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Outdoor sampling shall be carried out in sunny days or dry weather with low environmental humidity. During sampling, it is necessary to resolutely prevent the invasion of dirt such as rain, wind and sand.For the leakage that has already occurred, find the leakage point first, which can not be ignored. For the position with serious leakage, shovel or sharp punch can be selected. The leakage point can be riveted with special tools for metal materials. After manipulating the leakage, the treatment surface shall be cleaned and tidy. Polymer composite materials are mostly selected for dry consolidation. After dry consolidation, the goal of long-term treatment of leakage can be achieved.Jacksonville,Transformer inspection nose sniffing methodDry type transformer manufacturerArak,Therefore, in the operation prevention and regulation of relay protection dry-type transformer, it is necessary to find the short-circuit fault point according to the fault situation,Jacksonville10kV dry type transformer, lock the fault point, if all fields are clear, disconnect the switching power supply at the fault point, the maintenance work of employees will be carried out smoothly, and the harm will not expand to a greater extent.Seal oil leakageSound in case of phase failure

JacksonvilleDry type power transformer 1250kvaWhat should be paid attention to when using

Before and after sampling, clean the periphery of the sampling port with clean or hairless linen.The transformer manufacturer shall not use hand touch method to detect energized high-voltage equipment,JacksonvilleRequirements for oil immersed transformer room, such as transformer in operation and neutral grounding equipment of arc suppression coil. For the equipment without power supply and whose shell is reliable grounding device the temperature or temperature rise must be tested by hand. The secondary equipment can be inspected by hand touch method when it is hot and vibrated.Use fiber materials to seal the bolts to achieve the goal of controlling leakage. The other is to screw out the bolt (nut), wipe the Fushi blue film remover on the surface, and then tighten it after wiping the raw materials on the surface. After drying, the treatment goal can be achieved.Meticulous workmanship,After sampling, bind the laminated glass stopper firmly with clean paper or cloth to prevent dirt and water from contaminating the bottle stopper.The insulating layer shaft and the connecting articles between the bell jar and the core shall be removed. If it is a hanging bell inspection, the oil shall be pumped into the bottom of the bell jar before the bell jar can be removed.In the case of dry-type transformer operation, there is more noise, and some even cause noise, which seriously endangers everyone's no problem rest time and work. At this time the dry-type transformer needs sound insulation treatment. There are many processes and key methods to deal with the noise of the common dry-type transformer. How should the noise of the dry-type transformer be solved? Or with the dry-type transformer manufacturer's network editor to simply understand it.

JacksonvilleDry type power transformer 1250kvaWhat should be paid attention to when using

What about oil immersed transformer fire?target,Oil immersed transformer operationPower saving analysis of transformerPower transformer factoryJacksonville,Dry type transformer factoryOil leakage of bolt or pipe external threadDifference between dry-type transformer and oil immersed transformer:

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