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Good wear resistance and stabilityWe can also scrape the board with a blade.The real solid wood floor is painted with wood, and the refurbished board is made of floor, white putty and paint.Scrape the surface with a blade. If it is white, it is a refurbished plate.How to choose the floor?What is the difference between solid wood, composite and reinforced?SanFrancisco, Look at manpower.Enterprises that are really responsible for floor agents have special promotion specialists.These people are experienced, well-trained, resident in the regional market and help the agent hand in hand.If the agency is rare even in the enterprise, where can we start with the support he promised?The first kind: pungent taste. If the floor tastes like this, it means that it contains a lot of formaldehyde. You need to be careful when choosing. You&#;d better not buy it;An Nimas,For laminate flooring, the main standard of floor environmental protection is formaldehyde emission.In terms of the limitation of formaldehyde emission standards, the environmental protection of the flooring industry has experienced three technological revolutions: E, E and FCF.At an earlier stage, the formaldehyde emission standard of wood-based panel is E level (formaldehyde emission ≤ mg / g), and its formaldehyde emission limit is very loose. Even for products meeting this standard, the formaldehyde content may exceed more than three times that of E level wood-based panel, seriously endangering human health, so it must not be used for home decoration.Therefore, there was the first environmental protection revolution. In this environmental protection revolution, the flooring industry implemented the E level environmental protection standard, that is, the formaldehyde emission is ≤ ‡ / L. although it basically does not pose a threat to the human body, there are still a lot of free formaldehyde left in the floor.The flooring industry has started the second environmental protection revolution and launched E environmental protection standard, which has reduced the formaldehyde emission of the floor to . ‡ / L.The best way to identify whether the floor is environmentally friendly is to pry the floor from the lock with a screwdriver and hammer, so that the floor substrate is exposed in a large area, and then smell it with your nose. A good floor should have a wood smell, but a bad one has a strong pungent smell! Convenient installation and operation: the installation of solid wood composite floor is the same as that of laminate floor, the building height can be improved.In addition, due to the simple installation regulations, the safety hazards caused by installation are also greatly reduced.Solid wood flooring has high environmental protection, health and comfort, and is deeply loved by many small partners.Solid wood flooring has many advantages, but the later cleaning and maintenance is very important and troublesome.How to clean and wax solid wood floor?The application and marketing promotion of PVC latch floor in China has a history of ten years. From the early stage, it has entered institutions and institutions such as colleges and universities, hospitals and outpatient departments in China, mainly LVT latch floor (thin thickness, the key is mm) and WPC latch floor (ordinary thin thickness: mm, mm). SPC floor is a new product in recent five years. Most LVT / WPC are made of steam pressure, SPC floor can be formed by integrated extrusion process, and the delivery time can be shortened several times.

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First, look at environmental protection Select the number of wear-resistant revolutions. Easy to clean: medical treatment is simple,SanFranciscoWhat color does floor leather look good, bright as a new mouth, no stains, easy to clean.The surface paint of solid wood composite floor is very good, with good wear resistance, without excessive vitality maintenance.According to statistics the solid wood composite floor prepared for the sales market will not be waxed within years, and the wind color of automobile coating will also be maintained.This is obviously compared with the maintenance of solid wood flooring.Workshop cost, From the surface coating, there are aluminum oxide, melamine and piano paint.From the front, the relief surface is no different from the crystal surface. From the side, touch it with your hand, and there are wood grain patterns on the surface.Of course, its advantage is not just this.Compared with ordinary flooring,SanFranciscoWood floor to ceramic tile, what are the reasons for the popularity of SPC flooring?

SanFranciscoHow thick is SPC floorNurtured by quality

Prepare the floor for hardwood installationSafety and health,SanFranciscoTop 10 solid wood composite flooring, Moisture proof no deformation in case of water, and can be used in kitchen, toilet, etc.It is simple to clean, bright as new dirt free and easy to clean. The surface of solid wood reinforced composite floor is painted and treated very well, and does not need to spend a lot of energy on maintenance. It is reported that good solid wood composite floor in the market can keep the paint bright as new without waxing within years. This is in sharp contrast to the shape and maintenance of wood floor. Anti slip with good wear resistance, not easy to fall.SanFrancisco,Before installing the solid wood floor, it must be ensured that the floor is dry, flat and free of garbage.Generally, the installation of the floor must be carried out before other decoration works are completed.If the floor is not flat, the installation will cause some floors and keel to hang, which will make a sound when people step on it.Four look at the brandThe main raw material of SPC floor is polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is an environment-friendly, non-toxic and renewable resource. It has been widely used in people&#;s daily life, such as tableware and medical infusion pipe bags. Its environmental protection does not need to be worried.SPC floor (sheet) is mainly composed of natural stone powder, which does not contain any radioactive elements after testing by national authoritative departments. It is a new green and environmental protection ground decoration material.

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