPC floor has special anti-skid property. The more it meets water, the more astringent it is. Even if you wear running shoes with nails, you won&#;t leave scratches on the floor.

Le RobertWhat are the brands of waterproof wood flooringFour points are required in the application of

In terms of color matching,Le RobertCement waterproof board,Le RobertLaminate flooring and composite wood flooring, light color furniture can be freely composed with thick and light color floors. It is proposed to match warm color floors to look warm and tidy;However, Look at the section of the board.Conclusion of inspection Solid wood flooring.Le Robert, The room is small or the light is not very good. Pay attention to the selection of light color flooring. Light color flooring can make the small room look larger.A large room with good light can have thick or thin floors.Solid wood composite floor gives consideration to strengthening the stability of the floor and the beautiful and generous solid wood floor, which has the advantage of environmental protection.Advantages: high wear resistance, good reliability moisture-proof, good management methods, rich and colorful color and pattern design types, and large price range.

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The festival is coming soon, can Le RobertWhat are the brands of waterproof wood flooring be discounted?
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The delivery speed is very fast, give your company a thumbs up
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I really like it, I am very supportive, the quality is very good, exactly the same as described in Le RobertWhat are the brands of waterproof wood flooring, I am very satisfied, I really like it, completely exceed expectations, the delivery speed is very fast, the packaging is very careful and strict, and the logistics company services The attitude is very good, the delivery speed is very fast, and I am very satisfied with a shopping.

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