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Dry type transformer companyAvoid inadvertent damage of insulation during maintenance: when repairing the hanging core of power transformer, special attention shall be paid to the maintenance of solenoid coil or insulating waterproof sleeve. If there is scratch damage,Accurately measure the resistance of each phase winding and carry out the measurement. If there is a great difference, it is a common fault of the winding. Then carry out the appearance inspection of the iron core, and then accurately measure the inter chip insulation resistor by AC voltage and galvanometer method. If the damage is not large, paint the damaged part.In the whole process of transmitting electromagnetic energy in the power supply system, the voltage loss is inversely proportional to the voltage, and the output power loss is inversely proportional to the square meter of voltage. The transformer is used to increase the voltage and reduce the closing damage.Aururo,(IV) the transformer on the column shall be stable and firm, and the waist rail shall be & phi; mm galvanized wire shall be wound over turns in an even number. The iron wire shall not have a connector and shall be tightened after winding. The distance between the waist rail and the energized part shall not be less than .m.When checking the hook core, the insulation of the electromagnetic coil and the porcelain sleeve is usually accidentally damaged. After the shell of the pottery is broken, if you work again, turn on the photo flash when it's light, and it's short when it's heavy. Therefore, please pay attention during maintenance. It is not necessary to destroy the insulation. After maintenance, experts can inspect special tools,New YorkTransformer price of 1000 KVA, parts, insulation,New YorkTransformer 500 box type, etc. and deliver them after they are determined to be complete and reliable.The power transformer conductor refers to the connecting transmission line between each electromagnetic coil, between the electromagnetic coil and the group outlet pipe, and between the electromagnetic coil and the tap changer.

New York33kV power transformerHow much do you know about the 11 characteristics of

Brief introduction of zero line of power transformerIt can be seen from the above that from the perspective of power saving, in some cases, transformers & ldquo; A small horse pulls a small car & rdquo; Can't compare with & ldquo; Middle car & rdquo;, Even less than & ldquo; Great Lars, little dragons & rdquo;, Therefore, the loss of transformer full load and load must be considered in the calculation, and the results can be properly made in terms of power saving or power consumption. According to the correlation between the load rate and the transformer capacity: . The transformer load rate and power saving will be brought into the formula: the load index of the transformer, that is the operating load and rated capacity of the transformer . Now it is illustrated by examples that both sides of the acadc al electron touch toe ground type seek the derivative of P, and then reduce the active power loss of the large capacity transformer from the active power loss of the small capacity transformer: that is, the formula is reduced The load index is the load index when the transformer operation loss is small and the rate is large, and the rate is large when the specific copper loss is equivalent to iron loss.The dry-type transformer is composed of two winding resistances, resulting in four wiring groups: & ldquo; y, Y & rdquo;, & ldquo; D, Y & rdquo;, & ldquo; y, D & rdquo; and & ldquo; D, D & rdquo;. In China, only & ldquo; y, Y & rdquo; and & ldquo; y, D & rdquo; are selected. Because there are also two types of Y-connection with neutral line and without neutral line. If there is no neutral line, it will not be upgraded The letter N after the English letter Y indicates that the neutral line has transformer grounding wire. Yn wiring group, when UAB and UAB overlap, the minute hand points to . & ldquo; & rdquo; in the new wiring group, it is indicated by & ldquo; & rdquo.where,Common problems of tap changer of power transformerOil leakage of heat pipe radiatorWhen the screw of the through core extruder holding the iron core of the transformer is loose there are screw cap parts left on the iron core, the transformer will send out & ldquo; Ding Ding Dang & rdquo; Or & ldquo; Call & hellip; Call & hellip& rdquo; Blowing sound and its & ldquo; Squeak or small metal materials fall into the transformer, squeak & rdquo; It's like a magnet sucking a small washer, while the working voltage, current and temperature of the transformer are all normal. Such conditions generally do not endanger all normal operation of the transformer, and can be solved until power failure.

New York33kV power transformerHow much do you know about the 11 characteristics of

The vibration reduction of collecting and townhouse solves the soft connection of collecting and townhouse. For the copper bar of the low-voltage bus of the equipment, the electromagnetic induced noise oscillation may be transmitted from the townhouse to the building structure. The core of noise reduction solution must be changed to copper wire connection.Where can I find it?,The flange surface is uneven, the tightening bolts are loose, and the installation and processing process is wrong, resulting in oil leakage.It is understood that in China, transformers have experienced the whole process of replacing many series products such as sss. As early as the middle and late s, S Series lossless distribution transformers were selected in China to replace the high energy consumption transformers of jb- and jb - Specifications operating in the power network at that time. Since the th century, urban power grids have been transformed all over the country, and S series distribution transformers have been used to replace S Series. In recent years, S and S commodities are gradually selected in large quantities in the transformation of urban and rural power networks in China, and their full load loss is % - % less than that of S transformer.In order to better reduce the probability of short-circuit fault of relay protection dry-type transformer, prevention and key are & ldquo; Prevention and Manipulation & rdquo; Is dominant.New York,Some are tied with plastic tape, and some immediately press the two edges together, because the socket can not be pressed firmly during installation, and there is still oil leakage without sealing effect.In fact, ground wire is not only a kind of grounding protection. The following describes in detail that ground wire is the general name of grounding system. Ground wire is divided into protective grounding and safety factor grounding device. Among them, safety factor grounding device can be divided into grounding protection anti electric shock grounding device and anti electromagnetic wave radiation grounding device. Protective grounding is to use it for loop to make the facilities achieve the grounding wire specified by the function.When the new oil filled by the power transformer and the oil sample that has just been considered are used, the oil sample can be used only after sufficient standing.

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